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Letter Boerboel Ruslan Kudrin to readers:

Calendar (Latin calendarium — debt book: in ancient Rome, the debtors to pay interest on the day of the calends, the first of the month) — Wiki

Why, I expressed the meaning of the New God 'and' in so harshly? Here's why:

K'o'Lyady .. Dar and 'calendar' is not the same thing. The meaning of "Kolo" — "circle", "Sun", "light" From here went and carol-caroling, carols, winter crazy woman eventually spilling into Pancake Day — Drop off byby Winter and touting a virgin (virgin-purity) Spring.
A little over 300 years ago by Tsar Peter I issued a decree imposed on the territory of Russia foreign calendar and ordered the night of January 1, 1700 to celebrate the advent of the birth of Jesus Christ. 24/25 December (European Catholic birth of Jesus Christ), that is, the day of birth. If you count the 8 days of birth of Jesus Christ, we get 31/01 January. Today is the date of the New Year.

It is known that according to the Jewish custom, on the 8th day after the birth of the boy's parents brought him to the temple, where the rabbi performs the sacred rite of circumcision of the penis. It turns out that after the birth of the night 24/25 December to 8 days after Jesus was circumcised according to the custom. Therefore, on the night of December 31 to January 1 (24/25 8 days) is actually celebrated on circumcision of Jesus Christ.
Thus Peter I with the instructors of the German settlement, congratulating his courtiers and officials to the newly holiday in Russia, congratulated them for the coming of a new god. And in Russia at the 7208 Summer time passed from the Creation in the Star Temple (Star Shrine — imenatsiya that summer). Rosh Hashanah is celebrated always noted and always will be celebrated on the day of the autumnal equinox.
Obviously, up to the time of Peter I of Russia on writing already existed, at least, more than seven thousand years. But we hammered that writing 'invented' specially for us by two Greek monks, Cyril and Methodius, which only added to our alphabet of several Greek letters, instead of confusing them diphthongs. Consequently, Peter I just changed calendar, he hid a thousand years of our true record (but not 'history', it began writing when he was in the Romanov dynasty).

1st January to Jewish tradition held ritual circumcision Jesus Christ (on the 8th day of birth) in the 'orthodox' Christianity January 14 (New Year 'as usual'). Nothing more date on January 1, not remarkable, but what to Rusich (Brown — meant — svetlogolovy! And 'light head' does not always mean a light hair color!) Did not have any relationship. 3 centuries ago, we stole our calendar, replacing the Judeo-Christian holiday! Holiday, in which, according to custom innovations, drink alcohol and then nemerenno nemerenno committed any illegal acts in the part EvroAsii, who once called Russia! Gift of Christmas carol has been banned in Russia was Peter the Great. What happened in fact perversions Carols Dara? The number of months in the year and increased their names changed. Ancient rulers gave their names to the new month, so self perpetuating. So there were two months: July (after Julius Caesar) and August (in honor of the Emperor Augustus), and September (Latin septem — seven), October (Latin octo — eight), November (Latin novem — nine) and December (Latin decem — Ten) moved to new locations that do not match their names. The order of chronology broken.
Understand the Russian spirit and Slavs — means in the first place reverence (not worship!) Nature of the Holy Spirit, part of which is man himself. This veneration Rod ancestors and creation of family ancestral life. Slavs, according to National Anthem of Russia — the ancestors of the given wisdom of the people — the dignity of the Slavic peoples and the great heritage of Russia.
All Slavic holidays coincide with the cycle of life of Mother-Earth, and therefore are not only spiritual, but also something else — to nature, bringing to life the feeling of the earth — alive. Even if you do not celebrate these days, but just remember them — before the person will have passed adolescence, adulthood and old age, our Mother.
Thousands of years KalyadyDar serving people, helping them in time to cultivate the land, harvest, hunt and fish. Year, divided into twelve parts, which in the thickets of the ritual, and every month meet special sign. Annual wheel — Colo Svarog — carried a special meaning, which was to eternal rebirth and renewal of all life. Old Believers are still chronology of the autumnal equinox (September 22-23). In contrast to the January 1, this date is not tied to the Judeo-Christian mythology 'bogorozhdeniya', and to the real astronomical event?

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