More than two thousand animals vaccinated against anthrax in the Altai region

More than two thousand animals were vaccinated against anthrax in two villages in the Altai region, where an outbreak of the disease and quarantined, according to the site of administration of the Altai region.

Last Saturday became aware of hospitalization of three villagers Friendship with suspected anthrax. In virgin area of the Altai Territory was declared emergency mode. In three villages quarantined. In total, according to official data, the hospital is 13 people, two of whom the diagnosis was confirmed by laboratory tests. Three of the 13 hospitalized — Marushka from the village closest to the friendship. One person died because it was too late sought medical help.

"Veterinarians and doctors made door-bypass, the surveyed population and animals began vaccinating cattle. Currently vaccinated more than two thousand head of cattle on farms and backyard … will take all necessary measures to contain the disease and prevent further spread of anthrax," — it was informed of the regional authorities.

According to the Governor of the region Alexander Karlin, the timely and correct diagnosis of the disease need constant medical surveillance for potential patients, hourly analysis of the state of the body. By the Government of the edge has already received 130 doses of the vaccine to prevent the spread of disease in the population, an additional 200 doses of vaccine officials expect to get out of the Tomsk region.

"Our physicians and veterinarians armed with all the necessary means for the prevention and treatment of anthrax" — said Carlin.

Investigation Department of Insurance in the region on Monday opened a criminal case under article "violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules, resulting in the death of man." Veterinarians suggest that the animal from which later became infected people could catch the disease in the pasture, as close to the center of disease arising in the period from 1933 to 1964, recorded 11 cases of the disease of livestock anthrax. How and where the animals were buried is unknown. However, experts believe that the bodies of infected animals could bury wrong.

Anthrax — an acute infectious disease of a group of particularly dangerous infections. A person infected typically sick animals or infected material — skins and wool. The infection is not transmitted from person to person.

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