Little-known information about the Slavs and Orthodox

Recently, one can observe a renaissance of Christianity in Russia. Built more temples are public prayers and the procession and at Christmas all news television channels broadcast a church service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. On the one hand, the Constitution of the Russian Federation said that Russia — a secular state and religion are separated from it. On the other hand, the first person in the country priests kiss the hands of the ROC, and the priests themselves riding on such expensive cars in the country, for which a common man in my life money is not typed. Double standards in all its glory.

We are told how nice that the Soviet era has passed. Godless Communists demolished temples, priests imprisoned, prohibited to believe in God, etc. and so on, so we are now very important to revive the people the true Russian faith, and with it the traditions and culture. Orthodox Christianity goes — our own faith, and we are so thoughtless of her to back off? Is this true?

Academic history, and on it will be said again and again, says that before the arrival of Christianity in Rus Rus were all pagans, too, by the way, as the ancient Scandinavians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, American Indians and natives of Africa. It turns out that we all had a common belief — Paganism! But, if you look closely to paganism, we suddenly discover that the religious traditions revered gods, rites and rituals, each of these people were different. The peoples of Africa and America, and if in their beliefs have something in common, but only in some particular moments. The names of the gods, the origin of the people, the creation of the world and the universe, and dozens of other fundamental issues addressed as part of any religion, can vary dramatically. The Greeks, for example, worshiped Zeus and the Olympians, Scandinavians — Odin and aces Egyptian Osiris, Thoth and others, while the Rus and the Aryans were more than a dozen of the Gods: Rod, Veles, Svarog, Perun, Dazhdbog, Makos, Lada and many others. It turns out that the gods are different, beliefs, too, but this is called paganism. If we go further, you'll find that even the recognized world religions such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or Christians considered pagan. It turns out that for all the non-Christians, Christians — pagans, like the Muslims — the non-Muslims, and to the Jews — a non-Jew. Whether this approach is valid?

For each individual representative of any religion — perhaps, but for the one called pagan — definitely not! This is equivalent to say that all non-Chinese, in fact, the people are not. In this case, to decide who is human and who is — no, if you really want to solve the Chinese. This situation is absurd, but when similar statements heard from the mouth of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, equating to rednecks pagans and barbarians, all take it for granted.

With the collapse of the communist ideology, many Russ looked for a new idea. Someone bumped into religion, someone got carried away with liberal ideas of the West, but many turned to its roots. So there was a phenomenon called Rodnoverie. Rodnovercheskie numerous communities and organizations began to appear all over the former Soviet space. The distinguishing features of most of them is the rejection of Christianity, a remodel of pre-Christian Slavic rites of worship to the gods, wearing traditional Russian clothes (tunics, shirts, etc.). These people come together, conduct worship services, say famous Slavic holidays. Among other things, these communities are mostly not willing to unite. Among them, there is a perception that the force Native Faith in the variability of beliefs and isolation, and direct such communities, people, names of the Magi. But no one pays attention to the fact that the magician can not be just as desired. To do this you need to have certain abilities from birth and receive appropriate and long training under the guidance of another sorcerer. In the old wise men began to teach volhovaniyu with deep childhood.

Among Rodnoverie there are those who believe that "paganism" — this is the name of the native faith of all Slavs, and there is nothing wrong in calling themselves Pagans. Unfortunately, many members of neo-paganism and Rodnoverie, with whom I have to talk on the forums, based on a formal study of history and relate to their ancestors — "Gentiles" is only slightly better than the Christians, accepting the theses on polygamy and bloody sacrifices that have flourished in the past in Russia . It's all very sad. But even worse is the fact that only a small part of the neo-pagans and Rodnoverie recognize the Slavic-Aryan Vedas. Most either are not familiar with them, or consider them counterfeit and replica and is afraid to even acknowledge the possibility that the events described in them can be real.

Thus, today, there is no single Native Faith. Dissociation of communities and organizations Rodnoverie is their biggest weakness, though newly minted magicians see it as their main strength. Refusing to recognize same-Slavic Aryan Vedas and Veles book credible written sources about the real past of the Russian people, Rodnoverie undermine the very basis of Native Faith and disown their roots.

So what is a native Slavic Faith? Before answering this question, we need to respond to the other — that is the actual belief?


