Mysteries of Viti Suvorov. Saga of the Winged Jackals

Days of birth — or, more precisely, "conception" — the aircraft must be considered BB-1/Su-2 December 27, 1936 It is in this day, there was a decision of the Council of Labor and Defense (hereinafter — the quote from the book Hazanova — Gordyukova)

"About the construction of high-speed remote attack aircraft reconnaissance scheme nizkoplan. Defines the main requirements for the aircraft, which should be passed to the tests in August 1937:

The highest speed at an altitude of 4000 m … 5000 — 420 — 430 km / h;
The highest speed at the ground — 350 — 400 km / h;
Landing speed — 90 -95 km / h;
Service ceiling — 9000 — 10 000m;
Normal cruising range — 4000 km;
With overload — 2000 km;
Armament — 3 — 5 machine guns and 200 — 500 kg bombs "

August 25, 1937 Chief Pilot TsAGI (Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute — GK) Mike M. Gromov, who had just returned to the USSR after the famous flight over the North Pole in San Jacinto, flew the first prototype of the aircraft ANT- 51, also known as "Stalin task-1" — SW-1, also known as "Smith," he is — in the future — BB-1, it — the Su-2. According to the views of the Dean of Russian pilots, "the plane was easy and comfortable to pilot, had good stability and maneuverability."
From 21 February to 26 March 1938 aircraft has successfully passed the tests in the Municipal Eupatorium.
In March 1939 there was a decision to launch ICT aircraft, "Ivanov" in a series of Dry-branded BB-1 — "neighbor bomber, first."
December 9, 1941 a joint resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and SNK Su-2 was discontinued.
Since the beginning of the series and to the phasing out of industrial stocks got away with 893 aircraft, "Ivanov" / BB-1/Su-2 various modifications.
Such as short history of aircraft that served as the first one, and not very steep, step to the podium glory for the 1st of the best aircraft designers of the XX century — Pavel Sukhoi.
Such as short history of aircraft that served as the object of a strong advocacy of provocation.

1. Su-2 and the "day M"

Will be discussed, of course, about the parable of a terrible Viktor Suvorov (Vladimir Rezun aka Bogdanich) under the title "M day." More precisely, on the 6th ("Pro Doe") and 11 ("Winged Genghis Khan") chapters of this landmark collection of fairy tales. I can not say who to me more sad — for Stalin either plane. In any case, try to understand. It will help us in this "Bible" of Russian aviation history — V.B.Shavrova book "History of aircraft construction in the USSR, the second part, 1938-50 gg" and beautiful monograph "Su-2 short-range bomber," penned by 2 — wow amazing modern historians — Dmitry Khazanov and Nicholas Gordyukova, as well as a number of books, reference books and journals listed at the end of the article.

"… One day, in 1936, Stalin aircraft designers gathered at his dacha near, treated with all the hospitality of the Caucasus, and later put the puzzle to build a plane (the best in the world, it does not need to explain), under the title" Smith ".

Work on the project, "Ivanov" were once many teams, including running Tupolev, Neman, Polikarpov, Grigorovich. In those days, under the overall control of the Tupolev design working group Petlyakova, Sukhoi, Arkhangelsk, Myasishcheva, running Polikarpov — Mikoyan and Gurevich have worked Grigorovich Lavochkin and Grusin. All that Stalin ordered Tupolev, Grigorovich or Polikarpov automatically extended to vassal engineering group. "

Let's leave the "near cottage" on the conscience Rezun and his quick imagination: no constructor of anything does not recall a similar, and confirm their verbal passages can credit the creator, as usual, do not bother. Let us examine the structure of participants.
According Rezun is that once took part in the competition himself Tupolev means all he heads experimental aircraft design department of the Central hydrodynamic Institute — IEA TsAGI — threw everything and fell forward on "Ivanov." Petlyakov and dry, Myasischev and Archangel — all together design "Ivanov", with each — their own, and jealously cover Kuhlman palms — like the neighbor is not spied … Competitiveness, adnaka!

Very much. Impressive. Only it's not true.
The fact that the IEA, led by Tupolev, really consisted of several teams, being the main forge aviation development in the country. And any team involved in their own development. At the period in team drove Petlyakova project ANT-42, also known as TB-7; Brigade Archangel — ANT-40, also known as SB; practiced their tasks and other teams. The phrase "team under the control of the Tupolev" in practice means the subsequent: Andrey, having received the career-mail TTT (tactical and technical requirements) to "Ivanov" and got acquainted with them — and passed, together with its general considerations to one of the managers of teams. Specifically — Sukhoi. And then I have to slow down and indulge in a longish explanation.

Now even the farthest from the air people at the mention of the names "dry" or at least the abbreviation "Su" any way, so mark awareness. This is natural: KB them. Sukhoi is now one of the most distinguished in the country and perhaps the best known. Because the natural and seems to be taken for granted is the idea that the Sukhoi "from the beginning of time" was naikrupneyshey value in the Russian aircraft industry. Accordingly, all that came down from his drawing board, was, at the time of its own creation, an important task and the "edge of the cerebral stroke" Russian aircraft industry.
In other words, the authority of the current "Su" automatically transferred to the "drying" in general. And this is fundamentally wrong. Aircraft designer Sukhoi was not a sudden peace in the glory and brilliance. At the beginning of the development of "Ivanov" in the asset Sukhoi was, frankly, slightly.

1. ANT-25, also known as RD, aka "Stalin route" — the one where Chkalov and Gromov his polar flight of the USSR — the U.S. showed the world that means Russian aviation. The main course was a Tupolev, but led the project particularly dry.
So what? RD — experimental, record plane that is used to provide breakthroughs in the field of "hi-tech", but not the military, not a serial.

2. Fighter-4. How would drill machine, but released again in small series, the person of Air Force did not specify in any way. The reason for the usual: it was the first Russian-metal fighter, in other words, in fact, again, experimental aircraft. The mere fact that it was carried out in a "parasol" and had a lining made of corrugated duralumin, says a lot. Released a few machines were used for experimental purposes: execution dinamoreaktivny guns Kurchevsky; experiments programmke "aircraft-link" Vahmistrova.

What comes out? It turns out that with a light hand Tupolev "an extremely important task of Stalin" (yes is an extremely important that its implementation depended on no more, no less, the fate of Stalin and the Soviet Union all — it's not me saying it Rezun says so) was in the hands of the then little-known employee TsAGI. If we accept the assertion Rezun that "Smith" — the most important tool planned by Stalin's brutal war, it turns out that Comrade. Tupolev treated tribute to Stalin's orders without piety. Formally, we can say, reacted.
Even funnier look Rezun attempts to defend the honor and dignity of the Polikarpov:

in the middle of those present at Stalin's dacha — Nikolai Polikarpov. In the past, the 1935 air show in Milan polikarpovsky-15bis officially recognized as the best fighter in the world, and have been in a series of Polikarpov I-16 and something in the works. Polikarpov — the favorite in the race for the world's best fighter. Leave Polikarpov, do not get it, do not distract him, he knows how to make the fighters, not undercut it with the tempo. race is in progress, and every hour, every minute — the weight of the blood. But no. Distract, Comrade Polikarpov. there work is more important than the creation of a fighter. Not interested Stalin fighter for defensive war. "

