Magus Veleslav and Lada — Slavic calendar rites and ritual singing

May 17, 2009 in Kaluga, the restaurant "Arkona", a lecture Magus Veleslava and Lada. The lecture "Slavic calendar rites and ritual singing."
The lecture was attended by bosses Veles vlh Circle. Veleslav performer and ritual songs (including during the lecture) Lada. The meeting was organized by the Kaluga Corps' Russian way. "

And this lecture is recommended for those who think that because the written sources on paganism until we almost did not make it, then talk about a succession of Slavic paganism is difficult. Of course, this lecture is not a model of scientific reasoning (but such a goal or not), however, it shows well as an oral tradition brings to our ancestors and the belief that modern Rodnoverie based on folk tradition, not the Nakuru eccentrics (like, perhaps, some other pseudo-Slavic flow).

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