In the Old Russian language, the word "faith" written by a drop cap "YAT". The meaning of "Yat" was in the union of the heavenly with the earthly, which is certainly important for such concepts as faith. Initial letter "YAT" corresponding to the dual diftongovy sound "s." The words that are written in "YAT", read through the "s", for example, "Viera" or "Wieden" instead of "faith" and "Veda".

Reform of the Russian language, conducted by the Bolsheviks, irreparable harm. First, was removed "YAT" the ABC second, changed the rules of grammar, such as "b" ceased placed at the ends of words, and thirdly, the images were taken, and the letters are just letters and alphabet evolved into alphabet. The latter — particularly disastrous, as with the removal of images became impossible to decipher all the basic concepts of the Russian language. Language became ugly.

In addition, the Russian people, and with it the Russian, were divided into three parts: the Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian (Little Russian), and hence the three languages instead of one: Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian. This led to the fact that the word "Viera" in Russian and Belarusian began to write and pronounce over the "e" — "faith," and in a Ukrainian "and" — "Veera".

Given the above, to get to the true essence of the word "faith" is almost impossible. If we decompose the word into components, it turns out that faith — is Vedanie Ra, that is, the light of wisdom and truth. Truth that we commanded our bright gods through his commandments and the great ancestors of the last recorded them in the Vedas, which, at least in part, but survived to this day. So you're a pleasure knowest the truth (Ra), or did not know. Another is given. Vedanie also means not only the possession of some knowledge, but also a complete understanding of this knowledge.

If you know the device engine, but do not understand how it works, you just know the device engine. If you also understand why we need every detail of the engine, how they interact together, you know the principle of operation of the engine, and what damage might occur in case of failure of a part — you knowest device engine. Of course, this example is not exhaustive and easy, but it shows the difference between ordinary knowledge and vedaniem. And this difference is the quality of knowledge.

The ancient sources that are really high quality and comprehensive knowledge, called the Vedas. To date, most of the Vedas is lost, the other, both in India — is distorted, and the third — hidden, but even that little bit of Vedic knowledge that is available to us today, is amazing in its depth. This knowledge to modern man would be enough to make your life a harmonious, happy and self-sufficient.

Thus, faith — it is not a kind of fanatical devotion to an idea or a person that does not require any evidence of knowledge and logical component. Faith — is vedanie ancient knowledge and wisdom of hundreds of generations of ancestors and the gods of the Creator of the Universe.

Faith — it is always knowledge!

It is quite another to religion. Particle "D" stands for a kind of return movement or repetition of something, and the "League" means "connection". Thus, "religion" — is recreated or re-created relationship with God or gods. The first religion appeared long ago. Some we'll have an idea about the others did not hear, but common to all religions is a misrepresentation or concealment of the Vedic knowledge of the Universe and the simplification or distortion of the foundations of the Faith.

Faith based on vedanii ancient knowledge, one, a lot of religions! All that is not based on true knowledge of the universe, faith is not.

Russ had faith and arias. Their life was based on Vedic principles and knowledge stored in the Vedas and received from the gods through sorcerers. Religion created by other nations. It was difficult to accept the complexity, depth and diversity of the Vedic knowledge, and they are easier to do to the level of their understanding. Besides white people perceived as gods (Asa), transferred to other peoples knowledge is not in its entirety, as some of these were only for the birth of the Great Race and the descendent of heaven. Oh, and do arias with Russ over the centuries some knowledge forgotten, and other changes are made.

For example, Russ and Arias, who lived in the north of the province of Asia, in advancing cooling abandoned vegetarianism and began to eat the meat, while the other part of the aces, refused to change the legacy of ancestors, went to the South and brought black people Dravida Veda ( of India). On the basis of the Vedas, now called Indian, any such religions as Hinduism, Buddhism, Krishnaism and other eastern faiths. In these religions, and to this day is forbidden to eat the meat and eggs of birds. Indians have learned this from our ancestors — the Aryans.

On the basis of the Faith (Vedaniya Ra) in Rus and the Aryans came the cult of Ra (the culture), the basis of which also were the Vedic principles. On the Russian folk culture can say a lot and for a long time. Painting, architecture, architecture, literature, folklore, blacksmithing, jewelry art and much, much more blood and stirs the imagination with its striking imagery and beauty.