I agree — it's impressive. Nicholas — all in fighters, nothing else to think can not and does not want to, but here — on for you! Two semi-literate polutrezvyh security officer with the mandate of the People's Commissar N.I.Ezhova: throw everything bastard! Do "Ivanov"! But not that …
Readers website already beheld it: just as evil KGB semi-literate (even when Beria) forced them to build a four-engine Tupolev dive-bomber. A closer look at the saga of "O wretched Beria and Brave Tupolev" was a hoax. So now, what about the competition, "Ivanov" at Rezun will tell the tales more …

Let's go back to the one quote back, "led by Polikarpov — Mikoyan and Gurevich …" All true. At that time N.N.Polikarpov headed the second in power aviakonstruktorskoe union in the Soviet Union — after the IEA TsAGI team Tupolev — Special Design Bureau OKB. And he also had a few in the leadership of design teams. And one of them was engaged in "Ivanov".
But with Mikoyan Gurevich just practiced calculations fighter …! Such as: "I'm not interested Stalin fighter for defensive war." Apparently, specifically due to disregard the case of Joseph Stalin to the brigade fighters Mikoyan — Gurevich was a little later isolated in a separate KB with the task to bring up a series of high-altitude fighter polikarpovsky I-200 — the future MiG-1/MiG-3.
But the fighter I-200 case is not limited in any way. We will open the book Shavrova that Rezun so we advertise, and we'll see what he did N.N.Polikarpov in the late 30's, that is, when, according to the Rezun all Russian designers at the barrel of a revolver KGB just did that race were making "Ivanov."

It appears, at this time in the Polikarpov OKB designed and built the first Soviet fighter with a liquid-cooled engine "Hispano-Suiza" and motor-gun ShVAK — I-17. It will take little time and fighters of this scheme will fill the skies of the Eastern Front — LaGG-3, and "yaki" all the rooms …
At this time the bureau is developing a fighter with star motor, promising heir to I-16 — I-180 fighter.
At this time the bureau is working on a very promising family of twin-engined cars MPI (multi-seat gun fighter) — HIT (high-altitude fighter tanks) — St. Petersburg (high-speed dive bomber).

All this can be read like a Shavrova, and in an interesting book a test pilot, a war veteran, P.M.Stefanovskogo "300 unknown." And here's the thing: Rezun both of these books in the bibliography results of their labor, and even seems to be little quotes from there. But so that for myself not to destroy. If you start to read and Shavrova Stefanovsky completely, and not strictly metered pieces, the picture is changed to 180 degrees! Peter M. Polikarpov fighters flew just at a time when Polikarpov (by Rezun) strictly forbid to do anything, not counting the "Doe" …
Oh so evil Yezhov did not give Polikarpov fighters build!
Look on. In competition with the slogan "Smith" took part as well KB Grigorovich Kocherigina, Neman.

No offense to Dmitry Pavlovich Grigorovich be said, in the 30 years he has obviously gone to pot. Strictly speaking, after a series of flying boats "M" of the First World War, he did not create anything decent. Fighter-Z, came out of the drawing room of his KB, was more than the average car and left quietly into oblivion. How annoying would it sounds, but D.P.Grigorovich — an obvious outsider in this list.
Rezun driving into the cage designers, allegedly involved in the work on the "Ivanov", to the same Lavochkin with Grushin. On the grounds that they were working with Grigorovich. Let's see, and on their own.

Grushin. Who knows at least one serial Grushin plane? That's right, no one. Since these does not exist in nature. There have been some notable projects, but "in the metal" so nothing was embodied. And we note with a sigh of disappointment: Grushin — also from outsiders. And what can we do? In the world of creativity without this will not be enough: someone — a stallion, and someone — not really.
Lavochkin. Tracing from the Sukhoi stories: there are working shift, only more illegal and hard. In 1936, the young engineer Lavochkin was less than a trainee. It generally is not designed a single plane. "Lead designer" it will be only four years old, and most importantly — through 5.

Kocherigin. Tracing paper with Grushin, in fact one-to-one. Another outsider.
Dr. Nieman. First, note that the KB Neman — speak out so artisanal. It acted on the basis of public and consisted of teachers and students of Kharkov Aviation Institute (HAI). Agree, very weird choice CB to work on "an important inventory of brutal war." By the Niemen and his "Ivanov" We will return, but for now move on to actually contest — as in the description Rezun, and in real life.

Rezun word:
"Every Russian designer regardless of their opponents chose tighter pattern: nizkonesuschy monoplane, the engine alone, circular, two-row air-cooling. Every Russian designer offered his own version of" Ivanov ", but each version is strikingly similar to their own brothers and strangers on the Japanese long-brother the spirit and the plan. And it's not magic: just put all designers task: create a tool for a particular type of work, for the work that a couple of years will do the Japanese aircraft in the skies of Pearl Harbor. And if work has to be the same as that and tools to accomplish it every designer will create approximately uniform. "

Unveiling boring book Hazanova — Gordyukova, watch exposed "rivals" conceptual designs … and wonder. It turns out, Polikarpov and Grigorovich proposed scheme "vysokoplana"! Grigorovich even managed to put the engine on the fuselage — on the pylon, like flying boats. And that is absolutely not go anywhere really, every one of the designers chosen as the power plant V-twin engine is liquid cooled AM-34. For a very simple reason: at the time it was the most powerful and promising Russian aircraft engine. Again provralsya our "scout, historian and political analyst!" But the most fascinating stories in superkonkursa — Ilyushin behavior.

Formally participating in the competition, Sergei did not even bother to submit a projection of his own "Ivanov." Calling things by their proper names, Ilyushin for the contest just "scored"! And it's natural! We Ilyushin had already developed their own eyes on the battlefield of the aircraft, and fully understand his reluctance to be distracted by the development of the device, in his view, in advance obsolete and futile schemes. It is interesting (in terms of compliance with the stories Rezun) and the behavior of the "KGB-sadists." According Rezun, Russian designers have been tinkering "Ivanovo" almost a horror of being shot. But here's the Ilyushin contemptuously hush tooth and quite explicitly gives to understand that "Doe" to him — up to a certain place. So what? And nothing. No "black crows" to him not rushed, no it did not suffice for tsugunder Butyrka and not dragged. Do not like "Smith"? Well, try to
do it your way. But we'll see. Ilyushin did — and did not do that-nibudt, and the "Schwarze Todt" — the famous IL-2.

Pending preliminary design contest and ended. That's it! None of these projects has not been recommended for elaboration to the stage of working drawings. There is no doubt that the competition and had to get a descent design, suitable to implementation in the real machine. He wore evaluative nature — what can today provide engineering idea on "single-engined two reconnaissance bomber"? According to the results of the contest's Commissariat of Defense Industry, of which then included the General Directorate of Aviation Industry (SART), has offered to build a car in three variants: solid wood, composite (mixed design) and all-metal. The main designer of the first variant was appointed professor. Neman, with production facilities in the factory number 135 in Kharkov, the second — Polikarpov (plant number 21, slightly bitter / Nizhniy Novgorod), and the third — Sukhoi (factory experimental design — KRC SAC). Selection for the post of Head of Dry for "metal" is completely natural: he only come back from a trip abroad in the United States, during which familiarized with advanced methods of design and construction of all-metal aircraft. Moreover — as a member of Russian trade and procurement mission, Pavel Osipovich in the States just bought something on the theme of "Smith" — but more on that later. So let us, comrade. Dry, implement, teach.

