Nature will recover after freezing rain for three years

Nature will recover, "sleet" three years

All damaged in the "freezing rain" trees in Moscow recover within 3-4 years, leading RIA Novosti Moscow mayor promises Sergei Sobyanin. Such considerations Sobyanin shared on the radio station "Echo of Moscow". It is about 20 thousands of damaged trees in the Moscow region during weather events, bestowed on the capital at the end of last year. As a result, continuity of power lines, felled trees were left without electricity for many communities.

"This is a great foundation, and it must be restored. Every year we plan so much money to recover for 3-4 years (the trees)," — said Sobyanin.

Only now the city authorities to think carefully about exactly how to plant trees to them in the event of another natural disaster again fallen power lines. Sobyanin has already circled the capital by helicopter and he looked at the state of affairs in his custody, the city. He saw that 30 percent of Moscow's busy squares, but the mayor said that the park will have to enclose the bars.

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