Nostradamus Russia promised new messiah


July 2 was exactly 466 years since the death of the famous French medieval astrologer, physician, alchemist and seer Michel Nostradamus. Collections of prophecies left them still cause a keen interest on the part of researchers. Nostradamus did not avoid the attention and Russia. What can we expect in the near future?

It's hard to say where Nostradamus became interested in medicine and the occult sciences. His son, Cesar de Nostrdam in the "Chronicle of Provence," wrote that the great-grandfather of Nostradamus was a royal physician Abraham Salomon. But this family legend finds no confirmation from other sources. Another legend says that both grandfathers future predictor for astrology and Kabbalistic. But in fact they died when the grandson was young.

"The burden of the" legacy includes 10 Centuries of Nostradamus, which include the 942 so-called quatrains — quatrains, a number of quatrains without numbering, and, finally, the annual almanac predictions, which were produced from 1555 by 1567.

Each anthology contains a common poetic quatrain with the prophecies for the year, 12 quatrains, "scattered" by months of the year, and an extensive "explaining" part in prose. It is these codes predictions immortalized the name of the seer. However, until we reached just 141 quatrain. The first edition of the "Centuries", which contained 353 prophetic quatrains, published in 1555 in Lyon. The second edition, in 1557, contained 288 new quatrains.

The earliest surviving complete current edition of the "Centuries" is dated 1568 year, it was published after the death of the prophet. It contains 942 quatrains, as well as a letter addressed to King Henry II (the loss of which during the tournament Nostradamus also predicted). Seer wrote to the king: "I calculated about the same time the events of the future, and how many years have passed … until the Second Coming at the beginning of the seventh millennium." The main theme of the prophecies of Nostradamus is the political future of Europe, which he predicts until the beginning of the astrological age of Saturn, defined by him as the "Golden Age".

Tells the prophet and the devastating natural disasters. He also announces the coming of a new Antichrist, who will come long before the advent of Saturn (on the modern calendar, it's 2242). At the same time, in 2240, according to biblical sources, due to expire on 6000 years from the Creation.

"When the sun completes its weary days, then turn and finish my prophecy" — the Nostradamus in a letter to King Henry. Unfortunately, many quatrains are not tied to any dates. However, in the same "Letter to Henry" Nostradamus says, "I figured the whole prophecy according to the order of the chain, which contains a circuit."

The fact is that the Seer believed in cycles of world history, in that the individual events are repeated, respectively, repeat the movement of the planets … Therefore, what happened in the past and will happen in the future. Do not many of Nostradamus prophecies about Russia. But he could not help but mention one of the world's great powers. It is believed that he, in particular, predicted the October revolution and the collapse of socialism over 72 years.

Commentators have found the quatrains of Nostradamus and his predictions for the current 2012 concerning Russia. In particular, it says: It's difficult this year than the previous one was, to conduct, for the Church of God without reaching, Devastation and quarrels, usually in vain, but the darkness will wither away and Dawn.

Does not that very similar to the current political situation in our country? But hope for the best, however, is: Hidden arrive Hope Ball, Dame Law will present Omnipresent, Outside the temple Journal of anger that God, in a story at all seems a little bit.

Of course, the arrival of the Bulletin will be far from smooth: There is a dispute between the Officers and the battle, a true son of cause eye irritation, all the good cause anger in darkness, Principles in the fight, the study of desire. The word lives. Anger pushes each other, from abuse often becomes tight, God's law can not be challenged, he burst into tears, the people who will make mischief.

However, everything must come to an end, it seems good: Bulletin of the Great himself does not believe will see the truth, the trouble is killed, and who had sown, he then turned out, and God will forgive and teaches patience. Tolerate and forgive — the fate of the impact, an obscure lady surprises people, Games and happiness, a lot of energy, Russian first taste of God.

It turns out that this year will be a turning point for us. End of the world is unlikely to happen, but have pretty nervous. But will a "vehicle of Truth," which will save and restore all the world … Let's wait?

Margarita Trinity

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