No one expects to win?

Society After the scandal with the possible forgery of signatures for candidates, initiated Yuri Palchevskiy, it became clear that qualitatively distinguishes this special campaign: multi-year efforts of the authorities to simulate the election finally reached the apparent success — all involved in the fraud.

The election campaign, which has long been the fortress for conscription Lukashenkoand now has become such for others. On another warm place Haidukevich willingly sat down nine affectionately registered candidates. And now all the action looks like a fighter class "C", but with the Governor of California in the title role — look uninteresting finale is understandable, but you have to sit out until it wins the protagonist.

Moreover — the regime defended its title of the main employers and the general republic — all the presidential candidates in speeches on the radio and TV uttered the word "dictatorship" in a way that no lyagaped you hook, and so often turned to the personality of Alexander Lukashenko, what he didaxis is not clear for whom they are still campaigning. Eyes filled with fear and trembling voice produces a single thought — "just not me." But can it really better than the truly believes in the four decades of the economist, who as a credible candidate traits brags that he graduated from high school with honors, and studied at the Institute for round five?

In 2001, we thought it too weak to overcome the dictatorship. Analyzed the errors found guilty, prepared strategies for the future. In 2006, was a sincere belief in the possibility of victory, solidarity, hope one of them. Today, I do not know one person, who would have believed, or at least hoped, that Lukashenko did not win.

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