Minsk City Court dismissed the activist Bashura

Minsk City Court dismissed the complaint activist campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura the verdict, which ruled him earlier Soviet District Court of Minsk. At the same time the judge granted the prosecutor's office is not in the same sentence.

October 19 Soviet court of Minsk found guilty in Michael Bashura re forgery and punished him with a fine of 17 million 500 thousand. Michael was released from Bashura-custody in the courtroom. The activist said he did not agree with the verdict, because he is innocent and will appeal it.

The prosecutor's office also issued a protest against the verdict of the Soviet ships. The prosecutor's office decided that Michael Bashura custody sentence.

Bashura"The complaint judge considered very fast. Not even pay attention on the violations during the investigation, which the lawyer said. With this decision I do not agree and will not complain Chairman of the Minsk City Court. "

From August to October Bashura was behind bars. In "Tell the truth"Bind his pursuit of the fact that the company's activities led the presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu.


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