Thus, the concept of "faith" and "culture" as well as "race" and "aces" are ancient light brown-Aryan concepts and relate only to the Russian and related Slavic peoples.

Naturally, without the above Neopagans today and Rodnoverie Slavs simply can not profess the faith of their ancestors. Recreating, reconstructing it by pursuing a new formalism, making changes in the Slavic pantheon, and most importantly, rejecting the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, they are, in essence, creating a new system of religion. In addition, this system has many branches and trends, united only by a common idea and the name. Than in the case of Slavic Christianity Rodnoverie better?

Yes, it changes the outlook of the people. Yes, it allows people to access the Slavic gods. Yes, it is dearer and nearer to us than the worship of the gods and the Jewish holy sites, but without the knowledge of the ancient gods of our own, we will create another religion, through which we will once again be manipulated, as is done by the last thousand years of Christianity.

Orthodox Ingliizm — so today is called Old Believers Faith-community members! Critics of this title more than enough. They say it is not Russian. Cut ear, and where do they come from Ynglings? Until the 90s of the XX century in Russia nothing about them even heard of.

Well, our faith has other names: Christian, Vedism, Orthodox Slavs, Slavic Native Faith Rodnoverie Slav, Slavic Rodobozhie, Native Faith, Old Faith, Holy Fathers Faith, Faith and even Pagan ancestors.

As you can see, there are plenty to choose. I clarify, from where each of these names, their advantages and disadvantages.

Orthodox Ingliizm

Most full essence of Orthodox Ingliizma revealed in the Book of Light, the second book in the series "Slavic-Aryan Vedas," and the third book in this series, which is called "Ingliizm."

I'll start with the basics. Prior to the emergence of our universe, the universe, all things in all its diversity, in our reality there was a great Nothing (Darkness, Emptiness). At some point in our reality manifested God, called M-Ra-Ha Great. Opened before him a huge space for activity, a reality that was to give substance. And this he was overjoyed. At the time when His light shone with joy, our reality illuminated Primary Fire Universe — Ingle and Zhiznrodyaschy
Light. This light has to break up the darkness and fill it with content. Ingle — Primary Fire Universe — was spread with great speed in the vast spaces and create all.

Agree, it is very similar to the picture of the origin of the universe in the Big Bang.

All forms of matter and energy, the substance (chemical elements) and different types of radiation have Ingle. We can say that Ingle — is a versatile building material, from which there was everything that is in our Universe. Organics and inorganics, quarks, atoms, molecules, photons, neutrinos, living cells, gas accumulations planet (Earth), stars, constellations, galaxies — everything was created from Ingle, who could take any form.

Bearer and custodian Ingle was Ra-Ha-M Great, in fact, Vsebog, Vsetvorets and Vsesozdatel. In his book, in his image and likeness, and the Universe was created. The Book of Light Ra-M Grand Hu called single unknowable essence, manifest, but not embodied. Indeed, all the other gods had specific embodiment, and he did not.

It further states that, in this Universe was created by Native Life-originator. Rhode originator is an integral part of the M-Ra-hee Great and responsible for the creation, reproduction and continuation of life. All variety of biological life forms, originally peopled the universe was created it. All living things were created by him. Rhode originator like a general designer, designed, thought of everything, every mechanism, system, tissue, cells of all living beings.

So God Rhode traditionally considered the most revered and most important God Slavic pantheon. It is called the One Creator God. For those who always stands on the principles of monotheism and believes that God is the only one I recommend reading it God Rod, who is really responsible for the creation of life in general and in particular the origin of man, not of the Lord Jehovah, Jewish tribal god, attributing laurels Creation of the Universe itself, and declared all men their slaves.

The attentive reader might say: "How do you know the phrase that Rhode originator is an integral part of the M-Ra-hee Great?" This can be understood from the following example.

