Nekljaev: The worst — a position that nothing will change

Presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu today visited Polotsk and Novopolotsk. Polotsk Mr. Neklyaev gave a better city hall — Palace of Culture Association "Glass".

It's about 150 people, many autographs, handed the note discussed. He played Nekljaev mainly in Belarusian. And when one voter asked if we could meet in Russian, Nekljaev said he, if elected president will not make speak Belarusian, but will be asking for Belarusians and speak Belarusian.

By candidate had personal issues, issues on social issues, asked about the investigation of the cases of the disappeared Lukashenko's opponents, the attitude towards the current head of Belarus. Many people ask about the election itself, whether free will, is it possible to defeat Lukashenko when Yarmoshina vote counts? At this very emotional Nekljaev said he expects only to win:

"This is the worst, sorry — the position that nothing will change. Twenty in the Czech Republic years in general there was an occupation, tanks stood. So what? A hundred people came to the square, and then the people came and swept away the armor, all the edifice that snake. You can not live like this … "

Man: "While Yarmoshina would take …"

Nekljaev: "It's a different matter. You should just do what you can

Once the center of power shifted, you will not even notice how it will not.

do — come and vote. Yarmoshina — it's not even Lukashenko. Found a monster — Yarmoshyna, O Lord my God! Once the center of power shifted, you will not even notice how it will not. I, too, the queen of Egypt. "

Nyaklyayeu also spoke about his yesterday's visit to Sweden. He said that he negotiated with the Swedish authorities to the EU observers at the elections in Belarus remained after December 19, not to take away the attention to Belarus. Here is what Mr. Nekljaev about his talks with the Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt:

"The Minister Foreign Affairs very interested in what's going on in Belarus. He was an initiator of our dialogue, asking about everything, made it clear that owns the information. It is said that Sweden and the European Union in constant approaches that were announced in the beginning — all relations with Lukashenko and Belarus will depend on how the elections will take place. "

At the headquarters of the Polotsk Neklyaeva

In the Palace of Culture

Near the center of the mark in Europe

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