Medvedev has run out of words about Lukashenko

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sees no reason for a reconciliation with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. The fact that the relationship with the head of Belarus moratorium, Medvedev made it clear in his microblog on the network "Twitter".

Today Dmitry Medvedev after a break again raised the topic Belarusian and spoke out about the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus.

This time, he designed his position as the answer to the question of the Belarusian padpischytsy nick dashystik. This, in particular, noted that the Belarusians are not indifferent to how the elections are in Moscow. The Russian leader was concise, as required by the principle of the microblog "@ Dashystik. To maximize your choices'm respectful. And as your president, I already said everything. "After these words, Medvedev posted a link to your video blog, in which the beginning of October to harsh criticism of Alexander Lukashenko.

Among other things, in his speech, he had said that about Russia and its leadership are streams of accusations and abuse, and just in this entire election campaign Lukashenko. The Russian leader stressed that the allies do not behave, and promised to take into account these factors in further building relationships with the president of Belarus.

Soon thereafter Russian State Duma adopted a statement on the inadmissibility of anti-Russian rhetoric on the part of the official Minsk. The initiator of such a step, deputy Alexei Ostrovsky, do not hide the fact that it became the impetus to Dmitry Medvedev, who said that Lukashenko in his statements go far beyond diplomatic rules and basic human decency:

The Russian head of state for the first time at an official level said Russia can not but interest the fate of the disappeared politicians, public figures, journalists …

"Absolutely true president calls such statements are things outside the norms of morality and humanity, but these categories are not simply characterized Lukashenko. He lives, allow me this comparison, animal instincts, animal intuition, and trying to save themselves by any means. By the way, his own people and its own citizens. Old Record of the West, of the United States, the enemies of the EU can no longer play for so long and affect the feelings of Belarusian citizens. took a new record: the external enemy — Russia and the other conclusions that follow from this. But my therefore very pleased that the Russian president for the first time at the official level, said Russia can not be interested in the fate of the disappeared politicians, public figures and journalists. "

Now the political contacts between Moscow and Minsk summit considerably limited. This is witnessed and the recent visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, which, according to sources of the Moscow Kremlin, directly forbidden to meet with Alexander Lukashenko. Break the information isolation of the Belarusian ideologists try a proven way — through the regional editions of Russian journalists who belong to the Belarusian authorities with much more sympathetic than the center.

Last month, an unprecedented number of troops was enacted in Lukashenka's residence, and recently by Russia to drive another group of representatives from the little-known or notorious Russian media. The first point of the trip — Bruzgi, the western outpost of the face of the Union State. An employee of the newspaper "Arguments of the Week" Nadezhda Popova ensure that funds from the EU budget being developed specifically:

"I'm very impressed by what she saw. Seemed to me that everything is done as comfortably as possible for the person. Primarily for those people, which leaves every year, as I understand, 1200000. So personally really like the site. "

Meanwhile, not everyone in Russia agrees that due to personal misunderstandings top leaders of the two countries have massively phased bilateral contacts in other areas. Economist Sergei Aleksashenko believes that Russia in its ambitions should not stoop to the level of "resentment":

"The general position of Russia, unfortunately, I can not particularly good. A few years ago in Ukraine was president Viktor Yushchenko, we said we do not like Yushchenko, and we communicate with Ukraine will not. Now we do not like President Lukashenko — respectively, we Belarus and Lukashenko personally would not cooperate. Saakashvili We do not like, so we do with it will not discuss. country that feels a regional leader, the country which is the largest in this part of the world that historically has any influence, can not behave this way. It should be more responsible. "

In the situation of a personal conflict between Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Lukashenko experts wonder how will be scheduled for the end of December in Moscow meeting of leaders of the member countries of the Customs Union. Many believe that Lukashenko, referring to the presidential elections, the meeting may generally be ignored.

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