That burst "ice-breaking" an extremely important myth of the "Smith". Turns out, it was a completely ordinary, working orgmeropriyatie, in what was the specific role does not masters. In the light of what we learned conspiracy allegations Rezun somehow faded imperceptibly and shed.
But this is only the beginning! "Ice-breaking stories" continue to gain strength, color and juice. Look on.

Listen Rezun, so the result on "Smith" was the only and solely BB-1/Su-2. Specifically on him and he falls with all the force of incriminating talent. But the fact is that the Neman and the plane was also built, put into service, produced a relatively large series — 528 cars, more than half of the production of the Su-2 — and has been used on the fronts of the Second World War right up to the end of 1943 is a question of HAI-5, it — the R-10. The question is: why Rezun passes him dead silence? It is painfully simple. Propagandists (English aynzattskomanda "Victor Suvoroff" — it's not historians, and specifically advocates) need a catchy way, a single and indivisible, in which, in a nutshell, would focus all that is necessary (ordered) to expose or praise. This is — a steel rule PR-technologies. Below, we have to face him. Because of the P-10 "cadets" chose to remain silent so as not to explain that the "winged dragons" were as many as two (actually, not even two, and more), and, most importantly, do not lubricate the memory, not to split EFFECT.

"Ivanov" Polikarpov not lucky. In connection with the reorganization of SAC-NCAP Polikarpov temporarily lost production base and could not stand the LOM prototype of his car. With all of this aircraft Sukhoi to reduce the cost of production has been decided to produce a series of no-metal, and composite — with wood fuselage. Tinker with the second similar machine that it was inadvisable, and the topic was closed. By the way, was built as "Smith" Grigorovich. But because of the illness and death of his CB Dmitri Pavlovich was disbanded and all the work, of course, closed.

Another portion of heresy — a description of the design features of "winged jackal." It remains only to plant his hands. In reality it appears to be fundamentally does not make friends and "cranberry" in Rezun bloom as soon as it is taken to educate the reader regarding the design features of the Su-2 (then — BB-1):
"And, in addition, in the course of work on the project," Ivanov "an invisible but an imperative hand guided those who shied away from the general rate. On first glance, the intervention at the highest level in the work of designers — it's just the whim of a capricious master. For example, some designers put on standards experienced by two fire points — one for protecting the back of the upper hemisphere, the other — the rear bottom. Such corrected — will manage a single point, a rear lower hemisphere there is no need to defend. Some crew covered the important nodes and armor plates from all sides. Their corrected: only cover the bottom and the sides. Pavel Sukhoi own "Smith" in the first version made all-metal. Poordinarnee — said a stern voice. Poordinarnee. Wings let them stay metal, and the body can make plywood. piled rate : nothing. Suppose that falls. "

Here everything — not true.
1. Middle BB-1 bomber walked into a series with 2 defensive rifle dots: top turret Mozharovsky — Venevidova MV-5 and the lower hatch installing LU. Where did the assertion that one's "peremptory hand" has removed the DR? And that's coming from. A report by the Air Force Institute gosispytany 2nd most experienced standard BB-1 (product NE-2) states that "hatches setup gives aimed fire at a small angle sector shelling from -11 to -65 degrees, which ensures its use only for shooting terrestrial targets as enemy air attack likely here, in exceptional cases, and less effective. The presented hatches installation does not provide protection from the rear hemisphere in the sector of angles close to the axis of the aircraft, which is more effective long fire of the enemy, who stood up to the tail of the aircraft to level flight or cornering. "

So Makar, hatches installing brand LU own destiny is not adequate and, in fact, is a common ballast. In September 1940 (standard creation BB-1 was well under way) LU, did so, eliminated. But not fundamentally eliminated the lower the firing point, but it just failed model. Instead LU Mozharovsky and Venevidov developed lower setting MB-2, one hundred percent overlaps the rear lower hemisphere. But here the military visited new insight. It was decided to remove the installation, and the hatch — quit to facilitate the co-driver leaving the emergency vehicle. Yes, comrades, the military — the best of intentions — matted huge fool, but here the "invisible hand harsh"? Drilling mistake of those that commit, committing, and will make people of all nations. Do not mistake the only one who does not do anything. Since the beginning of the war was the inaccuracy of the trivial solutions, and factory teams immediately returned MB-2 with borrowed from the parts kits.

There is such aspect. In the photo the external appearance of the installation — that the LU that the MB-2 — is not addressed. In the stowed position, it retracts into the fuselage and wings flap lockable flush. But with the danger of attack fighters pushed it into the stream, but taking pictures of Su-2 with extended machine gun, a minute before the attack, "Messerschmitt", it was usually no one … for some reason.
2. About Armor. You can even shoveled a ton of literature on WWII aircraft, but the aircraft had armor "over the side" in nature there were only three: Russian IL-2 and IL-10, and the German Hs.129. All other armor "from the boards' or absent altogether, or to hang in a separate small plates designed to cover one or the other fundamental unit: for example, a slug container. Either the left hand pilot. In addition, overgrown with such tiles aircraft of all warring parties began only in 1940, after the pilots personally verified the murderous action and rapid-fire machine guns in particular aviapushek. At the September 1939 high than possessed aircraft of all the warring states — is back armor pilot, and from time to time — wheel broneshpangout and a couple broneplitok at the gunners. Not enough — many cars do not have
, and that! So, for example, completely "naked" went into battle, "Spitfire", "Hurricane," P-40 "Tomahawk".

The British pilot and aviation historian Michael Speke in his book "Aces allies" (Minsk, "Rusich", 2001), resulting in amazement knows the case when the company's engineers, "Hawker" opt-book "Hurricane", questioning the very possibility (!) Such alterations . The commander of the 1st Squadron RAF, flew on the "Hurricanes" skuadron Hallahenu-leader, had to adapt to the makeshift cabin back armor with their own fighter bomber "Battle" to drive the car on the factory airfield of "Hawker" and show it there the bosses. Only after such a nice demonstration of the engineers admitted that they were wrong and corrected the situation.

If no reservation or a deficit is a sign of the country's anger, the British in this respect — the undisputed favorites. German fighter pilots for the first battle with the British in one voice surprised how easy it light up their opponents. Nothing unusual — massacre took over Wilhelmshaven and Sedanskaya massacre, that the British began to equip their aircraft fuel tanks and protectors of the neutral gas filling system. On the contrary: in the passive protection systems Luftwaffe aircraft was given before the war, perhaps the most attention. In terms Rezun logic, we come to the conclusion that Britain is plotting "a treacherous attack on German airfields dormant" and following flights "in the clear sky"! And that's just the flowers "unbridled anger of English!" Below agree to submit the "berries".

As for the Su-2, it is nothing in this respect no different from the others their peers, both Russian and zabugornyh. This driver — back armor, the navigator — nothing. Neither below nor from the boards. This shortcoming Russian production workers, like their zabugornom staff had to quickly fix already in the process of fighting. But treads and inert gas system, the Su-2 were at the beginning — in contrast to the same British.

