Mozir: enhanced search dogs

Mozyrskoe Public Association for Animal Welfare "Zoaabarona" opposed the mass killing of dogs with poisonous pnevmastrelby dytylinam that leads "Mozyrsky rayzhilkomhoz."

Chairman of the Board of Association Paul Nostril asked about the minister of housing and communal services Vladimir Belohvostova to ban this practice.

Nostril: "On the facts show the massacres. Nov. 10 in the yard of a private home Panfilenko huntsman rayzhilkomhoz pnevmastrelby killed the dog with the eyes of the hostess. On the same day, two dogs were killed in the village of Sloboda — one outside the store, went to the hostess, the second — near the gate house Dulanava. many such examples. Brigade hunting in Belarus violates existing rules capture, detention and euthanasia of stray animals, including and those who have installed the Ministry of Housing and the Council of Ministers. "

According to the nostrils, due to the use dytylinu prohibited in EU countries, animals die a painful death by suffocation. Rather than bring dogs to a special place, trapping even kill them in front of the home and children. Meanwhile, According to the activist, for each dead dog papers are made for withdrawal of feed — as if the animal is contained in the paragraph 5-10 days.



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