Man in the World Reveal

For a more clear and understandable considering use figurative comparison of man with a computer complex, the only difference will be that of an ordinary "company" operator is outside, and the "biocompost" inside the car. So individual electronic computer consists of: 1) the so-called "iron" with its operating system, which corresponds to the human body, 2) downloaded and installed the software and information management, meets the human soul, and 3) the operator, in the spirit of man, our " I am. "

This identity can be concluded that the computer hardware, like the human body has a certain life and life span, after which it breaks down and dies sent to the scrap. Software and information management and the soul is constantly evolving, being improved and are interchanged (load) for new car if the old have become worthless. A statement, as well as the human spirit is changeless, eternal, and works on the technology (including the body), which he is currently provided. If it is impossible to operate on "iron body" it by administrators (Gods) brings his accumulated software and information complex of a new mechanism and set it there.

Therefore, the "one-off" of human life does not exist. And how wise God said Perun 'death, we can see only in the environment, but for us it does not have a perceived form (ie, the person sees only death biomachines other people own, but his own or someone else's "I"). Human being — is the life in all worlds and realities of Eternity, and not a short-term stay in the explicit world of our reality, which is now wrongly equated with life itself.
Moving from world to world, a person goes through a kind of "mandatory training" (in a different class biomachines), called in the Slavic-Aryan Vedic tradition "Through the Soul." Our essence is called in the Reveal (the physical world), "man", and the name, as we know, determines the ROK (SUTBu) and the path of awareness Roca Sutby. Therefore, realizing the image of the word "man" (in Ukraine say "chilovik"), and we understand our purpose. So "Under-Chi" is the individual particle (Unified), ie our spirit is the operator, "LO" is the womb (Lok) — limited seat, "Century" is a limited amount of time (and not necessarily a hundred years now people think). Together, it appears that people are our "I" limited place (the body) and time (the duration of the existence of the body) stay in this world Reveal.
The man — a system with a pre-emptive response, endowed with free will and individual energy-flow, linking it into a single system with powerful administration server (Gods). In essence, the person is an individual biokompyuter included in a single Internet network universe. Birth is death, and death is the birth of a new — a change in the upward flow cycles. DEATH: The change of m (a). That is, in their terms, each of us will change the measure (class, level of its biokompyutera in the same world Reveal, or to the more multi-dimensional worlds, and there is a completely different car!!). And so we repeat units constituting person: body, soul, spirit, and conscience (that is, co-lead an evaluation of its actions, it receives over the Internet connection from their ancestors). In this case, the body (through the Will) controls Soul, Soul — Spirit, and the Spirit directs Conscience.
Soul of a multi-dimensional software and information structure that can be transmitted and downloaded via channel (beam) connection through the boundary between the worlds. Spirit Bezmer as to go through many foreign faces he uses channels (beams) connection, and because — of immortality, that is, eternal. Conscience directs people and the gods, who, are, our ancestors, to adhere to the universal moral principles (Law): "live in the conscience." Neglect of this principle — Kohn, leads to spiritual degradation of the human essence, Koya becomes first in "Trinitarian" (body-soul-spirit), and then in the "binary" (body-soul), structure (and many spirit and without sound asleep and biomachines runs by itself), doomed in death on descent into the dark Nav. But there is one catch.
Reveal In essence — the person has the will, the ability to choose their path of ascent or convergence. Gods and ancestors of our lives on the line. And now for a image of the concepts that make up the structure of man. TE LO: "those" approved in beingness in the physical, "LO" — limited abode. DU-Sha, "Du" — two or more (ie, a set) of vital programs, "Sha" — having a broadband connection with the universal network and servers Gods custom power informational flow. DU-Xb, "Doo" set, "Xb" positive connection creative. Spirit always uses and improve the software and information support of the Soul, for onward transmission to the server and then the Gods, which provides information and then sharing programs with other users. Request parameters that must have formed in the womb future body embedded in the soul of conception in the form of images (holograms) and recorded on the seed or the father or the mother's egg (in different people and a different system, so some of them trace their ancestry on his father's and some by the mother).
Slavic world view and display system actually reveals a man nine svastichnyh Energy vortices. The projections of these vortices ("circles Lights" — the chakras) look like stylized silhouettes, like dolls. The nine bodies and is the reason for which the essence is repeatedly "paths of the Soul", creating a protective energoobolochki (body) to live in different worlds Reveal, Navi, and law. Body for the existence of a Reveal
1. The protective body (aura);
2. Explicit (physical) body;
3. Dimensional (etheric) body. Body to exist in Navi
4.Zvezdnoe (astral) body;
5. Configuration (mental) body;
6. The body is shaped relationship with all surrounding vital structures (karmic, causal). For the existence of the body to the Government
7. The body of the Soul (the support of vital programs and information);
8. The body is the highest form;
9. The body of the Spirit.

