Nekljaev and Romanchuk in Orsha

With Orsha voters on November 27 met just two presidential candidates. Nyaklyayeu held a meeting at the House of Culture of disabled people, which brought together about 200 people. Yaroslav Romanchuk met with voters in the hall of art school.

Arriving in Orsha, Nyaklyayeu went to the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich and laid flowers. The other day in Orsha celebrate the 80th anniversary of Karatkevich, writer and fellow countryman, and Mr. Nekljaev knew him personally. The presidential candidate also visited the museum of Vladimir Karatkevich.

Nekljaev laid flowers at the pamonika Korotkevich

The museum Karatkevich

Before the meeting, wishing handed the book by Vladimir Neklyaeva and pavetiranyya balls with the logo of the campaign "Tell the Truth." Meeting with voters Nyaklyayeu began unconventionally: did not talk about himself, and immediately entered into conversation with those who prepared the questions for him.

There were many pensioners who were asked about the attitude of Vladimir Neklyaeva to Alexander Lukashenko, and will take a candidate, if elected, the best of the experience of the current president of the country. Several questions were about returning to the wide use whiteRussian language and national symbols. According to Vladimir Neklyaeva, the best of his predecessor, President novaabarany take maybe, but with the current policy of Alexander Lukashenko does not agree: the political isolation of Russia and Europe is not good development, but as regards economic and social problems, they are subject to immediate decision, as Belarus is on the verge of collapse because of the debt for loans.

Voters meeting

Nyaklyayeu talked about the necessity of state support for young families as the basis for the privatization of the economy, that must leverage the geographical location of Belarus — "trynzytnay" of the country.

At a meeting with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu present ideological workers of local businesses, the first secretary of the city branch of Belarusian Republican Youth Union, a member of the city's territorial commission Sergei Voronov. But in a heated debate with the candidate they do not come, the questions came primarily from ordinary orshantsev, most of which have seen Neklyaeva speech on television, and now have decided to look "alive".

Finally Nyaklyayeu urged residents Orsha not go to vote early, adding, "I'm going to the presidential elections in Belarus that there was a change."

Yaroslav Romanchuk

The meeting began with Yaroslav Romanchuk just when meeting with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu just ended. Many of those who attended the first meeting, and decided to drive to the second — to meet with the other candidate for the presidency. But managed to get to the start, not all, and meeting at the Children's School of Art began when the assembly hall were only a few dozen people.

Jaroslav Ramanchuuk also talked a little bit about yourself, and almost all of his speech devoted to the review of the economic situation in the country and shared his thoughts on the necessary reforms. With microphone in hand, he walked around the room, inviting voters to dialogue.

The candidate spoke of the need to struggle with hidden unemployment and clear, and it has found a ready response of listeners: Orsha, this problem is the same Naden, like low wages in the industry.

Those present at the meeting and talked about themselves a lot of their own problems. In the hall there were young people, pensioners and middle-aged people. Remarks about in Belarus Now the good life, and the change of power is not needed, the hall was not heard.

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