Mikhail Zadornov. Putin and cranes

How was it? Reserve each year on the Yamal teach young cranes cranes fly with hang gliders. Gliders wears a white robe, a beak and gave a cry of cranes. They thought it was their parent, and fly over him like a leader. Putin learned about this, he said that in Russia only one leader, and went to the Yamal to the Siberian Crane. He was put in a hang glider, gave a white robe … Bill did not dare. I would have given a lot to look at the president's bill.

Cranes soared for Putin, because he has his mother. True, only two cranes soared. Probably because he was out of the beak. But still … our president directly showed everybody that he high-flying bird!

Imagine how the cranes were selected for the flight!
FSO checks each Crane: who is the father who is the grandfather, if he has any relatives abroad … Were drives to the police? Does it work on businesses related to state secrets? Just in case you refuse cranes fly under the made-up a couple of cranes FSBshnikov.

Nice initiative!
Subordinates — they'll imitate superiors. Medvedev will soon lead the ducks to water with quacking. Shoigu — beavers build dams. Gryzlov for rodents go. Prokhorov for giraffes — they will take him for his. For Zhirik viper crawl — for the same reason.

Sayings appear. "Putin low circles — for rain! '" Early Putin toe clears, and later his eyes tear, "" Better Navalny in his hand than Putin in the sky "

A telephone call:

— Alley, is the Kremlin? Call Vladimir Vladimirovich!
— He's not — he flew off to warmer climes.

And as a new tune up the old songs!

"Flies, flies through the sky wedge tired
It flies in the fog at the end of the day … "-

these lines to sing Putin and Medvedev on:

"And in that system is the amount of small,
Perhaps this is the place for me! "

Mikhail Zadornov

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