Life is cheaper if we join the WTO

Life is cheaper if we join the WTOFirst week of all federal media, not hiding glee said about sounding diplomatic and economic victory of the Russian Federation: after 18 years of meticulous preparation, negotiation and consultation, our country finally be able to join the World Trade Group (WTO). The last hurdle on the way Georgia withdrew.

Russia's WTO accession will bring us only good, believe experts

In general, ordinary tradesman ecstasy metropolitan journalists not shared. At least since the WTO for him — something out of the field of the paranormal. Entered — so good! Not join — and God bless her, this WTO. And yet, what a historic event! This was in a telephone interview "The Week" said Managing Director of the Group of Companies "Alor" Sergei Khestanov we ask a few simple questions to primitivism.

What's the point?

— Sergey, the usual question: What is the WTO?

— WTO — an organization that defines the rules of trade together. Its main goal — to reach the reduction of customs duties and other barriers that hinder the movement of the product. The fact is that very often the country, seeking to protect their own producers, introduced various trade barriers — first, in the form of fees. For example, it is no secret that the Russian duties on foreign cars are very high. This is done in order to protect the Russian producer — "AvtoVAZ", but prevents global trade. So, the meaning of the WTO is to member countries in respect of each other, these barriers are either removed, or very reduced on a reciprocal basis. In other words, in exchange for, so we have lowered their barriers to imported products, they have to drop the other countries for our products.

— Our homeland is trying to become a member of the WTO since 1993. What did we hurt all the time — specific economic conditions or a "big politics"?

— And this and that. But the main reason was all the same in the fact that our home was trying to protect its own, first automakers to compete as an equal with the Western them, of course, difficult. The same was true of enterprises of light industry, which, nevertheless, to this day, almost suppressed a cheap Chinese imports.

In turn, the stronger of our branches all suffer from "foreign" trade barriers dark metallurgy and chemistry. On delivery of their products to many countries need to pay quite a huge imported from other countries charges, which, of course, reduce the profitability of our exports. Joining the WTO will lead to the fact that they are uniformly decrease. And, of course, companies that are able to export something in the advanced countries, will benefit from it greatly.

Banks will not sweet

— Well, well, metallurgical and petrochemical companies will benefit. But in that case expect other industries? Light industry, we go out, just bury?

— Well, light industry have long been buried, because it should not be sorry. Of those who live, stronger than most (though not rapidly) may be adversely affected banks and insurance companies. You understand perfectly that the loans to Russian banks are very expensive in most Western they are cheaper. But how annoying it did not sound, at the present time we can not use their services, as directly in Russia, they can not work. The same current we have "Raiffeisenbank", which many of us believe the German — is Russian legal entity which operates on the Russian-sky same laws. With the accession of our country to the WTO will begin to come to us is a purely Western organizations, and they will work on Western rules. Draw your own conclusions! Interest rates on loans where the mountain-a-azdo below …

But do not hurry to rejoice: as the government thinks that the arrival of foreign companies in Russia for our cause difficulties, a transitional period during which the restrictions will be removed evenly. In other words, even if we are on December 15, God willing, will join the WTO, it does not mean that the 16 th we will come to Western companies. Immediately expect a "magical transformation" is not worth it.

FOR "KAMAZ" is not terrible!
— With the arrival of foreign companies in the Russian market Competitive struggle in all its sectors escalate. Will it survive our KAMAZ against the far more advanced western trucks?
— Just for KAMAZ situation quite well. The fact that such class import
ITATION trucks are even more expensive. So expensive that direct competition between "KAMAZ" and foreign manufacturers are not observed. Businesses initially configured on imported equipment, and acquire it. Those who want to maintain their own fleet of vehicles will still focus on the production of Russian factories. So for the "KAMAZ" fear not — he with the specific niche it occupies, there are no candidates.
— … While at the "Lada" she is — in the form of much higher quality and at a cost comparable cars.
— Yes, the whole world is her candidacy! "AvtoVAZ" will have a very hard …

For buckwheat WTO does not affect

— How do you expect, the fate of Russian food market?

— Surprisingly, the entry into the WTO could have a positive impact on the price of some commodity groups. Creating grain in our country is quite well developed (especially curious to Western markets cornmeal). But in the area of meat and dairy products, we markedly behind — which means after lowering duties on our market will rush a cheap chicken and beef from the EU. This will benefit the Russians, as the European products and high-quality and cheap. You will be amazed, but in hypermarkets German meat is cheaper than us.

In the rest — strong configurations will occur. Manufacturers of vegetables, fruit will not be affected: carry their products — it is far and expensive. Cereals, most likely, are not affected: Russian manufacturers is quite competitive. In any case, the entry into the WTO
for buckwheat has no effect: not including the Russian Federation and China, it is still nowhere to eat.

Monopolists "die." And rightly so!

— From what you say, it follows that the strong industry and business will grow, and the feeble — will weaken and perhaps even finish their existence. But on the whole country will benefit or lose from WTO accession?

— Our home has more to gain. And not only due to the growth in exports: the opening of the country to foreign companies will inevitably increase the internal culture of the business. When we come to the first Western company, this will exacerbate konkurentnst and well — the quality of products and services.

— And if we talk about ordinary people — consumers of these products and services?

— Ordinary people will be a solid utility! Here, for example, in Russia the sole act more or less large Western company of cellular communication — "Tele2". By all means try not to let in the regions (Moscow, by the way, so far not allowed!), But there is where it all the same could leak out, "Tele2" here offered rates markedly lower than the "big three" (MTS, "MegaFon" and "VimpelCom". — Ed.), and services, noticeably higher quality. And the rest of the mobile operators had to catch up to her level. Of consumers of the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov regions won: rates are extremely reduced.

Or take the air. I just marvel dayus as Russian airlines wring their prices compared with zabugornom! Not so long ago, under the pressure of events has been the existence of &quot
;Avianova" and the current time in Western Airlines just come to Russia can not. Joining the WTO will lead to the fact that there will be mechanisms that allow them to seep into our market and provide services.

Or building. Abroad, the construction of real estate is even more cheaper than us. Accordingly, it will come as Western companies, who are not used to pay bribes and do not know what the "kickbacks", housing prices will drop.

In short, from the accession of Russia to the WTO will suffer all those companies who set monopoly prices for its products and services. Or, in other words saying, profited from the citizens. What is there to say? And rightly so!

Foreigners are not accustomed to pay bribes
— What amuses me more, — said our source — so this is something that will grow the business and legal literacy. Gullible foreigners who are not used, so speak out, to "stimulate" officials will conduct business in Russia in the white, and when any "responsible person" will try to pull off their trick, they will be submitted to the courts and, believe me, to bring the matter to its logical conclusion! And our businesses — in their study.
Remember how in one of the Russian cities of the company "IKEA" built a shopping center and a couple of years could not put it into operation! The Swedes fundamentally refuses to give, in general, small, by our standards, bribe, and this led to a big hitch. But later the same store all passed.

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