NASA admits that next to the Sun flying alien ship. Photo, video



UFO experts have removed the image from the official NASA site. Recently, the Internet has become a hit video, made up of frames transmitted to Earth solar observatory SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) April 24, 2012. Enthusiasts have spotted them a strange object hovering near our luminary. Very much he looked like a spaceship, what they customarily represented in science fiction films (see "Next to the Sun again seen an alien spacecraft")

NASA sensational footage had no immediate comment. The expert is approached by the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", suggested that the most likely "ship" has arisen as a result of a temporary injury to the matrix digital camera. Several pixels Else Fails and woven image of a UFO.



Now it turns out that the same UFO — only from the other side — spotted another device that monitors the Sun. "Ship" is visible on the frames transmitted from the board of Solar Observatory NASA SDO (Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory) May 3, 2012. It is evident, from 13 hours 19 minutes 41 seconds UTC. More precisely — was evident. Now the image of the UFO disappeared.

Subject in the lens Solar Observatory SDO May 3, 2012

The object shot SDO, larger

The blogger, who plays under the nickname rob19791, posted on YouTube UFO footage from 5 May 2012 by copying them from the official site where NASA and the European Space Agency presents the audience with the processes occurring on the Sun. And publishes images of light that is transmitted to Earth Solar Observatory SDO (NASA), SOHO (ESA / NASA), STEREO (NASA).

To view the image, it is necessary in the window (upper left corner of the screen) to type the date (for example, 2012/05/03) and time (for example, 13:19:41). Emerging colorful pictures luminaries, by the way, can be updated by setting the time step.

So: on May 5, as evidenced by rob19791, UFOs on the frame was. And after the movie with him appeared on YouTube, UFO with images posted on this site helioviewer, disappeared.

The object shot SOHO observatory in April 2012.

Blogger sure that NASA has removed the object from sin, not to explain the nature of his defects imaging, which now can hardly believe it. Like, can not share the same defects as it seems to spoil the shots taken by two different vehicles. So, the Sun is really someone flies. And who other than the aliens? They …

Conclusion: NASA is so serious about UFOs, hit the shot, they prefer to keep quiet about it.

Vladimir Lagowski

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