Maskevich: to impose a moratorium on the death penalty

"My attitude is clear: to impose a moratorium on the death penalty in Belarus." In an interview with DELFI the head of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and CIS Relations Sergei Maskevich.

When asked what prevents the abolition of the death penalty, or at least a moratorium on it, said Mr. Maskevich

"For us, This topic is very important. When talks with diplomats impression that this is the only issue that could open the way for us to return the special guest status in the Council of Europe, which is extremely important to us and to which we aspire. We are interested in this, and if this is the only factor that can make a difference, I think, will be found a positive decision on this matter. "

According Maskevitch, the actions of the Belarusian side constrains the 1996 referendum. As the head of the parliamentary committee, "we can not ignore the results."

"This question you need to prepare. Everything is aimed at making a moratorium. And prevents this one: we need to be open, honest and consistent in relation to its citizens. We regularly conduct surveys of public opinion, and I must say that the attitude of the society to the issue of the death penalty is somewhat different.

Though never, probably will not, so that everyone agreed with the cancellation. My attitude is clear: to impose a moratorium. Perhaps it is necessary to hold parliamentary hearings and after logging moratorium. But we'll see. "

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