Michalevic urged to cooperate with the authorities, Rymashevski — organize national strike

Today began the second round of speeches of the presidential candidates on Belarusian TV. At the Channel were candidates Alexei Mikhalevich and Vitaly Rymashevski. Among other things, the first invited the opposition to seek common ground with the government, and the other opposition candidates called for December 9 to come together and work out a strategy for victory.

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Michalevic spoke in Russian, once going to the Belarusian, although the closer the language spoken in his family, it was called Michalevic Belarus.

His speech he built in the form of answers to questions, focusing on the social and political sphere. First of all, the candidate explained why he does not criticize the current government.

"I believe that the disadvantages of the current government have repeatedly made a reservation. There was so much criticism that I will not say absolutely nothing new. At the same time, I like a man who has the answers to many questions that are able to give these answers, answer, I suggest to me and my team. "

This topic he developed later, responding to a question about why the opposition and the authorities can not deal with the problems of Belarus.

"In a society too developed thirst for revenge. Thus, in opposition to a lot of people who were thrown out of power. To these people it is important to take revenge for what happened to them. But I'm sure we have to find those issues on which we agree. "

Michalevic recognized that in these elections as a candidate, he has not encountered problems. One of the main problems in society, he said, is that all the time looking for enemies Belarusians, with most of the Belarusian quality he called rationality.

Lukashenko says, we have relied on a strong state and did not regret about it.

Michalevic answered a question about what made from Lukashenko should be retained in the new Belarus:

"Over the years we have managed to build a strong independent state. Lukashenko says, we have relied on a strong state and did not regret about it. We came to the conclusion that today in Belarus society have confidence that we need to live in an independent country. "

However Michalevic urged Lukashenko to change because he is afraid of the reforms, introduced the separation of powers, and the command must appear new people. But Lukashenko should dismiss the citizens of the country, choosing regain power without the help of Russia or the West, said Michalevic.

Michalevic criticized Lukashenko solutions to build a nuclear power plant, the transfer of the museum of the Great Patriotic War and the renaming of streets in Minsk.

It is much more critical of the Lukashenko was the candidate Vitaly Rymashevski, speaking on BT second.

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Rymashevski performed in Belarusian, he appealed to the voters, saying, "Brothers and Sisters" At the outset, he mentioned he organized the meeting on October Square in Minsk on November 24, saying that it was a peaceful meeting without violating the order.

"Why are the presidential candidates can not meet in the center of the city, in the central squares, if anyone does not interfere? Do you remember how the tragedy occurred in Nyamiha when many of our Belarusian youths were killed in an underground passage? You know, what was it? Beer Day. Belarusian authorities solder teenagers who later died. And this time was the feast of the Trinity. Why people can make a drunkard, and meet with voters — no? "

Rymashevski noted that the Belarusian authorities, which had gone bankrupt, it needs European credits, so it does not beat people on November 24 in Minsk. The candidate urged voters to come to the area again on December 19.

10 days before the election — let's decide what strategy we will have what we offer, we will fight for the victory.

"I am convinced that the December 19 crackdown will not come up to you!"

Vitaly Rymashevski expressed his disagreement with the opposition candidates, who, he said, want to become a puppet in the hands of the West or Russia.

"Where is the Belarusian scenario? We are talking about today, neither Russia nor the West should decide who will govern us. Change the power in our country, we must, Belarusians ".

Vitaly Rymashevski announced his decision not to criticize the other candidates except for Lukashenko and called:

"Today, I offer all the democratic candidates: let's December 9 zbyaromsya together and take joint action plan. 10 days before the election — let's decide what strategy we will have what we offer, we will fight for victory. "

Vitaly Rymashevski said that according to sociological assessments none of the candidates will be able to December 19 to receive 50 percent of the vote to be a second round, if not — it is fraud, so, according to Rymasheuski, you will require a new free elections and to organize a national strike.


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