Lightning — killer. Chasing the ball lightning

November 7, 2011 13:12


It may disappear, leaving no trace, and can explode with tremendous force and smash to pieces the whole house. It can safely pass through the body without causing any harm, and may completely burn a human being from the inside … or leave terrible burns on the skin in the form of whimsical drawings. It chooses its victim, known to her alone plan — can flirt coquettishly, striking witness their ethereal beauty, or cruel punishment, leaving no hope for salvation. She loves the ring and water and hates it when she was treated without due respect. It is secretive and cautious — yet no mortal she opened her secret.

And mankind from time immemorial to the present day, and began to think over a simple question — what is this miracle? Thunderball — as agreed to call this mysterious guest scientists. But in a beautiful name, or in the thick of scientific books and textbooks no clue her secrets. She does not sleep hundreds of scientists around the world and thousands of bystanders her mysterious appearances, because no mortal knows the answer to a simple question — who is she? Authors of the film managed to collect a unique material, which will lift the veil of secrecy and to try to answer this question. The film brings together leading researchers fireball, dedicated his life to the study of this enigmatic phenomenon.

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