Nekljaev: Economic problems rest on the political

November 26 at the First National Channel were scheduled performances presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyaeva and current head of Alexander Lukashenko. But there came forth a Nekljaev. Instead of Lukashenko's electorate had to watch the movie "Earth Belarus. Origins. "

The leader of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu began his speech by Belarusian against a poster — "For Neklyaeva." He began by saying that he wanted to talk to people like human beings. But listen to the dreams of the people, he says, the country already has one talker who speaks for days. The task of the head of state is different:

"The work session the president — not to say, listen. Listen and hear. All — of his ministers, students, pensioners, policemen. Listen and hear. Analyze heard, draw conclusions, make decisions, and on the basis of these decisions taken by Parliament solutions. "

Mr. Nekljaev said that in his life he preached three principles: honesty, common sense and respect for people.

In some detail the candidate spoke about the campaign "Tell the Truth" — about the postcards to the president, the fight for street Bykov, for their attempts to get to the All-Belarusian People's Assembly

And he commented about the Russian President's statement, which allegedly financed his campaign:

"There is nothing he does not. There are no facts. But I have the facts. All the time Alexander Lukashenko and engaged only in that begged and borrowed from Russian money … Now that Russia has finally realized that there was no reason to give the gift of money, no, she became a friend of the enemy. "

There is no sense in aggravating relations with Russia — this thesis Nyaklyayeu reinforced its playful poem:

"I was standing on the pavement, shod in skiing, or do not go skiing, or … I'm your voltanuty I did not think then that I wrote a poem about this situation, a stable situation. Stand in skiing on the pavement — this is the stability? And, with sticks by police, riot police, in which the mode and stays. "

Himself Nyaklyayeu asked the following question: "why am I so much focus on moral qualities Lukashenko?" And he answered.

"After all, all his actions are directed only to retain personal power. And these actions begin to cause economic damage and the country and the people. These actions are beginning to form a national emergency situation in Belarus.

Mr. Nekljaev said that he knew how to pull the country out of this situation. "From the president of the poet can go no worse than the state farm director" — believes the candidate, citing the example of Vaclav Havel. He promised to introduce maternity capital increase pensions, benefits and return the named three main sources of where to get the money if in a businesslike way to dispose of:

"For a long time, and can be needed We do not save the village and the village to save the country. To do this, you need to withdraw from the village collective regime. The second source of money — in the small and medium business. The third source of revenue to improve the standard of living in what is called "economic leadership", which should come to large enterprises. "

All of our many economic problems rest on the political. And all the political problems run into a problem one person:

"Therefore we will conduct a political reform so that never, even in theory, Belarus did not have a return to dictatorship … All of us, my native Belarusians will be fine. You many who promised it, and how only a crook you would not believe. So believe me for once his poet. And if you feel that I am not as supervise the country, is not doing what he promised, so no you will not get in the way to choose a new president. I have the power as it clings for Lukashenko, will not cling. "

He told me about the poet and his dreams: New year, elections were held, and it speaks to his people with the message of the New Year … And thanks Lukashenko for the fact that he did not go to the election fraud that has kept the country's independence …

On completion Nyaklyayeu invited people on December 6, the opening day of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, at its meeting at Railway Square, and on December 19 — on October Square. Concluded by presidential candidate in his poem: "I am come that they may have won!"

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