The human body is made up of millions of cells. Each cell is quite a self-sufficient, but at the same time, can not exist outside the body and no other cells. As the cell is part of a living organism, as Midgard-Earth is part of the Sun-Yarily and how the system Yarily the Sun is part of the Milky Way galaxy, and Rhode originator is part of the M-Ra-hee Great. Only part of this is much more important than a single cell, but rather a body like the brain, or the entire subsystem is responsible for vital functions of the body. Rhode originator — is that part of Ra-M-Hi Great, which is responsible for aspects of life in the Universe. In fact, each and every God Goddess responsible for some aspect of the universe, and the higher the God or Goddess in the Hierarchy of Light Forces, the higher the risk. Only the great Ra-Ha-M incorporates all. Since Ra-Ha-M is a source of Ingle and from Ingle created everything, including people, it turns out that in each of us that is a part of the Divine Fire — Ingle, in each of us there is an M-Ra-Ha Grand , and yet we are the same part of Him as God Rod, only much smaller. That's why M-Ra-Ha Grand omniscient, omnipotent, and immortality, he lives in all of us and will live as long as we live we are. He is the Universe, the Universe, a big body, and we all, men and Gods — its cells, organs and subsystems.

Therefore Ra-Ha-M emerged, but not realized, because he lives in all of us. Everyone who was born a man, his life experiences, actions and deeds, good and evil enrich Ra-M-Hu Great and Roda originator. We are, however, living more and more of life in different bodies and different qualities, we all fresh and new experience, being able in the future to become as powerful gods, as Rod or Ra-M-Ha, and go do New Worlds in other realities. This is the meaning of life. Therefore, usually Ra-M-Hu Great praise is not directly, but refer to, say, Rod God, the One God, the Creator, is much more specific and responsible for life in all its diversity.

Here, there are two questions that we basically can not know the answer. First, if the M-Ra-Ha manifested in our reality, where it appeared?

Reasonable to assume that of another reality.

And what was this reality, what principles it was founded by life?

We do not know.

Who are in a different reality and whether the gods, comparable in scale to the Ra-M-Hoi, we do not know, but we can assume that there is.

And where were these Vsebogi, and if they have a grandparent, father Vsebogov? To us it is also not known.

I believe that the universe is arranged on the principle of nesting dolls, where our Universe may be within more global structure, which is the responsibility God, who is the highest place in the Universal Hierarchy. Maybe in one of this "doll" may be a couple of dozen "dolls" a little less, and within another two dozen, etc. This may be the principle of the universe is never ending.

But why do we need to go into such philosophical distance. We do not know and can not know what may be outside of our reality, and the Universe in our reality created from Ingle Ra-Ha-M Great, and within it he is hierarchically highest God.

The second unanswered question concerns the notion of "The Great Nothing", which was in our reality to the manifestation of Ra-M-Hi. What does it represent? Indeed, the absence of something, or was it something specific, but unknown to us?

It is believed that Ra-M-Ha Grand created life on the principles of fire and light. Before him is a reality in our life could have existed on the principles of Darkness (we call it that because these principles simply unknown to us). When Engle and Zhiznrodyaschy light began to spread of the universe and transform it, the creatures of darkness tried to hide from him. As a result, the universe Ingle spread unevenly. There are pockets of light, and there are places where it almost reaches the (conventionally of the Day and Night of Svarog). There's something to hide, and "natives."

Anyway, the universe is structured and orderly. All the worlds are in a strict hierarchy and go from dark to Reality in Navi Navi Light. And above them have a right — a harmonious multi-dimensional world of Gods and Light Mnogomudryh of our ancestors, which is ruled by God Rod. But in addition to stupid or spiritually and intellectually undeveloped souls living in the Dark Navi inhabit it, and openly hostile to all other creatures. They are driven by selfishness, envy and hatred for all living things. These creatures are called the Prince of Darkness or Koshcheev Pekelnyh and live in worlds that are lower than all the others in the dark Navi. They are subject to all sorts of evil, which has different names in different nations: demons, devils. It is possible that these creatures have their origin from the creatures of darkness inhabited Universe until light and Ra-M-Hi Great, or are hybrids of these creatures with the beings created by God from. This makes sense, because it is difficult to present the creation by God so inharmonious Rod and frankly harmful beings who lead a long war with all the other inhabitants of the universe.

Summarize. Everything is made of Ingle. Ingle — is the primary fire of the universe. Since broadly Ingle — is the Fire of Heaven and Earth is a reflection of heaven, even the Orthodox Slavs Ynglings always were fire worshipers and sun-worshipers, because of the sun and stars — are also manifestations of Heavenly Fire.

