More on Libya: Gaddafi and Sarkozy, oil, Islamists.

More on Libya: Gaddafi and Sarkozy, oil, Islamists.
The motto "protecting the civilian population" does not cost anything, why blow inflicted only on Libya, where "human rights" violated in other countries in the region — Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Algeria. Saudi Arabia in general citadel of medieval obscurantism and totalitarianism Clan Saudis.

Gaddafi was the "scapegoat" for the bill, which a number of states of the Western project decided to take some of their problems. In addition, he was a very independent, decided without the "opinions" of the Western project owners such important prepyadstviya, the decision to introduce the gold standard, the problem of water, a lot of unforgivable (by the views of liberals) money squandered on the common people.


Hike the West against Gaddafi led France. Although not so long ago Sarkozy was a "friend" of Libya.

— So, in 2007, Sarkozy has a specific role in resolving complex prepyadstviya convicted in Libya six Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor. This problem of the French president decided through personal contacts with Gaddafi.

— Signed an agreement on cooperation 2-states in the field of nuclear energy, France meant to begin construction of a nuclear reactor Libya. Cost — $ 3 billion. euro, the reactor was needed for the desalination of sea water. France was allowed to conduct exploration activities in Libya.

— It signed an agreement on the supply of weapons by France and Libya by French instructors training Libyan special forces. Tripoli was planning to purchase a large amount of equipment Paris — armored vehicles, ships and boats, air defense systems, may be aircraft, including military transport. Implied Libya, with France, and get a number of gallakticheskih systems. They signed a contract with EADS for the purchase of anti-tank missiles "Milan". The amount of this transaction amounted to 168 million euros. Another agreement concerning the procurement of communications "Tetra" cost 128 million euros.

These agreements are the first after the abolition in 2004 imposed on Libya by the European Union embargo on weapons.

-In December 2007, Gaddafi visited France, was signed 10 contracts worth more than $ 10 billion. euro. Libya meant to buy 21 "Airbus" of various modifications, also 1st or several nuclear reactors, some of which were going to build in Libya to desalinate sea water. Apart from the supply of reactor (s) provided to assist in the establishment of commercial production of uranium.

— There were "falling out", so in 2008 Libya sabotaged, "favorite child" Sarkozy — the idea of the creation of the Mediterranean Union. The Arab countries were not opposed to the creation of such union, but opposed Israel's role in it.

Then the "obstinate" Teran chose not to dispose of the resources at the disposal of Tripoli highly enriched uranium. In the end, 5.2 kilograms of highly enriched uranium were all the same taken in Russia.

— In 2009, Sarkozy has expressed the wish to intensify the strategic partnership of 2-states in the field of defense. This was the wish of the wing zeal of France by all means to find a buyer first zabugornogo fighters "Rafale" Tripoli could buy 14 fighter jets and 35 helicopters and other weapons worth 4.5 billion. euro. But, in the end Gaddafi turned towards Moscow — decided to buy Russian fighter jets.

At the current time, we can say that Gaddafi was wrong, it was necessary to take French aircraft.

— Gaddafi condemned the French company "Total" fine 0.5 billion. euro.

But, like any event, segodnyaschy anger against Libya, France, deprived her of many billion, with the possible and when there will be peace in Libya, a simple question.

Libya's oil

Europe is interested in developing the resources of Libya. Explored Libyan oil supplies are estimated at 42 billion barrels, it may be that their provisions are not less than 100 billion. Libya is currently being one of the few states in which there are large areas where there are not conducted exploration of hydrocarbons.

It's entirely possible that anger was not "spontaneous" — according to the Algerian newspaper "Ekspreson", Paris and London for three months back started preparing for joint exercises code-named "Southern Mistral", which was planned to take place from 21 to 25 March. According to the plan the exercise, the allies had to buzz some countries under the title "Southern Land" in the Mediterranean, which is ruled by "dictatorship." Preparing for the "teachings" such makarom by allowing Western allies in advance to prepare for a war that has been programmed very little a few months back.

The Islamic Factor

As unrest broke out in Libya, Gaddafi accused the Islamists of their design, including Al-Qaeda. " Islamists have repeatedly tried regime of Libyan dictator on the strength of, he answered tough reprisals. Curiously, Tripoli has submitted to an international search for Osama bin Laden for a long time before the events of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

Not without reason, the rebels immediately came up with the title for himself — "Islamic emirate in Al-Bayda ', so could only be called Islamists. Their point and facts massacres committed by February 22 in Al-Bayda "peaceful" over the rebels captured Libyan army soldiers. Another "emirate" in the town of humus, topped last prisoner of Guantanamo Abdelkarim al-hasad. And, on February 24, "Al-Qaeda" has declared support for "insurgents." A website "Wikileaks" "leaked" information that a South American embassy in Libya, said in Washington on the presence of humus Islamists previously passed through the fronts of jihad in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

During the rebellion in Libya, and then the invasion of the Western coalition Islamists gained access to storage tool in a number of cities and territories. The plundering of these depots in Libya remembers what happened in Iraq after the invasion of South America in 2003, "- South American analysts warn.

The war in Libya has a beautiful design Islamists a chance to strengthen its own position in the previously inaccessible country, Gaddafi aggressively suppressed them underground.

Another fascinating fact, first revolt in Libya, much much talk about "African mercenaries," Gaddafi said on March 4, as the international human rights organization "Human Rights Watch" (it can not be blamed for the love of dictators) she was unable to collect any data concerning the presence in Libya "African mercenaries."


Against the Libyan country, just by the countries of the West (first in London and Paris, in alliance with local separatists and constructive Islamists.

It is practically a war past — the separatists, Islamists and the Western project of parasitism against the project of the Future — the country where Gaddafi made a working synthesis of Islam and socialism (Jamahiriya) as a draft for a future free from the neo-colonialists, constructive Islamists medieval shtetl "elites" of Africa.

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