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There is a saying: the authors write books, and their editors do. What editors met in your way?

Immediately, three students of the Belarusian Collegium

Pry word "editor" writer or heart stops or starts to beat faster …

I was very lucky with the editor of debut stories. They became extremely bright and honest person and writer Vladimir Maksimovic Domashevich, who worked for the magazine "Youth". Unlike some of his colleagues, he never assumed the functions of the censors. Working with him is always easy. The only thing that Maksimovic, as it is affectionately known mnovelmi many) could not stand the phrase "so to speak," which was in my tongue, thanks to the passion to others, Vladimir — Korotkevich. These words are my first editor, you can say, burned out with a hot iron. By the way, Domashevich, which has eight and a half decades, and now, as I know, is often taken for editing even entire novels.

During my more tentative steps on a winding path litaratskay was the practice of so-called public editing. It is referred to in cases where publication of the book is questionable ideological or other similar reasons. In this editor must person with more weight in the literary world. Sometimes, she did manage to play the role of savior.

Larissa Heniyush first book, published in Soviet Belarus — "Nevada of Neman" — on a voluntary basis has been edited Karatkevich. The author signed my collection in Zelva shortly before he left heaven Belarus. A after, I spoke at the funeral of Larissa Antonovich, stopped the already slow movement of my first book published by "Fiction". Undertook to help the author of genius "Smalennya Boar" Michael Scorpio. His work has also made it great: I did not notice any penetration into the text.

But then for the manuscript took a closer Publishing lady. The activities of Galina and, in particular, on how traveling from Polotsk to meet her, I bought a gun (albeit underwater), I ever write a fun product. And then it was run over. But the editor did, and one good deed. Heroes of the forthcoming book did not belong to abstynentav and occasionally drinking. And razlivali bottles of wine glasses and wine glasses just at a time when the party and the government struggled with alcoholism. Galina has made a sort of miracle at Cana vice versa. She ruthlessly pratsverazila characters: all strong drinks turned into a dry wine, and the very dry wine — in the "herbal tea." Yes, to the delight of the author and readers hapyanuvshy those Suhachev or tea, for some reason the characters were taken inspiration snack …

One of these editors — in the new, democratic and democratic times — the distinction of being in a large manuscript corrected the two words in the second and penultimate pages.

I met with members of the profession who have not read the texts simply that the book is often passed only benefit.

I met with members of the profession who have not read the texts simply that the book is often passed only benefit. Though I must admit that this approach is fraught with danger and certain. For example, once in the "Fiction" several stages of publishing a manuscript of poems was the venerable Vasily Zuenko, whose name in place of the letter "C" stubbornly kept typed some pests and saboteurs letter "X".

I know this terrible story, because in those days, he earned his bread and "herbal tea" editorial work in "Art." One author with me two years did not say hello. Ivan Shamyakin long kryvelivsya. Someone edited later called and advised not to return home. Yes that maybe some other time.

And on each of its editors (a fortiori, many of them outstanding creators), I could talk for hours and always appreciated.

On Leonid Vasilyevich Dranko-Maisyuk. On GEOMEAN Ivanovic Dubovcy. About Alexander P. Fisher. About Ernest Nikiforovich Gnevko, which fell edit hundreds of pages of "The Secret History of Polotsk" stuffed with names, dates and a variety of dubious conclusions …

About Catherine Petrovna Gorelik, which worked on the "Names of Freedom." On Alevtina Semenovna Vyachorka and Tatiana Lyavontsevnu Shumejko. On the Innu Poloneichik, which together with the author miraculously brought to the readers of the "Order of the White Mouse" …

And terribly want to write books that would once again agreed to edit Makovik Alexander, Paul and Dmitry Morozov Sanko. They — and the books and editors — is filled with dreams and the incredible stories of hope

Why do we have so many writers and sites either — the editor?

The cast bronze editor seems to me a man with an ax dreamy, and frozen in ferrous metal Editor — cute bespectacled girl with an elegant kitchen knife (awful option — with a sickle), whom she affectionately was cutting the author not only in the text, as she thought, but also by much more sensitive parts of his physical and metaphysical body.

Dear Editors, heart chokes with love for you! You have not been able to slaughter a single book by Vladimir Orlov.


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