Orthodox Ingliizm, respectively, is a solar cult, as opposed to all Abrahamic religions persuasion — lunar cults. That's why, in the tradition of native Slavic Faith always had numerous rituals associated with fire-baptism (Kresen) fire, walking on coals, jumping over the fire, dance around the fire, offering bloodless sacrifices to the gods in a special sacrificial fire — duniyu. Slavic feast invariably associated with the movement of the sun: the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, the winter and summer solstices. Many Slavic gods also represent the fire element: Tarkh Dazhdbog, Semargl, Yarila, Agni (the lord of the fire element on Earth), Ingl (keeper Ingle), the same Perun (after lightning — also fire from heaven).

Source Ingle acts Ra-Ha-M Great, manifested, but not hierarchically highest incarnate God in our Universe. Life created from Ingle. Life creates Rhode originator, God the Creator One. Therefore, God is traditionally Rhode most revered God of the Slavs.

Slavs got its name, because the glory of the gods and their home in the first place, one God Rod. As Slavs praised Ingle, then they are also called inglyanami or Ynglings.

Mention of inglyanah can be found, for example, on the back of the 8th leaf Radziwill Chronicle. And Orthodox Ynglings probably differs from surrounding nations that praised Ingle, secured it self as its generic name and founded the first ruling dynasty in Scandinavia.

Since the Scandinavians were especially popular God is One (their ancestral god) and his descendants, it can be concluded that the Scandinavians were originally Aryans and got on the Scandinavian peninsula or directly from Daarija or from Russenia because the Ural Mountains. Therefore Ynglings became known in Scandinavia. Therefore, they are preserved in present day Siberia as Orthodox Old Believers, descendants of the Aryans, who praised Ingle and native gods for thousands of years, and lived in Russenia with the capital city of Erie Asgard.

Since between Russenia and Scandinavia were enormous distances, and airs in Scandinavia have been separated from Asgard and Russenia, then part of the knowledge they have lost many of the events of the past and mythologized. The result was a change in the Scandinavian doctrine and fall of the dynasty Ynglings in Scandinavia. Many Slavic gods fell out of the Scandinavian pantheon, and the dynasty of Odin was exalted over others. At the same time, the ancestral memory prompted Scandinavians that one and the other aces come from Asgard, which they considered not a specific place on earth, and the world of the gods outside of Midgard, in general, does not contradict the fact, because in addition to the world's Asgard Russenia in Asgard is in heaven, that exists in the rules and where there are, Rod, Svarog, Odin and the other gods. Two Asgard introduction Scandinavians merged into one — Sky, and the concept of the rule simply fell.

From this example we can see how different kinds of knowledge lost white men settled on Earth and set apart from their ancestral home — Russenia. So it becomes clear that the word "Ynglings" had a much greater circulation among the Aryan birth, and not Russian, so in Russia knew about it a little, and besides mentioning inglyanah in Radziwill Chronicle, now do not know anything.

Another reason for the "ignorance" of Ingliizme and Ynglings on Russian soil can be purposeful destruction of the ancient written sources, which contain the basis of Slavic beliefs and widespread planting efforts of the Bible Christian Church and the apostate princes. As you know, Christians do not like competition, and compete with the native Slavs Ingliizmom Christianity could just destroy everything that reminds of him, distorting his position, literally erase it from the memory of the Russian people, and replacing the term "paganism".

Thus, the concept of "Ingliizim" shows reverence fact Slavs Ingle, through which we were created. Because today we do not have enough facts about the prevalence of the Western concept Ingliizm Russes, we assume it is a relative concept Aryan.


If by "Ingliizma" Christians have tried to get rid of it with the "orthodoxy" they did become smarter and use to their advantage.

Every Russian, literally, from the cradle to know that he is orthodox. Russia has always been Orthodox, like modern Russia. Another question is how to understand Orthodoxy. If you ask the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), it turns out that orthodoxy — is the eastern branch of Christianity, as opposed to Western Catholicism inherited Rus from Byzantium. And Christianity again in positions of traditional native beliefs.

