Nekljaev Lukashenko's anti-Russian rhetoric wants to deceive Europe

Today the agency BelTA published fragments of the interview, which Alexander Lukashenko gave the French newspaper Le Figaro, where among other things he said that has information about the financing of the Russian presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov.

Our reporters tried to contact the two candidates who today met with voters in different regions of Belarus.

Vladimir Neklyaeva managed to catch when he was returning from Mogilev:

"I'm not going any chest beating yourself, or stand on the square and scream that I — not a Russian agent. Anything that I'm not going to do. Suppose he says, he wants. What we have — not accustomed to that says Lukashenko? What he said — talking about it since the beginning of the company, "Tell the truth."

Well, the only thing now Lukashenko said directly — he used to did hints, without mentioning my name, and here — call me, but also Sannikov … I think he joined us because we are united and made this statement. So it — "their response to Chamberlain."

A statement is designed to strengthen the anti-Russian rhetoric, which, according to Lukashenko hopes will help him cheat Europe.

By the way, I met just out of Mogilev voters now back to the food. Here countrymen Lukashenko, his electorate, but none of this question to me today about Russian money is not asked, no such evidence has not led. Apparently, only one person has the Mogilev such a fact. "

Andrei Sannikov today met with voters at Soligorschine and his mobile was switched off. As representatives of the election headquarters Sannikov, they only heard about this information, but do not know its exact content, so the only comment on the words when Lukashenko will get acquainted with the text.

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