3. Eventually, plywood and speed. There is, strictly speaking, there is no connection at all. The famous British multi-purpose aircraft "Mosquito" was one hundred percent wood that along that side to side, but it did not prevent him from becoming an absolute favorite in its class in speed, climb and ceiling of the flight. Not aggravated by switching to a composite structure and flight data BB-1/Su-2:
a. Metal BB-1 (W-2):

maximum speed at sea level — 360 km / h
However, at the boundary altitude of 4700 m — 403 km / h
Time to climb to 5,000 m — 16.6 m
service ceiling — 7440 m
b. Composite BB-1 (serial)
maximum speed at sea level — 375 km / h
However, on the border altitude of 5200 m — 468 km / h
Time to climb to 5,000 m — 11.8 m
service ceiling — 8800 m

Ouch! Again provralis comrades from the MI6. The fact is that in-1's, provided the experience and the highest level of the tree at Russian plants provide a very clean surface and the higher the weight the culture of wood structures. And in-2, once the transition to the composite 820-horsepower engine M-62 (Russian Wright "Cyclone") was replaced by the 950-strong M-87 (Russian Gnome-Rhone "Mistral-Major"). And with duralumin in our country at that time was hard. And with the start of the war was just awful. So the translation of BB-1 on the composite was fully justified, much less that did not result in a lowering of the flying characteristics.

This concludes the analysis in Chapter 6, along the way seeing for themselves that for all its 9 pages Rezun not cite a single relevant to the subject of citations or references, in other words, no impartial confirmation of their own long-winded arguments. Scamper to Chapter 11 — "Winged Genghis Khan." Is not that a creator (or creators) will be more informative?
Oh, yes! As many as 10 citations, not including an epigraph. Again, almost all — not the topic. Rezun writes that Lieutenant General Pushkin, Air Marshal Pstygo, Major Lachine, Colonel Strel'chenko — praised Su-2, its flight characteristics and a higher vitality. Well, what of it? Where is the evidence of training brutal war? If the aircraft is not bad — that he, automatically falls into the category of "winged dragons"? But in both chapters Rezun of bending over backwards to justify that a sign of undeniable anger Su-2 are just the same its non-individual properties! Comrade contradicts himself to himself, but that it does not seem to care. The main thing — a little more sense!

Field Marshal A.Kesselring: "Horrible mental effects" Stalin's organs "is extremely nasty as memory for at least some German fighter, the former on the Eastern Front." And where is the fury of Stalin, his air force, and in fact the Su-2? Teuton says about the power of Russian rocket artillery less.
Colonel Sivkov: "By the end of December 1940 ended with the formation of the 210th regiment of short-range … civilian pilots came from the Navy." What a nightmare! The whole regiment! Country fabricate an attack on enemy airfields peacefully sleeping, not more! To work on the Su-13 2 prepared legkobombardirovochnyh regiments. At the same time, SNK "The Air Force Red Army" № 2265-977ss on November 5, 1940, thirteen divisions deployed long-range bombers! And they were equipped to a large extent by the choice of frames CAF and the elite of the elites — Aviation NSR. What names, what kind of person! Vodopianov and Kamanin, Cherevichny, accurate, Mazuruk!
Stop! Wait a minute! According to the logic Rezun legkobombardirovochnaya aviation — is a tool of brutal war, the long-range — a tool holy defense. Trick question: what is more — 13 regiments or 13 divisions? Division — roughly — the three regiments, taking Rezun logic, we have comrade Stalin was preparing for the holy war of defense three times more energetic than a brutal offensive. It is a weird aggressor. Non-offensive …

Go ahead. "Reddish Star" from 15.12.92 Tipo (most citations Rezun does not) writes that in 1942 the pilots' … with rifles in their hands tyschami threw Stalingrad to strengthen infantry. " Say, fliers dropouts baked like pancakes, specifically for the Su-2 (from which it should be?), Of which planned to set up as many as 100 — 150 thousand, but … from the issue of the Su-2 was rejected and dropouts were thrown into the trenches — these are not sorry.

Here we come to the very tightly to a large and savory topic — production plans for the production of the Su-2. But first — about pilots of "dropout." So now, no one in the trenches of the pilots did not drive. In the critical autumn 1942 at the front of the cadets were several schools caught up in the German band coming. These were the guys, the last 2 or 3 months training, maximum — course of primary flight training. How, for example, the future pokryshkinsky pupil, Hero of Russian Union Suhov. But the pilots to keep, were evacuated to the Caucasus, the Volga, the Urals. Examples — DGSS Skomorokhov, DGSS Yevstigneev, yes Kozhedub the same in the end.

We look at the quote below. L. Kuzmin "General Designer Pavel Sukhoi": "Stalin defined as puzzle: the plane has to be very common in manufacturing, so you can make as many copies of it, how much we have in the country of people with the last name Smith". Location Madame Kuzmin took this phrase? And God knows. Stalin had sworn scribe to fix each word was not available. But after his death, suddenly suddenly found a great number of them, who absented him about all sorts of nonsense, which he said he could not, in principle, that there is no and can not be trusted to no one, allegedly, fleeting abandoned "Stalinist" phrase is not d
ocumented . Therefore a phrase about "Ivanov" on the conscience of Madame Kuzmina and a look at the "simplicity" BB-1.

Simplicity or other device that is expressed initially in its cost. Rezun at every turn obsessively repeats: Su-2 was normal. Very ordinary! And a cheap, as the dural spoon! Tinkering it could anywhere and by anyone, not just students in class work. Read Hazanova — Gordyukova and once again surprised: a single-engine composite bomber Su-2 production plant number 135 was worth 430 thousand rubles, and factory production number 207 — 700 thousand. Nothing for himself "simple!" But a twin-engine, all-metal bomber SB plant number 22 only cost only 265 rubles, a twin-engine composite BB-22 plant number 1 — 400 thousand rubles. And where there is excellent ease? And phenomenal cheapness? It is clear that, as it reduces the cost of improving production, but even with that in mind it is clear that about any extraordinary simplicity and cheapness of speech is not. Again sovramshi Mr. Rezun.

There's also "on the aircraft factories, which are prepared to produce the Su-2 workers deliver draft boards as a fighter on the front …"
Very much! That's just not confirmed this statement really does. That is the practice of reservation of trained workers from the defense industry recruitment — yes, it was. But she touched the whole "defense" and no specific criteria for the production of the Su-2, and in general for the NCAP was not. And yet — that's such a nice detail: for three-way talks in Moscow in 1939 concerning the creation of the Anglo-Franco-Soviet anti-Hitler bloc head of the French delegation, General Doumenc Russian representative said Marshal Voroshilov that every worker has the French defense industry mobilization card, similar to military service mobpredpisaniyam and the outbreak of war should come to the company, this card indicated. Ie, following the "Suvorov" logic, France — notorious, the undisputed aggressor.

In fact casket, as usual, simply opens. Preparation for war is at least some translation industry on a war footing. And the principal, we are waiting for an attack either by themselves poised poruha — if we want to overcome, we must make the mobilization of the industry.
Speculation in Chapter 11 is full. According Rezun goes as bombs and rockets and machine guns at ShKAS Russian Air Force was in abundance only because their creation was aimed at providing early release Straseni hordes of 100000 — 150000 "Ivanov" …
Let's take a look.

1. ShKAS machine gun designed and Shpitalnaya Komaritskii in 1932, went into a series in 1934, when about Su-2 also did not exist. They are all fully armed Russian Aircraft: I-15, I-16, I-153, TB-3, DB-3, SB, DI-6, P-5, P-5SSS, R-Z, P-9, P -10 … In 1940, the total unfolding creation Lavochkin fighters, Yakovlev and Mikoyan, any of whom was armed, not counting the rest of the guns, also with 2 ShKAS and the bomber Pe-2 (four ShKAS). As can be seen, TOZ was aimed at the production of large quantities of guns ShKAS. But with the beginning of the war quickly identify missing rifle-caliber machine guns effectiveness as an instrument of "air — air" and the "weight" ShKAS arms in the air began to fall rapidly. By the middle of the war, he was replaced almost everywhere mnogokalibernym UB. So there is nothing unusual in the fact that the TOZ completely lacked capacity to provide dramatically reduce the "demand" for ShKAS.

