Minsk City Court refused to motorists

November 30th Minsk City Court rejected the appeal of the public association "For Auto", which vainly sought registration.

The founders of "For Auto" is sent to the court against the decision of the Main Department of Justice Minsk city executive committee, which two months ago, motorists refused to register a public association on the grounds that a "statute Public Association no purpose, "and is a violation of applicable laws.

The letter Minsk city executive committee says: "According to the traffic police in Minsk, the main tasks of the NGO" For Auto "will actually be a consultation of citizens on the avoidance of administrative responsibility …"

Minsk City Court upheld the Minsk City Executive Committee accepted the judgment.

As one of the founders of the NGO "For Auto" Vladislav Benko, the main goal — protecting the rights of bus and motaamatarav, cyclists and pedestrians. Also, Mr. Vladislav reported that the following steps are the founders of the organization will be discussed: it may be decided to file an appeal to the Supreme Court or attempt to register another Public Association.

The founders of the NGO "For Auto" This year, organized protests against high fuel prices in early June, calling for boycott refueling "Belneftekhim", or at least fill up on them 1.5-2 liters of gasoline. Such shares, the combined title "Stop Petrol", were held in different cities of Belarus.

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