Michalevic lecture, Rymashevski explained where the money will

Today, the Belarusian radio speeches sounded more presidential candidates Ales Mikhalevich and Vitaly Rymashevsky. Unlike Vladimir Neklyaeva, who yesterday repeated his performance from last week, today the candidates mostly not repeated.

Contents released by the morning of candidate appeals to the voters we are discussing with our columnist Vladimir Glod.

SV: Vladimir, what you're paying attention to the radio broadcasts of Ales Mikhalevich?

Glaude: I paid attention primarily to the fact that this was the original statement. He did not repeat of his previous appeals to voters as a radio broadcast, and TV. Spoke exclusively in the Belarusian language. His presentation covered only the sphere of culture, and, of course, in a different language and speech could not be. His main thesis Mikhalevich put it, to cultural brand "Made in Belarus" has become part obschebelorusskaya brand.

But what surprised me in the speech Michalevic, is the fact that the main enemy belarushchyny, he said, is the Ministry of Culture.

The candidate described the situation, which is now in Belarus with languages, with bilingualism. He said that government officials are forced to be Russian speaking and explained why this is so — the eastern vector of policy orientation of Belarus to Moscow compelled to do so. But what surprised me in the speech Michalevic, is the fact that the main enemy belarushchyny, he said, is the Ministry of Culture. But you know what it is, to put it mildly, not exactly. Opportunities in the ministry and in his head — limited. And who knows their limits — is the head of state, who did not allow himself enough time to speak derisively about the native language. And I noticed that a few days ago, when Alexander Lukashenko spoke with his agents, he said that if the opposition candidates seized power, they will hold a violent Belarusization. And so I was surprised that in his speech Mikhalevich this thesis has not denied.

In such an approach, in my opinion, the main weakness of his radio address today. As I see it, this is the weakest of all four performances. Could have thought that there was no time, but he kept within just 20 minutes instead of the planned thirtieth My colleague Valery Karbaleivch who analyzed the first performances Michalevic, said that they are more like a lecture to the students of professor, and I think the same can be said today, and even a greater extent. In fact, both Mikhalevich admitted it himself, so ended his speech that gave his lecture appeal to voters. And it did — it really was a lecture.

Now, Vladimir, let's talk about the content of the speech Vital Rymasheuski. He is known to be currently on a visit to Brussels. How is it organized it and what it points you pay attention?

Glaude: This speech, as I learned, was recorded earlier today, it did not sound in the air, but in the recording. It was written before the eggs Rymashevski flew to Brussels. My attention was first drawn to the fact

In my opinion, Vitaly Rymashevski most of all party candidates for president

that is once again, as in previous speeches, Vitaly Rymashevski spoke about Christianity and Christian values. In this sense, in my opinion, Vitaly Rymashevski most of all party candidates for president. After all, without exception, their appeals to voters, he emphasizes the fact that he is a representative of Christian Democracy. Another trait that runs through all the speeches Rymasheuski — he sharply criticized the government. That is one side. And on the other, and it gives a positive program and shows what can be achieve. And more attracted to the candidate's speech, it is clear that he speaks for the people with words. And now he was saying that if comes to power Christian Democracy, the main measure of life is not a Belarusian GDP or inflation, and life expectancy Belarussians, the number of cars in the family, the presence of his house.

And I also liked Rymasheuski he explains, where will the money. He promises loans at three per cent, as Lukashenko takes them in the West by three per cent, promises cheaper than gasoline, because there would be a gain for the state pension promises big as the strongest companies will transfer the money to the pension funds. As I see it, it needs to attract voters to Rymasheuski, for he not only says that to do so, but also says how to do.

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