Thus: the physical body of man (1-3), Soul (4-6), SP (7-9). Now let's move on to the presentation of the teachings of the Way of the Soul (Circle Absolute) all forms of energy in Eternity. This path is a movement, the movement of the Soul from the starting point in the space dimension, its development and the return to the starting point. When God sparks lit up the spirit (atmami) matter in a state of chaos, its elements set in motion in living beings (atmami), began to unite and give birth to many forms.
Powerful spiritual spark, shining a blinding light, were able to produce a heavenly body, and dimmer spiritual sparks, deep in the densest layers of matter, were able to form only elementary atoms. But, since the essence of the spiritual spark is the same (the only difference is in power), any spirit, even got into the abyss, can rise to the level of the gods, having saved enough energy to increase the power of its glow.
Therefore, the entity entering into the matter, it begins to transform (the matter is concentrated energy). In the process of transmutation of the material energy, the Spirit begins to form around the luminous energy shell, the support of vital programs and information — Soul. Its power is gradually increased and developed in different kingdoms of Nature (programs become more complex, the information is added, the amount of the support increases). When the power of its light (the software's) reaches a level that can illuminate your knowledge (within the overall co-knowledge — "joint knowledge of Spirit, Soul and Body") the human body (handle processes in the human body), the Virgin Goddess Alive ( Jiva) and God Progenitor certain people create from the soul is the human soul. They fill it from their server database of programs and information necessary for the realization of the human body in the world of waking.
In no time at Svarog Circle displays (processed on the servers of the Gods), to create a world Reveal 53 mlrd.896 mill.11200 individuals (souls). Embodied soul, coming from the Jiva in primary (general) information and a set of vital programs. Figuratively, the structure of the matrix of the Soul can be represented as a square, divided into 4 parts Fig.1
February 1
March 4

Figure 1 "The Matrix" Soul.

