Nekljaev: The farther away from Minsk, the more fear

Opposition presidential candidates are heavily visited areas of Belarus. For example, in Polotsk Nov. 29 Kastusyou visited Gregory, 30 — Nyaklyayeu, December 2 there waiting for Vitali Rymasheuski. How voters perceive the Democratic candidates?

Vladimir Neklyaeva Tuesday at the Palace of Culture Polotsk 200 voters waited in Novapolatsk — about 150. Polotsk tried to ask tough questions of the veteran members of the organization, Novapolatsk — members of the Youth Union. In the halls of Representatives of the local vertical, but does not manifest itself.

After the speech and debate Neklyaeva Polotsk residents shared their impressions of the meeting:

Man: "Always interesting, but there were moments that let in, he had more to say about the contact system, how to eliminate it."

The other man: "I'm glad I came here, ill faith, and Lukashenko's time to leave."

Woman: "I do not regret that I came to vote for him but I will not. Presidency in general I am against, I am for a parliamentary republic."

Pensioner"Nefarious meeting here a horror, now probably going to drink valerian. Because all the bad and the bad … Is it possible, he insulted Polotsk residents."

"It needs a change. My kids went here, went to Moscow to make money … And then got to 80 rubles. Second general could not get a job."

Man: "The area needs and protests are needed. Differently here does not, perhaps, all of us will have to go to the square."

Director of the famous festival "Rock-cola" Sergey Onishchenko, who attended the pre-election meeting in Neklyaeva Novapolatsk primarily expressed regret that the meeting with opposition candidates comes a few people:

"But I am pleased that people are still asking questions, trying to open up their souls, let go of the nicest waves of air. Still would like something to happen."

Valentine Bolbat was actively involved in a conversation with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, she is convinced that changes in Belarus will be:

"But we need to move by these changes. Wait on one person, who spoke publicly about these issues, it is something to move, you can not."

B. Bolbat believes that those who come to these meetings, ask questions, have done an act, it's not ruled out the persecution of them by the authorities. Valentine Bolbat itself during the presidency of Lukashenko was fired from her work as a journalist because of his political position. She explains incomplete facilities that the authorities carry out preliminary work in enterprises, urging them to go to these meetings, let their advertising in the local media.

Himself Nyaklyayeu Calls to understand the complex situation in the regions of Belarus:

"Every kilometer from Minsk — this is an additional fear, of losing their job or place of study. Because here in this hall sits administration, intelligence and sit all fixed. And everyone knows it. Mere fact that they have come in their understanding and in my also means a civil action. And I am grateful to them for that. in the regions, people are much more dependent on government than in Minsk. "

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