2. Rockets. In 1-x, y Rezun lame chronology. The handbook V.Shunkova "Cannon Red Army" indicated that the missile RS-82 into service in 1935 again — before the BB-1 was issued at least the design task! And, in-2, RS-82 will initially be considered as an instrument of class "air — air" and had a fragmentation warhead with a remote detonator act for firing at ground targets is of little use, as it turned out in 1939, Halkin-Gol.
And, after all, the most important thing. Start-up beams and pipes (RO-82 — rocket gun, cal. 82mm) provides as standard weapons of Russian fighters, attack and even bombers Sat This also explains the "rocket abundance" in the Red Army Air Force. Especially since the "yaki" Security and missile weapon almost never used.

But for the Sou-2 set of missile weapon was never intended! That's specifically for him — was not provided, period! The first time a car in order of experience have equipped 10 posts for RS-132 only in September 1941, three months after the start of the war. It was only in mid-October began production of the Su-2 with fastening elements for launching girders, with regular legs equipped with only one fourth. Comrade Rezun sovramshi you again.

3. What about the bombs — the same story. The use of bombs provided for all Russian aircraft from the smallest and an old — I-15. By the mid-30s range of Russian bombs was, on the whole, worked out, issue — streamlined, the bomb tyschami went to Spain and tens of thousands — in China … In this case there Su-2? And this lurking deep and transcendent art Thou …
A Rezun continuing inspiration to invent stories.

There are quite a indication that Russian industry was in full readiness for the mass production of "Ivanov" For example, in a defensive war fighters were needed first. Lavochkin aircraft designer to modernize fighter LaGG-W urgently need a reliable powerful engine, and in sets. No problems, the industry is ready to produce in quantities of engine M-82, which was intended for the Su-2. The industry not only prepared to release them, and has thousands of these engines in the supplies — take it and put on a plane. Lavochkin set, and left the famous and beloved fighter pilots of the La-5.

Again lively Bristol analyst and historian sum and chronology, and factology, as is the case with MS. The first copy of "Ivanov" by Sukhoi flew 25 August 1937 with M-62, in the production of the Su-2 put a M-87A, the M-87B, the M-88 …
… Meanwhile, Anatoly Shevtsov yet developed, tested and brought the engine M-82 (then — AL-82). When delineated success in developing a priority "buyer" on it led to a new twin-engine bomber "103U", also known as the Tu-2. M-82 "stood up" or, if you wish, "on the Pistons' not far away at once: the required level of reliability and immediately a margin of finished products plant managed to reach number 33 in the autumn of 1941

And here there was paradoxical, very rare situation. By impartial reason was begun production of the Tu-2 was temporarily suspended, as a result — have motors, but no planes for them (usually opposite). By this time it became clear that the only real opportunity to dramatically raise the performance characteristics of the Su-2 — increment propulsion power. Dry tried to adapt the "orphan" to own an aircraft engine — came out well. However … By 1942, the best aircraft of the battlefield has already generated with the utmost clarity, and this was, of course, IL-2. November 19, 1941 issue of GKO decree of the USSR Su-2 was stopped, and letting out his factory number 135 disbanded in order to strengthen the people and equipment factory number 30 and number 381.
So in the fate of the motor M-82 "Doe" again did not play much, or noticeable role. Again, sir Rezun suggests shadow on the fence. Well, at least a piece of the truth — for contrast. No, nothing.

Creating planes — it's not punching clay whistles or wood spoons with khokhlomskiye cockerels. It is inconceivable without a precise plan, repeatedly reflected in hundredths of documents. What is it all the same number of weird obsessive puts us under the nose of Bristol Bay aynzattskomanda? 100 000 — 150 000 aircraft! Not even wrong. Lowercase characters, like this: 50 100 thousand! Horror!

Let's start with the significant messages Rezun that "in August 1938," Ivanov &qu
ot;Dry-branded BB-1 (middle bomber first) allowed in the series converges on 2-mills."
How to read Goebbels, lying to a grand scale. Rezun with the Reich Minister of Propaganda Third Reich absolutely agrees. Because breshet uncontrollably.
In fact GKO the launch of BB-1 in the series at 2-plants did not work out in August 1938, and in March 1939. There is a difference or not? And that's not all. Resolution of the launch of the series and the start of mass production — things are markedly different.
"Then he [the Su-2 — auth.] Began to create the 3rd: Build a huge fourth plant, and, in addition, the factories that produced other aircraft types that were ready for the order to switch to the creation of" Ivanov ".

It's less than an attempt to make a "creepy eyes", telling the child about Buku, Koshchey and Baba Yaga. We look at those factories:

1. The plant number 135, Kharkov (head). Before moving to Sioux 2,135 th built solid wood F-10, no equipment, no experience with the metal had not. This aircraft factory, but it is second-rate facility.

2. Factory "Sarkombayn", Saratov. Title says it all. This is a factory of agricultural machinery, in anticipation of the war passed NCAP (later — the plant number 292).
Then, in the People's Commissariat of "retook card" — translated "Sarkombayn" on the issue of Yak-1, is really normal to indecency with a run and yesterday's special on threshing and winnowing machine. Instead Sukhoi identified …

3. The plant number 207, Dolgoprudnyi. It's also not aircraft factory. He was called "Dirizhablestroy" and built accordingly, airships. This, of course, not mowing, and not far planes. And finally,

4. The plant number 31, Taganrog. This is — did so, the aircraft factory, but in-1's, again, not too far presenter, and in-2, it is usually the "sea" plant. He worked for the Navy and immediately released MBR-2, MDR-6, GTS and CDF-1, not including spare parts for the P-and R-5SSS Zet. And here it — do not return, and in addition — navyuchivayut BB-1/Su-2. It was enough to climb the wall of the director is not …

Curiously, why not put Commissar Shakhurin execution "of the main Stalinist order of all time" by one (or two, or all four) from 4 leading Russian aircraft factories — № № 1, 18, 21 and 22? In 1940, they gave 78% of all products NCAP. At least some of them could not provide alone solving production problems on the Su-2. If you take the point of view of the paramount Rezun applets Su-2, the attitude control NCAP to implement it at least looks weird, if not sabotage. And if we remember "general democratic" views on the a priori bloodthirsty Stalin, the head of directors and officers NCAP should fly just drizzle, and the head Shakhurin — the very first one. But this is not observed. Some people, did so, they took off. And some people and sat. But not Shakhurin! And on the 135-m and 207-m and 31-m plants also are not spinning arms to anyone in jail and not dragged.

Moreover, it is very interesting, but what does it all the same for the "huge fourth plant," who "built"? I know of two such: in Kazan and in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The first was intended initially for TB-7, later — under the SS-84 and PE-2. Second — under DB-3/Il-4. Su-2 in their production plans did not appear ever. Again we Rezun "Brokeback sculpts"?

