Nekljaev repeated the performance a week ago, Lukashenko did not come again

Today, the Belarusian radio sounded second appearance of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. According to the lot today on the radio had to undergo a second appearance as a candidate of the incumbent head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. But he is today, as last week, on the radio was not.

The basic position of the second performance Neklyaeva we are discussing with our columnist Valery Karbalevich.

SV: Why, in your opinion, Lukashenko does not use the time allotted to him as a presidential candidate on radio and television? This is part of the pre-election strategy or contempt for the other candidates, which stand next to it and does not want to? Do not forget that he was not himself handed over the documents for registration, and not the identity of the candidate received.

Karbalevich: Contempt for the other candidates — this is part of the strategy. Lukashenko wants to show that he is not involved in this game, this show, this show booth. He wants to bring to the public the idea that the election is invalid, non-serious, we all know who will be president after. Therefore, in those games he plays, he runs the country, he is engaged in business, and therefore refused to take part in this debate and all that is connected with the elections.

Were there some differences in speech Neklyaeva from his first appearance?

The problem is that Nekljaev fully repeated his performance Sunday ago. This is not the first time that the alternative candidates are doing a double. In my view, this is a mistake. Because state media have made fun of the opposition candidates, they say, they have nothing to say — before they were shouting that they are not allowed in the state media, but let him go, and they repeat the same thing.

If we talk about the content of speech Neklyaeva, then said he understood simple words, in plain English. He spoke primarily about social issues, about the shortcomings that exist in the country in the field of public health, demography, pensions, the Chernobyl consequences economy. Touched a little and the political system, which was proposed to reform, to change.

Part of the speech was devoted to relations with Russia. Nekljaev criticized Lukashenko for the conflict with Russia, talking about, that a strong alliance is necessary first of all with Russia, not with the EU, even if he promises to 3 billion euros. It seems to me that the emphasis on relations with Russia was quite important in speech.

Nekljaev spoke confidently, well kept the audience's attention, looked good speaker, spoke as a professional actor. And as always, he graduated from the poetic refrain "I am come that they may have won"

SV: Thank you, Valerie. And I would add that before the performance Neklyaeva on the radio sounded pretty big overhang of another poet — Nahum Galperovich, who spared no adjectives to raskhvalits the current situation in Belarus, its prosperity, and prosperity. Galperovich said before traveling to Riga to look at Europe, and now, if anyone wants to see Europe, we have to come to Minsk. He ended his speech Galperovich verses, and Nekljaev. And immediately after the speech sounded comment Neklyaeva official observer criticized the statements and actions of the opposition candidates.

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