MES: more than 280 homesteads in Primorye heavy rains flooded

 More than 280 private holdings and 38 basements flooded homes in 33 districts of Primorye by heavy rains, according to the boundary GUMCHS Russia.

Earlier it was reported that heavy rains podtopili 276 private holdings in 13 localities Chuguevsky area a regime of emergencies. The substitution of the bridge on the section of the road "Arhipovka village — the village's clear." Storm water washed away part of the road "Samarka — Cherished" width about five meters in 13 kilometers from the village treasured. Temporarily disrupted transport links with the villages cherished Okrainka. Due to heavy rainfall in the guerrilla zone eroded land forest road and cut communication with the villages of the Romanovs The key Slinkin Sergeevskoe rural settlement and village Partizan.

"At 10.00 local time (03.00 MSK) in 33 towns edges remain flooded basements 38 houses and 282 backyard and garden. Killed and Injured. Emergency crews restore eroded roads, divert flood waters from settlements, clean stormwater drains and transporting fuel for backup power sources and food, "- said in a statement.

Clarifies that only works in the aftermath of the flood involved 86 vehicles and 302 people. Rescuers delivered food and other essential items to cut from the road links the village of New Power, Slinkin, Romanovsky Key, Partizan.

"In Dalnerechensk near the river burst its banks near the village of robin Ariadne flooded road on the city Dalnerechensk the area of 100-150 meters. Lowland villages Ariadne Street Guerrilla flooded five houses. At the village operate a bulldozer and excavator. Works on allotment water from the village "- said agency.

The village Anuchino Quay Street basements flooded 12 homes. Residents refused to evacuate. High conductivity is observed on the river mudflats in St Michael's, the water level went up to around the water outlet on the floodplain, without compromising economic objects. The level of flood water in the villages Nikolaevka Otradnoe Gorbatka decreased threat to the population there.

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