Lightning knocked out of Beijing airport

A powerful storm, accompanied by vivid lightning and heavy rains, knocked out Beijing Airport "Beijing Capital", which was considered the main aviation hub in China. As a result, were canceled and delayed about 250 flights and thousands of passengers stranded in the terminal.

On Friday nightbrunt of the disaster hit many parts of China. But first, the bad weather has affected the passenger air transport. Beijing airport administration has admitted that so far can not restore normal operation of the facility.

Due to lightning and heavy rain had to cancel 138 flights largest Chinese airlines. Another 104 flight was postponed for a later time, according to NTV. Therefore, thousands of passengers were forced to spend the night in the waiting room or in hotels nearby.

The airport has ordered to open all terminals "hot line" communications that I can get all the necessary information. Employees "Shoud" recommended for passengers who were going to take off in the near future,call up in advance with employees airlines for information on flights, transfer business newspaper "The View."

Recall that less than a month ago in the same Beijing airport took a similar case. In some parts of the Chinese capital has dropped about 50 millimeters of rain. In this case wasdisrupted road, rail and air transport. In "Beijing Capital" because of bad weather were detained about 150 aircraft, the "Times Online".

Photo: © Razin Khafizova

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