Local lore reading dedicated to Prince Vytautas

Reading begins on December 1 in the regional department of the Grodno Regional Library named Euphemia Kara and mark the 660th anniversary of the birth of the Grand Duke Vytautas. They take place in the form of a scientific conference.

Take part in readings, researchers stories ON, teachers, students and historians. Topics ordered reports concerning the identity Duke Vytautas, domestic and foreign policy, which he held during the reign in the Grand Duchy, and military traditions, weapons and equipment.

Among the papers ordered and topics such as the organization of forestry and hunting in the XIV-ON XVstt., And Orthodox canon law and daughter wedding Vytautas.

I recall reading that the Grodno regional studies are conducted annually and are dedicated to the anniversaries of persons associated with Grodno, and the most significant events that have occurred in the history of Grodno. The current reading is the fifth.



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