Looking forward to Valery Kravchenko

A criminal investigation into the attack on the headquarters activist Andrei Sannikov.

The criminal case has brought the police department of Minsk on May Day Article 339 of the Criminal Code, "Disorder".

Told the website "European Belarus".

Yesterday around 17:30 Valery Kravchenko distributing informational materials about the time television appearance presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, when she was approached by an unknown. Several times he hit her in the face and stabbed in the leg stomach. If the run up to the nearest stop people and stood up for her, the assailant fled.

Thereafter Kravchenko appealed for help to the clinic. Doctors recorded her belly soft tissue contusion and right ear. From there she was taken to the police and taken to the police department Pershamaiski district, where she wrote a statement about the attack.

Today Valery Kravchenko feels fine, but complains of a headache.

"It was a male, aged about 50 years. Shouted that our candidate allowed inform themselves about, tore our materials, hit me several times in the face. When the bus came, people ran out, stood up for us. Then he ran away, shouting that will go on Uruchcha all the time and pluck all the information about Sannikov.

The police questioned me, I gave a description of the assailant. Tomorrow I go to the forensic examination and the police will recognize it among the photos of ex-offenders. The general attitude of the police was correct, but it was not clear why most of the questions concerned not the attack itself, and what information we distributed where spread was not whether it appeals to a change of the constitutional system, etc. "- Said Valeriy Kravchenko press service of" European Belarus ".


Valery Kravchenko

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