Money for Kolozhu

Kaloskaya — Boris and Gleb Church XIIv century in Grodno is not falling apart in the Neman no longer crashes. However, the authorities fire way to find money for the temple. It was learned that the choice was "BAPB" his regional office.

What's the hurry?

First, the official newspaper reported that the money will "Belagroprombank", rather it was written — "will help to put in order" the ancient temple. After ten days in that edition came the news that he allegedly offered money himself voluntarily. Why bank church? Hard to understand. However, this assertion is rushed to discuss local bloggers.

If the topic is sharp, sometimes witty comments, such as "poor man Kolozha, I hope that I will not see the ATM in the end of the building." Next: "The main thing that our father did not have in place," Amen! "Intones the" Belagroprombank! "

I must say, the official newspaper not only of money on Kolozhu remembered, but wrote about the other object, and completely unambiguous wording: "How to help finance the zoo will offer Grodno office of the National Bank." So this is what "suggestions" come from our banking authorities: only take the money but use it to health! ..

I think when the country has developed such a "unique" system, there is no difference — who will or who will make the money to give to complete, such as the restructuring of the oldest zoo in Belarus. As a result, the animals would be a bit easier to live behind bars in the city over the Niemen.

There is also no difference — whose money and how to be spent on Kolozhu. The question is: what makes force the pace? It is known that the church itself stands quietly on a hill Neman acts, and emergency provisions are not observed. It is also known that the head of the field, with whose initiative arose Company "Restore Kolozhu together!" Deeper into the subject and admitted that he would be a good idea to consult with experts from UNESCO in the reconstruction of this valuable monument for Belarus.

But it's also not a secret, that after Chairman of the Executive Committee of the statements someone started to force the matter to, God forbid, had not gone to razhannya with international experts. Quickly and "sponsor" "found" on the wall in the camp kaloskiya bank, which, as the name implies, is intended to finance the agricultural sector, and not the city's temples.

Bankers "restorers"

In addition Kolozhi, there is another important example in the question, "banks and restoration." In Grodno region is famous palace of the XVIII century in Svyatsk it one of the most major monuments, preserved in Belarus. After, as it liberated the medical establishment had to be immediately addressed — who and how to make the restoration and for what purpose it will fit. However, in reality it dragged on for years. Valuable architectural monument began to rapidly deteriorate without maintenance. All this is realized, the government also, until they managed to force the National Bank to take the palace.

Two examples. First, an architectural monument is destroyed, the government can not come up with anything, they are investing their money in ice rinks and other facilities for the restoration of funds they pity, though such powerful, and surviving, monuments in the whole country — one. Second: CRI-century temple in the form of a well-kept, requires a very cautious approach, at the same time, the reconstruction and restoration. Here, however, the authorities urge on as if this winter chill and snow threatens to destroy Kolozhu …

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