In fact, until the reforms of Patriarch Nikon in the XVII century, the eastern branch of Christianity called orthodox, not orthodox. "Orthodox Christian faith" — so said the Christians. Orthodox, in fact, the orthodox, that is very conservative and the most fanatically dedicated scientists. Note, almost all the other branches of Christianity are much more liberal than its orthodox wing. Nowhere else will you find such a luxurious decoration in orthodox churches is nowhere pray icons and relics of saints, etc. Catholics is much easier than the Orthodox, and a beard wearing there, for example, not necessarily. Protestants have even easier — do not have to wear a robe or some clothes that emphasizes the status of the priest, to sing in church, and the congregation as a whole is much more free in matters of faith, than we have. That's why somewhere in Europe or North America Christianity stuck a lot better than in Russia. Today it does not find such a rejection in the West, which is found in the Rus almost everywhere.

The most conservative, orthodox wing of Christianity established itself first in the Byzantine Empire, and later migrated to Russia and Russia. And it is always called by orthodox Christianity. Devout Christians, starting with Princess Olga, tirelessly fought against Orthodox Slavs. Used different methods ranging from bribery, fraud, denunciations to Revelation repression and genocide of Orthodox Rus. Sermons used only idealists. In the days of Prince Vladimir was destroyed three-quarters of Kievan Rus. Of the 12 million people there are only three. People either cross to save their lives, or were orphaned. Very often, adults were killed and children were left alive, as they could still draw in the Christian faith.

This just shows that the first Christians do not follow the commandments of their God Jesus Christ, who said, "Thou shalt not kill."

But even after the massacre, Russ did not convert to Christianity. They were still the Slavs. Dualism persisted for centuries. Many Slavic gods came to Christianity under the guise of saints, Christian holidays are celebrated on the same days as the Slavic before, and some folk traditions have not been able to change, no matter what. For example, carnival — a purely Slavic holiday, which is celebrated to this day and that is absolutely not recognized Christian church.

Before the reforms of Nikon was a normal situation, when the townspeople went to church on Sundays to serve, and to return home and make offerings brownies yard. In other words, the Christianized Russ slowly. This is understandable, Native Faith kept us almost at the genetic level.

Nikon has decided to change the situation radically. First, he wanted to standardize Christianity abolish its various offshoots (sects), get rid of doubt the Bible and formalize formalism to serve all conducted the same way. So there stroobryadtsy-splitters (not to be confused with the Old Believers). Old Believers do not want to change the established traditions and chose to believe "in the old way." On them, and struck the first wave of church terror.

Secondly, Nikon wanted to put an end once and for all the Slavs, so he made changes to the name of the Christian church and religion. Now I had to say "Orthodox (instead of" orthodox ") Christian Faith" and "The Russian Orthodox Church." From these same Orthodox decided to get rid.

If you read the history books that tell of a time, we find mention of the mass self-immolation of people. Allegedly, they were so faithful that he preferred death to adopt new dogmas. Utter nonsense!

First, people were burned with their families or even villages. Of course, fanatics always had, but that fanaticism had such huge scale … In this hard to believe. Second, suicide — the gravest sin of the Christians. It is also taboo for all Slavic conservatives, so that's the life of neither one nor the other alone would not. Thirdly, even if the believers wanted to commit suicide, why would burn their young children?

In fact, it was so. Started a new wave of repression against the pagans, and burned the houses of Old Believers was dissenters, Christians. Old Believers is impaled to a krodnym smoke soul conservatives "do not end up in the trash Vyre." In the big cities were whole koloshnye rows where commit massacres of Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings this cruel way. Believers also rounded up in one place, for example, the local little church or barn doors propped up and burned. While burning people bursting out, the king's troops were holding the door.

Killings were widespread and severe. As in the case of the Baptism of Russia, supported the initiative of the authorities were few. The rest are either made by force, or destroyed. During this period destroyed many Vedic scriptures, tribal books, monuments of the past relating to the Native Orthodox Faith, killed many of the Magi, and conservatives in general. Survivors had either masquerade as Christians, or hide in the woods, in order to preserve at least the remains of their faith.

Thus Christianity became the "orthodox." Selected the name from this orthodoxy and destroyed a huge number of its speakers. The actual name of the Russian Orthodox Church — autocephalous (independent) Orthodox (Orthodox) Christian church of the Byzantine sense. Neither Orthodox nor the more it is not a Russian, as brought Christianity to Russia, Jews and Greeks.

