Money relieve pain


A new study shows that the money dull the physical pain and facilitate social exclusion rights.

During the 6 different experiments, psychologists and marketing professor studied the power of money as a means of social recognition. The results showed that even when a person thinks about upcoming expenses, it is causing him emotional and physical pain.

In one experiment involved 84 students — volunteers who were divided into 2 groups, and who were asked to pass a test that checks the sleight of hand. One group saw the large bank notes, the other — traditional paper labels.

Then they started to play a computer game Cyberball, in which four players roll balls to each other. Each of them stated that they are playing with real people, but in fact, for the "real" people playing computer. The first half of the game we all passed with good results, but the second game was programmed for rapid elimination of the player.

Most were upset with the results, but those who believed before the game label, not the money much tougher expressed their dissatisfaction than the students of the opposite group.

A similar experiment was carried out, and to determine the influence of money on the physical pain, as students were divided into two groups, one of which was of money, and the other — the label. Then they dipped their toes into the hot water temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius. The result was the same: those who count the money, much poorer express their emotions about money than the other group.

In the following experiments, thinking that counting the money may have been a kind of entertainment for students and just picked them up, the researchers asked volunteers to write a list of your expenses for the past month. The essence of the experiment did not change. Another group described a typical summer day.

The results were the same. As noted by the participants themselves, just write about their already spent money — it is the stress and the pain from the hot water and the loss of a computer game they felt more acutely.

"The results show the power of money, even as a symbol, which even changes the perception of the ordinary senses such as pain," — says Kathleen CSW, co-author of the study and professor of marketing. The results only confirm previous studies showing that money affects the emotional state of a person because of their symbolic power in society.

Also, experiments have shown that people who feel rejected by society or have experienced physical pain, need a lot more money than those who did not go through with it.

The researchers note that people always want more money than he has, but getting them, he calms down just in case if you do not feel the need for a deep spiritual satisfaction, because satisfaction of the cash flow is superficial.

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