The first block is placed, as mentioned above, the building block of information from Jiva, namely: a) knowledge about life in the world in the earth (the planet), and b) knowledge of the dimension of the space, and c) a certain set of feelings, and d) an indication of the path leading to improve the Essence — Soul. Note to myself that every soul knows how she should act. She set route, but whether it will take advantage of them — is another question. The soul goes through space on the light, guided by the information obtained.
She chooses the solar system (Star-Lord), the conditions in which correspond laid in her Jiva and God the patron of the system, the program. In the flow of light, it is manifested in the physical world, after having received from God the Protector of living here Births, relevant information (the second block of the square): a) the compatibility of the Soul by mother to the physical body, and b) Consistent Spirit and the blood on the father, and c) compatibility of concepts and images of the world (duh.-social. system) with the spiritual perception of the Soul, and d) the compatibility information of the first quarter with the knowledge that it is to be developed.
The third block is delayed information for transmission to future offspring ("keys"). The fourth block is still blank ("open field"), it will be recorded and software information experience that soul attains in development. Each world has its own matter and their conditions of existence. It follows that for each world and to his body-suit (suit — biorobot), adapted to the specific parameters.
Therefore, getting into a world, we must also put on his apparent body — bio-computer, and leaving this world, have to reset it. Man is created in the image and likeness of God, and therefore have different gods in order to find the body in different worlds (though they can control the processes taking place in our country, remotely). Only that, with the incomparable power of the world, they can not create their garments through the birthing process, as we do, and with the help of synthesis.
How is the embodiment of the soul, and what causes it affect? Soul in the system of universal Internet (in fact as our online store) makes a request with the parameters of the body that it needs (requests are different, someone needs a super-modern biocompost and have to wait for pick suitable parents, and who then arranges the unit and simply, the main that would have to go and could). When mating of parents (Rodya body), there is a power surge and the network out information about their options (ie which biocompost at the moment they are created). If there is only between a physiological drive, corruption, rape, and other adverse factors (alcohol, drugs), it is negative information attracts Soul underdevelopment.
At coincidence request with the information received from the parents, a connection is established between them, in which the souls of the information concerning the future of the body is recorded on data carriers mating (sperm or egg). Now the soul, make an order, waiting for the birth of his biocompost to download it to the rest of the program and information. Here, it can expect different surprises. For example: my mother to have an abortion, or start drinking, walking and bear body with reduced parameters. It must be understood that the 16-hexadecimal (the highest in our world) energy-matrix of the Soul (ie, a set of programs requiring super biocompost), will not work properly in the bodies that are less energy channels (6.8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13, etc.).
This is about the same as the Operating System vindosa — 98 will not pull installed Office 2010 (or Euro plug not inserted properly without damage to the Soviet socket). Soul with a smaller number of e / threads can easily be downloaded to a better computer, and here will be established that is not full of power (ie super processor will be used as a simple calculator). Mother gives the soul a physical body, love, affection, care and attention. Father — a symbol of the Spirit and the blood of its kind (ie, from which God — Grandparent person will receive the Spirit), and also gives his seed, out of which there is a new man. From the above material, we can see that a person other than earthly parents (the word means "Rodya body"), there is also Heavenly Father and Mother. Mother Goddess (Jiva) and God the Father (patron Rod earthly father) that complement our soul full set of vital programs give Secret Vedas (Ancient Wisdom) and Conscience. That's why we say that we are sons and daughters of the gods.
The fertilized egg is the simplest unicellular structure (zygote). Further, the process of forming the image of the physical embryo, stuffy parents and soul of a person for an information carrier, which ends at the time of birth. Human embryo in its development reflects the quality of the cut of wildlife, from unicellular to complex structural framework. So, the soul of their information put into the zygote at the moment of conception, birth and awaits the body (in the developing fetus is already the mother of soul, a part of the soul of soul and father of the child).
Natal development ends and the child is born — the good God. All of the information accompanying the Soul (life of the program), via data communication for 22 minutes after birth (1-3 blocks) is loaded into the child. The child was born, he shouted, and it is easy-keeper puts his stamp on the mouth, as child received its share information. Reducing the amount of information received (for example, due to the intervention of doctors) subsequently affects the duration of the child's life, that is, the less knowledge (vital programs), the less life span. Not received at all, related information, do not live more than 4-7 days.
If the child cried out, then beam that carries information from the Star-Lord, was blocked by another soul, violently deceased person who was possessed by a body is born. The child develops up to 12 years as usual, but after addicted soul dovypolniv that no time in the past life, leaves. If there is a complete check of Soul died violently, it is called "reincarnation."
There is the phenomenon of "incarnation" — another sleeping soul in a person with impaired protective body. Then there is the so-called A "split personality", because there live two souls. Shares, (incarnate) Soul dovypolnyaet program and goes further, and doctors wonder cures for schizophrenia after clinical death. Appearing entity is a person grows and develops.
In 12 years, through ritual "imenarecheniya" became famous for his way, Rock (sutba). Now only depends on the person go up right Way (true) or false, crooked roads (falsehood), leading to a dark Nav. We need to realize that a person throughout their life is not left to itself. As we said above it is included in a single Internet network of the universe, and administrators (Gods) is constantly on the screens of their supercomputers are watching our actions (although we did not even feel and think that our actions and thoughts are unknown, it is just as on an ordinary computer administrator sees all that is done on your screen). Although administrators (Gods) try not to interfere in our actions (if they are certainly not a threat to the whole system), but if necessary, they can and should be treated, it is then when we nahvatyvaemsya virus and start to hang our biocompost, to fail or we can not figure out what's what, etc. In such cases, the surest way to turn to their gods and they will help, clean the virus scan, upload necessary programs, or provide the necessary information.
The patron god Rod and so on every segment of our years given a new dosage information, namely: at birth, 12, 16, 21, 32, 39, 41, 45, 48, 50, 55, 64, 72, 77, 80, 82, 84, 88, 90, 96, 108, 112, 123, 133, 144 of the summer. The essence of this information: the development and training of the person to gradually transition to a higher, compared with the obvious, the level of shared knowledge (consciousness), the ability to proceed with this action in the following measure, which determines the structure of life on the flow of the river of time.
Living life in this world, most explicitly the spirit of people-operator is poluspyaschem condition and in full operating mode, only the program installed in the main body on the hard disk of the right hemisphere of the brain and soul of the program — in the disc of the left hemisphere (and not all of these prog yet installed). Many are trying to use this. Different effects of altered states of consciousness are obtained as time manipulation with the work of these programs (eg remote biocomputer with other companies so called sugestologiya etc.).
And yet whatever it was people in the time of life is constantly updated with your software and data base, and all that is necessary in order that would then at the point of care (death) to take this precious luggage with them. How does the process go? Forefathers said that his death will not see.
The soul is conscious only of the final phase of the transition, when there is a burst of energy that creates energokanal at which it comes out of the dead physical body from collapsing protective body (aura). This channel passes through the vortex zone (chakras) from the bottom to the top of the spine from "source" to "fontanelle". Figuratively, this process is perceived by the entity as a flight through the glowing tunnel, the output from which the transition to a different dimension.
The collected information a person must send to the server gods for use by other entities. But living in the explicit world, people can create not only the bright creation, and a lot of malware, viruses, and therefore pick up was installed triple protection for the entire universe of the Internet (three barriers), three of the court. The first defense is the soul itself scans and attempts to find the malicious education, and here is the man himself, and the judge and the prosecutor and the lawyer. The second defense is when the ancestors of your kind you check with antivirus programs for lice. And the last third defense is when God is the protector of Rod before finally allow people to server personally reviews all of its contents.
And if all of a sudden, at what stage or will be detected malware man started forward quarantined in hell, where the fire by clearing the files will be deleted, and the soul will once again return to earth in this apparent world to try again to get lost knowledge and experience, but without the defects. If all the courts passed and everything is fine but the soul of a server with the Gods update their software to the point where it will have to undergo further training and new is to continue to develop in the higher worlds.
That's all, but in fact is much more complicated and difficult, but in this article I tried to explain at this point accessible language and imagery processes occurring with the essence of man in the world explicitly. Good luck to all in the deepening of the topic.

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