Next week in central Russia will be rainy and cool

The upcoming week in the center of the European regions of Russia will be rainy and cool — until Monday in some areas the temperature gets to 30 degrees, and the remaining days will not exceed 26 degrees, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to meteorologists, the next weekend in the Central District weather is unstable: in some places will be intermittent rain, possible thunderstorms. Afternoon air will be good to warm — from 18-23 degrees in the north district to 24-29 degrees in the south-east.

On Monday, the cyclone of the Lower Don will move to the north-west and merge with high-altitude cyclone over eastern Europe. New cyclone, which has developed as a result of this merger will be the main factor influencing the weather in central Russia during the whole of next week.

From the south-east of European Russia will come the warm air from Monday thermometers will show from 20-25 degrees to the north-west of the CFD to 26-31 degrees — in the south-east.

"On Tuesday and Wednesday daytime heating will limit the large frontal clouds and rain, so the temperature of the large spread in the territory should not be the most probable temperature of 20-25 degrees, the places where rain will be more prolonged, only 17-18 degrees," — said in a statement.

On Thursday, the cyclone will continue to provoke the rain, and in the north-western areas of the district will increase the involvement of the cooler air.

"In the rest of the week the weather amid rising atmospheric pressure will gradually be adjusted, the rains will be temporary, and will be held only in some places," — said the weather center.

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