Whether spread Orthodoxy in the east of the Aryans? Yes, because Ingliizm called Orthodox. This aspect of Native patristic faith always emphasize themselves conservatives. However, the "Orthodox" still had a greater spread among the Rus, as arias gravitated more to the concept of "Ingliizm."

The concept of "Orthodoxy" reflects the fact honoring all Slavic world law and glory (or slavleniya rights), that is Worlds, where our Great Gods and Mnogomudrye ancestors who gave us life, gave us the knowledge and gave the conscience, which is the measure of all actions. "Rights" and "Glory" was originally alien to Christianity, which is just evidence of the ROC borrowing the name "Orthodox" Old Believers-Slavs. The concept of "Orthodoxy" will be considered conditionally Russian.

Orthodox Slavs and Slavic Native Faith.

What is "Slavs"? At present it is assumed that the Slavs — the largest ethnolinguistic community in southern and eastern Europe and northern Asia. The total number of Slavs estimated 300-350 million people. Distinguished Western Slavs (Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, and Kashubians luzhichane) South Slavs (Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Macedonians, Slovenes, Montenegrins) and Eastern Slavs (Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians). That is, Slavs — is a people or group of people.

In reality it is not. As is the case with light brown-Aryan concepts of "race" or "faith", the concept of "Slavs" has lost its original meaning. Slavs and Aryans were called Rus, who praised their bright Mnogomudryh Gods and ancestors. Praised, and therefore "Slavs". The word "Slav" to a certain extent is a synonym of the word "Orthodox" as a sign of slavleniya Gods and their world, a world of rules. Slavlenie — is a hallmark of all Slavs.

Christians, for example, they pray to their god, begging him for forgiveness on his knees. They have a prayer.

Slavs of the glory of their gods, standing with his head, raised his right hand up in the wonder of Fame and made the sign of perunitsey (action, something similar to the baptism of the right hand). The Slavs have hymns and pravslavleniya they rekut their ancestors and gods.

Slavs regarded as equal to the gods, only more experienced, wise and great ancestors, and regarded themselves as their descendants — aces. No servility, praying and begging them not, and Slavic gods are not the descendants of slaves called their God. They believed their own children and grandchildren. Hence it is clear that the word "Slav" in Rus and the Aryans performed functions similar to the word "Christian", "Buddhist" or "Jew". That is, it reflects the faith of man, not his ethnicity. Moreover, the Slavs were very common names with the root of "Glory" Vladislav, Yaroslav, Bryachislav, Miloslav etc.

Strictly speaking, the modern Slavs Slavs are not, so they stopped praising their native gods. Today, of course, a growing number of communities of Old Believers, Rodnoverie and neo-pagans, but what is their number? It is not that Native Faith is the official religion of the scale of at least one of the traditionally Slavic countries. So this notion is not true. The above people have been called Russ. Most of them have Russian roots and Russian origin, although one can not deny the Aryan and the beginning of Western antskoe Russes. On antah we still talk and arias on to say that many of their descendants in modern Russia and the CIS, probably a lot of them in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Unfortunately, the efforts of the official historical science the term "Aryan", "Aryan" almost put out of historical literature. Instead of the common light brown-Aryans, which was in the past, was invented by the Indo-European community. About arias themselves say very little, and link them mainly with India and Iran, though exactly where the Aryans, and remained quite. Bind as Aryans with Russ (Russian) does criminally, according to most scientists — they do not have and can not have anything in common, and no relationship.

Ordinary people associated with the Aryan Nazi Germany, and therefore to convey to them the idea that the Aryans are we, very hard, that is definitely at hand unscrupulous historians and ethnologists.

To sum up:

1) Slavs — Russ and arias that glorified their native gods and the great ancestors, this concept was extended as the Russes in western Asia, and from the Aryans to the east;
2) Orthodox — Russ and arias, which is famous Rule, World Light Mnogomudryh gods and ancestors, and this concept was extended to a greater extent in western Rus;
3) Ynglings (inglyane) — Russ and arias, which is famous Ingle, Primary Fire universe, through which all things were made, that is, in our Universe, this concept was extended to a greater extent in the eastern Aryans.
To some extent, these three concepts are synonymous and describe different aspects of Native patristic faith and all Rus Aryan.

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