Mystery of the mummy Xin Chzhuy


China, elevation Navanduy in Hunan Province. Here in 1992, the Chinese army conducted a large-scale military exercises. In one of the hills of sappers dug a tunnel and suddenly stumbled upon a mysterious construction.

At a depth of 12 timetrovoy the tomb of an inverted pyramid. It found 4 sarcophagus, neatly nested into each other.

One of them was lying wrapped in a silk mummy of a woman. Her body was like nothing on the ancient Egyptian or the Peruvian mummy. It was inhibited completely unusual way. The mummy was swimming in 80 liters of yellowish fluid. 5 minutes after the discovery of a mysterious tomb that substance literally vanished from her was gone.

Opening the mysterious mummies yielded some surprising results — the body weighed 35 kg., Joints retained mobility and elasticity of the muscles are not lost, even the skin retained its natural shade.

Historian managed to establish the identity of a woman. It was the Blue Chzhuy — a representative of the ancient Thai nationality. She died in 168 BC at the age of 50 years. But why she was buried in such a peculiar way?




Not a single mummy on earth was buried in this way. In the sarcophagus Xin Chzhuy found dozens of books on medicine. They were described in great detail the most difficult operations to increase brain transplants and heart bypass. In ancient China knew about the medicine of the future. Where from?


In the sarcophagus of archaeologists made another unusual finding. On a piece of silk, measuring about one meter on the map was drawn. On it — the territory of the three Chinese provinces in the scale of 1: 180,000. Map looked as if they were derived from photographs from Earth orbit. Silk map compared with contemporary images of Chinese territory, and made NASA satellites. The incredible precision stunned U.S. scientists. A single mistake!

How to explain such a deep knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine and topography? Why this knowledge is not preserved?

It took more than 30 years. And the secrets of the mysterious sarcophagus Xin Chzhuy still not disclosed.

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