Mass death of fish in the lakes of Connecticut

Ueversfild. Dead fish float in ponds and reservoirs throughout the state of Connecticut, according

Ueversfildskoe Reservoir (in 1860) — a picturesque and quiet place. Nate Vierzbiki, a local resident, "This reservoir is in my back yard. When I'm home, it's usually in my free time I go a perch and soak up the sun.

However, today we have a look at our backyard and, horror of horrors "- Vierzbiki continues," I saw all this accumulation of fish. Fish kills happened here before, but it was the accumulation of 2 to 3 feet thick: the fish pile up on each other — it's awful! "

Dead fish began to emerge after the thaw. Officials from the Department of Environmental Protection explained the loss of fish due to lack of oxygen harsh winter, saying that it is a common phenomenon.

"The whole mass of the fish already half-decayed and publishes unbearable stench" — says Vierzbiki.

The local Department of Environmental Protection reports that fish mortality is also observed in 36 ponds and lakes in the state.

What to do? — Puzzled locals. Of course you can give nature itself to deal with this decaying mass. Or catch all the dead fish and used as compost, buried in the ground.

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