Meeting with Bonaparte in the Vitebsk KGB


Who are the heroes of his historical works you would like to meet and what would be asked in the first place? And more interestingly, what time and what place would choose for such meetings?

Galina and Evgeny

Inashae question suggests the idea of the whole book.

With its heroes I would have met in our time — so they know that their actions did not go namarna (or, if they were enemies — on the contrary). My interlocutors would see that there are temples and cities that they built, there is a state, the prototype of which create and protect …

In the book, we would have a lot of parts and a lot of questions. The problem has always been a choice of venue. It seems like there's a story by Stanislaw Lem, which currently gets medieval monk. To recover from the shock and to be able to dialogue with distant descendants, he was able only when they manage to bring a guest from the past in his home monastery.

Therefore Useslaw Sorcerer I met somewhere in the dungeons of St. Sophia Cathedral, which, in contrast to the temple itself, preserving the ancient look. I certainly would interest a lot of things, but first of all asked to tell about how the army won the battle of Polotsk Nyamiha. Encyclopedias and textbooks are still mislead us, repeating after the chronicler of Kiev, ostensibly to the Sich squad defeated princes Yaroslavichy. (Why, case "Winners" not moved on to Polotsk and adsupili for its open spaces. Meanwhile, In those days it was thought, Who was to "stand on the bones", then on the battlefield — that and the winner.)

Would ask also about Vsyaslavavu daughter. What was her name? Though she was married to the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus, or is it just a legend, which is still held by some authors?

Where there was a rendezvous with Evfrosiniya not hard to guess. Other business — would be willing to tell the story of the abbess of her first love, which may have resulted in a twelve Predslava for the monastery walls. The young age of the princess should not unnecessarily inflame your imagination. Then life was short and swift: just at this time of the prince's daughter became the brides, and in thirteen years and has often give birth to a child.

With Reynolds Geydenshtaynam, chroniclers and the secretary of the Grand Duke and King Stephen Batura, we would be sitting comfortably in one of the halls of the old castle of Grodno. Let him Mr. Secretary said, or he kept in his own hands the book from the library of St. Sophia Cathedral of Polotsk after the liberation of Moscow from invaders? Or described the library hearsay padkreslvayuchy that in the eyes of educated people, he had no less value than the rest of the production. Just then the library chronicles, folios, rewritten hand Euphrosyne, with "Heaven and the church hierarchy" of Dionysius the Areopagite, in fact, disappeared without a trace …

General Jesuit Gabriel Gruber familiar to him anfilyadah current Polotsk art gallery would be split and opened to me the mystery of the famous masters of it constructed a mechanical head. The one that, according to the third volume of the "Picturesque Russia" suggests the horror of visitors, turning bright eyes and talking "at all commonly used languages."

Napoleon I would expect somewhere in the echoing corridors of the former governor's palace in Vitebsk (though, to make the intention would be difficult, as in the ancient walls of the long Akapana regional vpravvlenne KGB). There ruler of Europe celebrated its 43rd birthday. On the first day of Vitebsk, he threw his sword on the card table piled high with staff officers and announced the end of the 1812 campaign. What made it a few days later to take a fateful decision to go to Moscow, and draw arrows on the maps that indicate future trip to India?

For a time, would have asked Bonaparte and left somewhere in Belarus coach with his golden treasure, which for two centuries is haunted by treasure hunters. And suddenly, I may do it my dream to go on a couple of weeks in New Zealand?

Ignatius GRYNIEWICKI I would invite in Polotsk cafe "Damian" to entertain there the Machanka and sensitively to find out what were the hot cakes, a portion of which he ate with tea in front of the confectionery welcome yard, where Sophia Perovskoy gathered bombakidalnikav if Alexander s for the first spring day in 1881 suddenly changed the route on city streets …

And in parting, I would have signed each of its counterpart book where written about them, and just in case quickly took his leave.


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