News 13th day of the Olympics

News for all fans and lovers of the Olympics — our team won the twelfth gold medals won by Natalia Vorobieva in wrestling women. Natasha still in a tight battle won up over Bulgarian rival and won the gold! Start a fight seemed to give her a little effort.

My opponent could not even move it from the carpet. But at the end a little bit tired and Natasha, making us a little nervous for her. But in the end she did it! We did not expect success in this sport, as women's boxing. Russia recently became involved in the sport. Almost immediately, two Russian athletes in finals. Even the incomparable Karelin congratulated them such a success. In the stands was noticed and the Queen Elena Isenbaeva to observe the course of battle!

Hope Torlopova and Sophia Ochigava bit lost their rivals, but got their start in the final, where the real show its capabilities. Finally, a few days before the Olympics Russia finished fourth in the unofficial standings, ahead of South Korea. We hope that this place is firmly anchored in the world until the end of the London Games.

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