Mode due to the drought emergency is declared in half of the districts of Saratov region

Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev imposed a state of emergency in 19 of the 38 districts of the region because of the drought, said on Wednesday the regional GUMCHS.

The ministry recalled that the original head of the region June 29 emergency regime imposed in 15 districts of the region, and in August were added to the four district.

"In order to prevent the threat of food insecurity in the Saratov region in connection with the death and damage to crops due to adverse agro-meteorological phenomena, order of the Governor of the Saratov region introduced a state of emergency in 19 municipalities," — said in a statement.

In the emergency area from June were Aleksandrov-Gai, Dergachi, Ershov, Ivanteevsky, Red Army, Krasnokutsky, Krasnopartizanskaya, Lysogorsky, Marxian, Novouzensk, Ozinsky, Petersburg, Petrovsky, Pugachevsky and Rivne regions, and from August to them "joined" Balakovo, Resurrection , and Novoburasky Khvalynsky areas.

"According to the observations of the meteorological network, the lack of effective rainfall on the background of high temperature and low humidity in the first and third decades of June 2012 to the emergence of, preservation and dissemination across the field of atmospheric and soil drought and dry winds, which led to significant losses of crops" — explain to the MOE.

According to the MOE, the entire air and soil drought, according to preliminary data, the sowing of crops covered an area of 652.03 thousand hectares (rye, wheat, buckwheat, corn, sunflower).

"The total area lost crops was 163.07 hectares. Overall indicative costs of destruction of crops — 941.93 thousand rubles", — the report says.

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