Lived, live and will live

Lived, lives and will live

JSC "Izhmash" develops ordered the Defense Ministry machines Kalashnikov Fifth generation.
Russian military department formulated new requirements for features models of small arms, the right army in modern conditions. Office of the enterprise to design and weapons center tasked by the end of 2011 to create activities experienced production standards under these requirements in accordance with the best global standards. In the brand-new fifth-generation should be significantly improved performance characteristics and ergonomics, reliability AK saved. In 2012, the need to prepare for their roles in the municipal trials, the results of which Izhmash expects to receive a positive opinion and to return to the supply of the Russian army.

In response to statements by some media about the discontinuation of the Kalashnikov assault rifle in connection with the refusal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation from the purchase of this type of weapon's press service said subsequent "Izhmash — the only developer and manufacturer of automatic weapons systems Mikhail Kalashnikov, and produced on the basis of its a broad array of civilian guns. Automatic Kalashnikov now — more common, most reliable small tool The world. At present, the plant produces the AK series of "100" is the fourth generation, commissioned by law enforcement agencies and special forces of the Russian Federation, is making big contracts on the band of military-technical cooperation. The broad portfolio of civilian, hunting and sporting weapons. "

Lived, lives and will live

The report notes that the Izhmash constantly is working to modernize and upgrade features produced weapons. Automatic AK-74, which became a modification of the AK family, has been put on armament in 1974 and was produced for the military until 1991. In 1991 he was accepted into service modification AK-74M. At the current time it is the main standard shooting guns in the army of. In the course of the work on improving it at Izhmash developed and supplied by armament In 2001, the "hundredth" series machines Kalashnikov. Currently, these standards are carried out Izhmash for law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, are also key for deliveries band VCO.

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