And really, what were the plans for the production of the Su-2? In 1939, the Sukhoi aircraft was not built nor 1st, 1940 in order NCAP number 56 of 15/02/40 were instructed to release for the first half of 135 cars, in the middle of the year was revised Aircraft applets on the results of the experience of fighting on the Western Front — and 31 minutes at the Sukhoi plant was taken and refocused it on the LaGG-3. As a result, total production of the Su-2 for 1940 amounted to 125 cars. December 9, 1940 at the joint meeting of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and the CPC adopted a programm production of combat aircraft to 1941, which provided for release of 6070 bombers of their only 1150 — Su-2. Hmmm. Not much: 18.9% — even before the 5th of each falls short … And it's — in 1941! "Comrade Stalin readied poruha" … Almost 728 released, well, yes it is not essential. In principle, that no "hundreds of thousands" or even "tens of thousands" of Su-2 in the government's plans and does not smell.

We litsezreem that no "sverhprioritetnoy", "overarching" applets production of Su-2 was not. He was one of many, no more and no less. So it should be: the equilibrium in the Air Force have their own part of a variety of planes, some need more, others — less, but this does not mean that some of them — are more important than others.
And it is that with the passage of time changed the terms of the armed struggle and some concepts, yesterday workable, now coming into circulation. Particularly so, in general, and came to the Su-2.

2. Su-2: how? For what? Why?

To understand how and why that came to light or other structure, it may be helpful to trace its genesis. Finding your way, so to speak, and that it was "before"? In this case — to find out, and if they had the Su-2 in the Russian Air Force predecessor, conceptually and ideologically close to it a plane?

Obviously, he was! And find it is not necessary. This is — a family R-5/R-5SSS/R-Zet. Their pinned exactly the same features that have been forwarded to the Su-2, just on a technical level, these requirements have been implemented at the level of the previous generation aviation biplane box, with the dominance of composite wood and percale, fixed landing gear, open (at P-Zet — semi-closed ) cab, 3 to 6 ShKAS, bombs up to 500 kg, the crew — 2 people. Learn? Naturally. Built there were many — 4914 F-5, F-620 and 1031 5SSS P-Zet. But! The first flight of the P-5 already took place in 1928, turns out, there's more dangerous when Stalin planned blitzkrieg against sleeping peacefully in Germany! Here's a villain!

But the fact that Germany did not have any general aviation, or even how many noticeable plain, and there was another leader, Comrade Stalin, and was "sekretarishka" Koba, just for the surprise of all, thrown off with sky-high arch enemy of the Russian people, the maniac-eating Trotsky. And was coming to Stalin still very not a short path to the levers of state power. And while he and the party-that did not have a necessary measure …

In Spain, the P-5 and P-Z, acting as light bombers, attack aircraft, not just applied Franco crushing blows. But by the end of the campaign, it became clear that the age of these cars ended.
Specifically, the replacement of these machines and was intended "Smith" — BB-1 — SU-2. That's all!
And we will try to look more deeply into the fog of the past. A "to F-5"? A whole series: P-4, P-3, P-1 — all the same. In turn, the P-1 — Russian cue from the British De Havilland DH.9, famous aircraft end of the First World War, the shock, the scout, proofreader and even — as needed — languid fighter. After the war he became the prototype for ever to follow in almost all countries of the world, not only in the Soviet Union.
Secondly, it is about how deeply seeped deep into the time of infectious idea "winged jackal!" And that's not all.

The ancestor of this class is, again, British aircraft, reconnaissance bomber AVROE504K, single-engine biplane double the traditional scheme puller. All other schemes — gondola, with a pusher propeller, etc. — over time they cut off and were eliminated as non-viable, and 504K, joining the war on August 1, 1914 g, lived for a long time afterwards.
What comes out? As early as 1913 (the year of the creation of 504K), the British conceived a brutal war planning tricky, vile, treacherous collapse in one beautiful morning of t
he resurrection on someone's dormant airports, putting into practice the obsession of the Imperial General Staff: the concept of blitzkrieg in the "clear sky" …

Absurd? Uh-huh. Only it's not my nonsense, as the logic — not mine. This is the logic of Bristol magician, creator of "virtual past", which, as is typical whenever becomes insurmountable contradiction with the facts.
Planes actually similar 504K, bred in all the belligerent and non-belligerent countries like cockroaches. British RAF Be.2 and De Havilland, French Potez and Breguet, the German "Albatross" and "Halberstadt" different brands — they all look alike, like twins, and outside, and its performance data. They all — traditional, single-engine, twin-reconnaissance bombers. This is how to realize? In the midst of the global meat grinder British, French, Germans, Austrians plan to treacherous attacks "on airfields asleep"?? Curiously, at whose? May, in Paraguay?
Apparently not. Just at that moment, on the technical and tactical level, the concept is the best way to fulfill the requirements for reconnaissance and attack aircraft. There was nothing so far the best.
Here, there is still one very fundamental aspect, which defined a long-term military commitment to the scheme of a single-engine reconnaissance bomber. It is a question of his fighting strength, defense capability.

Technically WWI flight data scout-bomber and single fighter did not differ fundamentally. The prerequisite was that the difference in the power plant. Slender design of the fighter for a long time did not allow him to place a powerful engine, what was at the time only inline engine is liquid cooled. The star rotative engines air cooling, which had the smallest mass, and have the least capacity, as well as a number of other shortcomings. So, for example, these engines are not regulated … turnovers. Or engine is running at full throttle, or — spun dry. Nothing more, nothing less. Specifically, these engines and is equipped with the vast majority of fighters.
And in the end it turned out that double-reconnaissance bombers, despite the huge in comparison with fighters weight and dimensions, thanks to a stronger power plant, is not inferior to the fighters in the flight data, to be in combat, "sitting duck." They all had one or two machine guns firing forwards "in the fighter" and, naturally, the tail turret. So in maneuvering combat reconnaissance bomber is even able to stand up for themselves. This moment to remember …
And now … let's go back up on the timeline, but — at zabugornom Air Force.

And litsezreem what was expected: in the interwar period, like all the air power machine built weaves and tyschami. It is clear that the aerodynamics and aviation technology does not stand still, and kind of scout-bomber equally varied. Pine slats gave way to iron tubes and profiles, percale evenly replaced veneer, veneer — metallic panels, biplane reincarnated in first-braced parasol monoplane, later — a cantilever low, but conceptually not fully changed nothing.
So, in Rezun, Hitler is a single-engine bomber Junkers Ju.87, as it should, Germany — undeniable aggressor. At Divine Hirohito is a single-engine bomber Nakdazima B5N "Kate", as follows, Japan — undeniable aggressor. Accordingly, the time Stalin had a single-engine bomber Su-2, means ..?
To be fair to see that there is such a bomber and an inveterate aggressor Mussolini. This is absurd Va.64 — did so, a copy of the Su-2. Well, all natural: Italy — is a solid rage. Do not feed bread — give in a moment, sleeping on airfields … However, the Italians for some reason this never own star turn and did not …

But that's before us peace, long-suffering Poland, the main victim of the war. In our time, it became commonplace to depict bourgeois Poland in the form of a suffering of innocent victims, torn claws ruthless predators of Hitler and Stalin. Write about Poland on the other, both with compassionate sob considered "politically incorrect." And, meanwhile, in 1938 yasnovelmozhnye lords took the most pro-active role in the seizure of Czechoslovakia. No need to blame everything on poor Hitler Czechoslovakia separated Hitler and Horthy — proud nobleman Rydz-Rydz, at the time — Polish Teran is no better than Adolf. Rather strong piece cut off.

