Lukashenko takes shortcuts

Today, a presidential candidate, the acting head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ordered his trustees to distribute a single conceptual portrait of alternative candidates and explains that between them there is no difference.

During a meeting with his confidants Alexander Lukashenko drew a portrait of the only ideological alternative candidates. He said that all of them, they say, "grew from the same root, all of them — this is an alternative to the current government, white-red-white, aimed at violent Belarusization, people exclusively pro-Western vector". According to Lukashenko, all alternative candidates "devotees" sale of state property. " What causes such a statement of Alexander Lukashenko?

Presidential candidate Statkevich:


"Apparently, for Mr. Lukashenko realized that too clever strategy for this election chose nine alternative candidates. And it so happened that within two weeks of each working day — an hour of alternative information. And it turned out that there is an alternative to all tastes. Pro-European, pro-Russian, the national, the Russian-speaking and so on. It scared Lukashenko, he is now in a mild panic, and he seeks possible fastest stuff in one so-called BNFovsky basket. "

The candidate does not exclude that it was under this sauce is now state-owned media will submit alternative candidates. As for the "violent Belarusization" which scares Lukashenko, Mr. Statkevich, who, by the way, like the other candidates, speaking in Belarusian and Russian languages, said:

"In a democracy, nothing can not be enforced. I'm a big fan of the Belarusian language, culture and history. But understand that if you start here to do something by force, nothing but harm will be done. Return respect to the Belarusian language and culture, to return it to the wide use must be very clever and subtle. "

Candidate Gregory Kastusyou stated that he supports the gradual Belarusization:

Gregory Kastusyou

"I am a supporter of the law on languages, which was adopted in the 90s. There was specified period of 10 years. Well, what about the sale of Belarusian assets, on the contrary, the BPF advocates a return even that Lukashenko sold. Therefore, it is wrong to us. It is not our way. The sale is necessary to speak to him. We will speak about that. "

Also, Mr. Kastusyou explained that he was in favor of friendly relations with all nations: and with Russia, and Poland, and Lithuania, and Ukraine. He believes that the Belarusian people should return to the European family of nations, and to join the EU, although it is a distant prospect:

"Lukashenko will look for different opportunities to hung shortcuts those people, who are in opposition to it. This is the usual steps of Lukashenko, and I'll not see anything new. And from him was not expecting anything new. And I do not pay attention. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk

According to a presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk, Mr. Lukashenko is known for creating the image of the enemy, which then leads an active struggle through Belarusian television. Mr. Romanchuk said he is a supporter of the national culture and language:

"But no violence to make the Belarusian language this is not the official language. There is a program for a decade, which provides for specific actions that people began to love and know the Belarusian language, history and culture. So it's not up to me. "

By Romanchuk, the allegations of the sale of the property Lukashenko must address ourselves for the present, "grabbing".

"He's just lying. And if he wanted to blame someone, it would result in a sample program. And the fact that Lukashenko took two-thirds of my program — it's a fact. And I think that today the power acts as a poor student who did not learn the lessons, lists, and does not know what to do with the decommissioned. "

Also, Alexander Lukashenko ordered his trustees to avoid "busting a campaign and not to populist promises." They say, "a course that has been tested in recent years, is in need of protection and support."


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