Michalevic — chaotic and played along with the attempt to Lukashenko, Rymashevski — a good speaker, but without confidence in victory

Browser Radio Liberty Valery Karbalevich analyzes the performance of presidential candidates Ales Mikhalevich and Vitaly Rymashevsky.

Mikhalevich spoke in Russian. The impression of his performance was quite difficult, to put it mildly. It only lasted for 23 minutes, he stammered again used the format of the responses to the questions, but the questions were often small — about the association "Naftan" and "Polimir" or the fate of the Museum of World War II.

If the previous statement he had some one line — the idea of upgrading, but now he jumped from one topic to another, even in the blocks could not unite These questions. So it looked chaotic.

Very specific answers to some questions. Michalevic said that the main result of Lukashenka's rule — is that it was possible to build a strong state. It is almost a repetition of the official propaganda. Twice repeated the slogan of the presidential election campaign "Together we Belarus." This is a very strange — whether he wanted to be in the glory of Lukashenko, Lukashenko played up, it's hard to say.

Michalevic also said that the confrontation between the authorities and the opposition blame the opposition, because there are a lot of leaders who lost power and want revenge.

Vitaly Rymashevski, As in the first speech, has shown very good quality speaker. He spoke without notes, very clean, with no linguistic blots. He played the voice, pauses between words, and everything looked pretty good. Rymashevski held the attention of the audience.

He started on the action on November 24, explained byWhat people can be collected in the center of the city. He was not so much propaganda and agitation for a presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski as propaganda for his own party.

This performance was very similar to the first performance, which was made a week ago on TV. It's a bit away from the experience, because it does not have enough capacity, not enough ideas to carry out a new performance differently, to expand the horizon of a presidential candidate Rymasheuski.

First Vitaly criticized other opposition candidates, and then said that we agreed not to criticize each other, and invited all Democratic candidates meet on December 9 to agree on a coordinated response at the final part of the election campaign. Rymashevski also criticized Russia. In particular, he has shown he does not believe in the victory in these elections and so is trying to solve any problem — whether it is propaganda of his own party, or the desire for a second round, and no matter who is in this second round will be released.

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