But this is the way. And in the case have followed: at the base in September 1939 the Polish army aviation light single-engine bombers were PZL P-23 "Carp". This — the brother of Su-2, the only "senior". He still had not cleaned "sandals" and the cabin — semi-closed. In other — one to one. Properties naturally worse — because of age. Released a solid, according to the Polish standards, a series of — 350 copies. Hunt this to anyone or not, but we'll have to, thinking, "Suvorov" categories, write in Poland inveterate aggressor. Now everything is clear — Hitler barely had time to pre-empt the irresistible cast of nobles to Berlin!

Enjoying a peaceful patriarchal Britain. The base front-line bombers of the Royal Air Force in 1939 amounted to illumine light single-engine bombers Fairey "Battle". It is generally identical twin SU-2, cantilever low with an enclosed cockpit and retractable landing gear, only worse. Here's his short performance characteristics:

Empty weight — 3015 kg,
maximum takeoff weight — 4895 kg,
The highest speed at an altitude of 3960 m — 388 km / h,
Time to climb to 1,525 m — 4.1 m,
Service ceiling — 7165 m,
Armament: one 7.71-mm machine gun — forward, one 7.71-mm machine gun — up-to-back,
Bomb load — up to 454 kg.
The highest speed — 388km / h
According to Suvorov's logic, worse than the plane, so it is more aggressive, meaning "Battle" markedly more aggressive than the Su-2. It is interesting how many of them have set up? A lot! 1818 only combat, not counting the training .. But that's not all. By the same class the other day the war belonged to the British Vickers "Wellesley" (released 176 copies) and Westland "Laysender" (1550 copies). Comparable to the 893 Su-2. Throw in a 528 F-10. Hmm, yes, the king is theirs, together with Sir Neville Chamberlain is 2.5 times more aggressive than Stalin! Actually, and "Wellesley" with "Laysenderom" — this is not everything, but on the other English "relatives" Su-2 — a bit lower. While both of these pretty.
But maybe, in the quaint peaceful France the situation is different? in any way. On one side, even in May 1940 in the Armee d'la Air was still under a huge amount of old times of the previous generation of devices — Breguet Br.27, Muro 113/115/117, Potet 25, Potet 29, biplanes and parasols with fixed landing gear. On the other hand, basal planes of interaction with the ground troops were machine Potet 63.11 (released 925 copies) and Breguet 69 (382 copies). This — twin-engine aircraft, but that's where the difference from the Su-2 and the rest of the brethren and legkobombardirovochnoy completed. Here, for example, the performance characteristics of the most massive machines — Potet 63.11:
Empty weight — 3135 kg,
maximum takeoff weight — 4530 kg,
maximum speed — 421 km / h
Time to climb to 3,000 meters — 6 min
Practical ceiling — 8500 m
armament — 1 — 4 7.5-mm machine gun — motionless forward, one 7.5-mm machine gun — up-to-back, yet one — down-to-back;
bomb load — up to 300 kg.

Oh, and how is it different from the Su-2? Yes, nothing. Moreover, it is noticeably worse. Small Design level of the French aircraft industry is not allowed to implement any one of the advantages of two-engine design. So Makar, can be considered as definitely proved that to illumine 1939 nice, most democratic France fabricate someone brutally zaagressirovat. Joke Is — 1207 n
ewest "winged dragons", not counting the junk! Specifically, these revealing the intentions of France, Hitler, and was obliged to launch a preemptive strike. We stress — caused suffering soul! With a heavy heart! Through the "can not"! There just was not his choice …

And that after all there, the ocean, the country popcorn and Charlie Chaplin? Oh, this is something like attack and no one else. Canada and the way in his mouth looks, even though British dominion, and read about Mexico indecent.
But white teeth smiling Yankee accelerated pace to forge a dagger and a treacherous surprise attack on the sleeping airfields … but they will have to go somewhere for the first to cross the sea, but it does not bother them. Hammer so that where there brutally brutal Albion and handicraft-alone


Curtiss-Wright CW-22 — 441 copies;
Northrop A-17 — 436 copies;
Vought SB-2U "Vindikeytor" — 258 copies;
Vultee A-35 "Vendzhens" — 1528 copies;
Douglas A-24 "Banshee" — 989 copies.

Total production of these models is only almost 3600 cars! In short, Stalin — a rest. But in particular comic violent diatribes against Rezun looks the fact that the layout for the BB-1 served as a light bomber … South American Vultee V-11. It even got a license, but, having considered and weighed, they decided to build their own, and documentation, tooling and samples of the materials used for the development of advanced lofting shabolonnogo way to build airplanes.

Another comic touch. The first plane is now known aviation firm Saab issued for the Air Force neutral Sweden, was none other than the license as a South American Northrop A-17. For peace of Swedish Air Force released 107 copies. Not on the other, were aimed at svei 40th pounce on Norway. Thank God Hitler preempted. And then we would have to make a list of notorious aggressors and Sweden …
So, the "progressive" and "friendly" country in droves stamped "winged dragons." This nonsense makes us go back a little back and take a closer look at the seemingly unconditional and specific "jackals" — on Ju.87 and B5N "Kate." Perhaps, there is not that exactly?

Naturally! Just Rezun flock, and here we fools. His work is such that helped.
First, a comparison of the Su-2 with Ju.87 all wrong. "Ju" — dive bomber, and constructively, and tactically he is different from the Su-2. That's why he survived the Su-2 on the fronts, the Germans massed Ju.87 used until the end of 1943, and occasionally — until the end of the war, despite not losing languid "laptezhnikov." It was too bad there was an effect if they broke through to the goal. Well, FW.190F / G acted quickly enough to replace him …
And B5N "Kate," and quite a forgery by forgery. Rezun with ecstasy paints in the colors of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, rewarding "Kate" and more new strshnymi epithets. The calculation is clear: it is — the work on analogy. Pearl Harbor — a stamp, mark deceit and treachery; aggressively tacked on to it, "Keith" to "Keith" — Su-2, and are encouraging the reader to the conclusion that that's Su-2 had to create its own Pearl Harbor! But Hitler struck first. The world was saved from Stalin's tyranny … Endless Memory someone to Hitler!

Why in every European capital is not to erect a monument to Adolf Hitler?
A comparison of the Su-2 and "Keith" completely unnatural for the usual reason that "Kate" — torpedo-bomber, ie carrier-based. He had a partner, a dive-bomber Aichi D3A "Val", even outside is very similar to the "Junkers". Following the golden rule of "one size" and look at the friendly aircraft carriers of the U.S. Navy to tears. And litsezreem on their decks vtochnosti same duo torpedo-bomber Douglas TBD "Devasteytor" dive-bomber and the Douglas SBD "Dauntless".
The analogy is complete. Thus "Devasteytor" even worse "Keith." According to the logic of the mysterious Rezun than plane worse — so it is more aggressive. Ergo, the Yankees at the end of 1941 were more aggressive than the Japanese!

By the way, this scheme fits perfectly and another little-known fact. The creators of the traditional dive-bombers are not the Germans, as is commonly believed, and specifically Americans. First real dive bomber — is Curtiss F8C-4. In 1931, General Udet, being on a visit to the United States, on one of the air show was absolutely fascinated by revealing dive bombing, made "Curtiss," and on his return to Germany headed for 2-purchase of these aircraft for the research and development of its own dive-bombers. This and legs grow Ju.87.
Whichever way you turn, everywhere wedge. Learn from Rezun though burst, and we must note that the darkest aggressor in the 30s were the United States.

