Mobiles become painful weapons

British scientists have developed a working model of the plasma antenna, to be used in next-generation mobile. In addition, the invention can be used by the military to create energy weapons, said

Solid-state plasma antenna PSiAN (Plasma Silicon Antenna) is a chip with a few tens of thousands of diodes. In operation, these diodes surround themselves with a cloud of electrons in one-tenth the size of a millimeter. Each cloud is a mirror for microwave radio waves.

Including some of the other LEDs on and off, you can focus the light into a narrow beam and change its direction. Operate this antenna will be in the range 1-100 GHz. For those frequencies common antenna is not suitable, because the signal decays rapidly, writes CNews.

Of currently available plasma antennas — gas — PsiAN favorably in size and cheapness of manufacture. The advantage is the lack of a solid antenna moving parts. It will be easy to be integrated in the mobile phone and used to work with the next generation of Wi-Fi — Wi-Gig, which can not transmit 54 MB per second, and from 1 to 7 gigabits. Another advantage of this antenna is that it is much safer to use today omnidirectional antennas, since a narrow beam antenna will provide the owner to less microwave radiation.

The developers claim that the plasma antenna is a revolution in high-speed wireless communications, and can be the basis for miniature radar and even for the new generation of energy weapons. Potentially, the antenna can radiate so-called "pain rays". This radiation at 64 GHz absorbed by the skin of the victim, causing her great pain, though not causing serious damage. But if there are no current systems are cumbersome installation mounted on a special truck, then with the advent of miniature, powerful solid-state plasma antennas energy weapons can be hidden in an ordinary mobile phone.

Just recently, the future of such a weapon mentioned in the special report Pentagon specialists who devote most likely option terrorist threats coming decade. In addition to the pain of the energy weapon, according to the U.S. military, the enemies of democracy may well apply electromagnetic bombs, deadly viruses, as well as "smart dust".

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