In any case, we'll see a third aircraft carrier power — England. And there — the same picture, but all very run. There is such a striking duo torpedo-bomber Fairey "Swordfish" and dive-bomber Blackburn "Skua". "Swordfish" is an anachronism of the 20s — a biplane with fixed landing gear and an open cockpit. But "Skua" — a copy of "Val" and "Dauntlessa", at least structurally. Fellow English lord apparently conceived to own a Pearl Harbor!

But miracles do not stop there. War goes on, more fierce battle rage. About any "treacherous attacks" without a declaration of war "on the dormant airfields" is not out of the question — everything is already at loggerheads directly to Brazil. Meanwhile, the carrier-based aircraft into service in Britain, the U.S., the Land of the Rising Sun in 1940-44, the new planes arrive: Fairies "Fulmer" Fairy "Firefly" Fairy "Barracuda", Grumman TBF "Avenger" Curtiss SB2C "Helldayver" Yokosuka D4Y "Susey" Nakajima B6N "Tenzan" Aichi B7A "Ryusey."

Again, this single-engine monoplane two triple combining the functions of reconnaissance, torpedo bombers, with commercial vehicles (compared to their contemporary fighters) flight data. Simply aircraft engines to the middle of the war markedly increased in power, respectively, and increased aircraft flight characteristics, they are filled. -What are "dormant airfields" were going to storm the British, Americans and citizens of the country of the rising sun in the middle of the Pacific War? Not on the other, Chilean.

Along the way, disavowing another fable Rezun. Torpedo-bomber B5N "Kate" does nowhere had happened to after Pearl Harbor. Together with his partner, "Val", he waged war for a long and successful. The raid in the Indian Ocean, the fight in the Coral Sea, off Santa Cruz, of Midway, protracted campaign on Guadalcanal and Contemporary Guinea — they decorate his track list. Yes, in 1943 he apparently did not meet the requirements of the war. But this is not a personal failure of "Keith" — a complete and vseobyatny collapse of Japan's armed forces. Why "Kate" to be the best?

Of course, this is all heresy. Mediocrity marine drum machines — compulsory. Just deck strike aircraft 30s — 40s by any other to be on a physical level but could not. Dimensions of ship hangar and flight decks imposed severe restrictions on its weight and dimensions. The designer would be as happy as a clam at high tide and give the Mariners high, well armed and armored aircraft, but the power of a single motor is not enough. Land designers reasonable and just ran over to the two-engine design, and sea to allow himself could not: in hangars dvuhmotornikov aircraft carriers would be included too little, that did not suit the military: they have their tacti
cal calculations. I had to do a marine designers and naval aviators — to take what comes. And it turned out that a single-engine plane carrying a 2-3 pilots, 450 — 900 kg bombs, 3 -, 5 machine guns, aircraft carrier takeoff and landing equipment, the mechanism of the folding wings, strengthened landing gear for hard landings, suitable for carrier-based aircraft, radio navigation devices (without their the sea is not a lot of incident), a lifeboat — willy-nilly is of overweight and means to shine LTH is unlikely to be. And this situation has changed only with the transition to jet thrust.

It is interesting that the Japanese army aviation possessed — and in large numbers! — Its light reconnaissance bomber, the Su-2 analogues: Mitsubishi Ki-30, Kawasaki Ki-32, Tachikawa Ki-36 Mitsubishi Ki-51, Tachikawa Ki-55. Curiously, why Rezun them something in the line is not stuck? A painfully simple. Japanese military "winged dragons" waged war on the "forgotten wars" — in China, Malaya, Burma. Who now remembers the bloody campaign of many years in China? Who remembers about fighting on the Irrawaddy River and the Arakan Range? Yes, no. Does not have a catchy kind of propaganda, such as Pearl Harbor, the clear and the doctor and the locksmith, auto mechanics. There is nothing to bind the military "jackals" to wade! And if there is no — there is nothing to push.

I repeat: the trilogy "Icebreaker" — "day M" — "The Last Republic" — a classic PR-technologies. Tutorial if you wish.
But now is the time to return to the quoted phrase Rezun V.B.Shavrova that "… Although from the Su-2 was taken everything possible and its creators have nothing to reproach, the aircraft met the requirements only really emerged before the war." Again, compare the fate of Su-2 and its analogues zabugornyh.
In September 1939, Germany meanly and treacherously attacked Poland. However, the catch Polish planes on the ground failed, but not a failure, "Messerschmitt" which shot the "carp" in the air like sitting ducks.
In May 1940, Germany had not basely and treacherously (Great Britain and France declared war on her own), and just have a good stormed the West. Sedan and crossings over the Meuse broke out a lot of air battle, during which the "Messerschmitt" smash the British squadron, armed with "Battle" in down and remains. After this massacre, "Battle" forever left the first line. The survivors were transferred to the machine Training Command RAF.

The same fate has understood the French light bombers who tried to air strikes to delay the German advance Mekhkolonna. "Messerschmitt" do with them whatever they wished.
In September of the same year began the prince's "Battle of Britain". And here is British fighters with interest the Germans returned the favor for the Meuse and the Automobile: beating Ju.87 assumed such proportions that Goering gave an order prohibiting their use over England — albeit accompanied by fighters, though without.
But in the Far East and the Pacific Theater situation was different. There's light bombers used extensively allies from the first to the last days of the war. In 1-x, since the size of the field sites, Huge hard won from the jungle and cliffs, far were not always enough to land on their "real" bomber like the B-25 "Mitchell", and in-2, as the Japanese Air Force never close and did not provide the allies of the resistance offered by the Luftwaffe in Europe and Africa. By the end of 1942 Allied air supremacy was undisputed. Fly though on a broomstick. They were flying — by "vendzhensah", "Banshee", "Boomerang" and even "Harvard."

The collapse of the Su-2, "Battle", Potet 63, "Carp" — is an outdated concept crash, which happened in unacceptable for her criteria. Let us recall that in the criteria of WWI, when the gap in the flight data between a light bomber and fighter was relatively small, completely bomber could fend for themselves. But since then, conditions have changed. Single-seat fighter late 30's already so superior light bomber that the latter simply had no chance on the battlefield. Because the sunset of his conception was a foregone conclusion. And no where do someone's anger or love of peace, real or contrived. The military held on to all of the proven practice of PMA and seemingly robust concept of a single-engine light multipurpose aircraft to the time that a collision with reality as not to scatter her like a house of cards. Irrespective of whose insignia was carrying one or the other "winged jackal."

Need to pay tribute to the emperor of Bristol. He showed remarkable ingenuity and enviable skill verbal gymnastics grimiruyas conscientious flying fighter Su-2 under the treacherous bandit attack on a sleeping lover on Sunday in the morning. Well, well — so he is now brand new and interesting work. For this he receives the funds. But if we want a good build their future, if we wish to maintain self-esteem, we must correctly understand their own past. Including — to deal with the "sensatsionyymi" discoveries, revelations of any "Suvorov" Bunichev and Sokolov. But for all that everyone — everyone, without exception! — Once it turns out that all the "open-revelations" are simply impenetrable jumble of heresy.

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