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In the last two or three years, a debate on the subject of liquidation spy plane U-2 in May 1960 in the skies over Sverdlovsk. I like serving at that time in the 37th air defense missile brigade of all of this, of course, may not be uninteresting. I stared and did not read the article once Boris Samoilov, Sergey Selin and typical denial of the material contained in these publications Yuri Knutova.

I Starun Peter Ivanovich, a retired colonel, ZHZKAU finished in October 1953. After graduation he was pointing at 408th west of mixed size (Tatysh station), where the appointed head of the radar radial review "Bridge-2." In 1956, promoted to the position of senior officer 1st battery — chief of "Son-4." In 1957, on the basis of this battery was deployed to the 2nd Air Defence Division. In the division I was appointed chief of the 1st group — deputy commander of the radio batteries. Since November 1958, the acting commander of radio batteries.

In April 1960 he was transferred to the city Kishtim, the headquarters of the 37th air defense missile brigade, a senior assistant chief of the operations department. In 1970 team reformed into the anti-aircraft missile regiment, where I continued to serve as deputy chief of staff of the regiment. From 1975 to 1977 he served as a senior officer of the operations division of the headquarters of the 19th Air Defense Corps. As in store came out in 1977 and now live in the town of Dnipropetrovsk.

I remember very well, and Boris Samoilov, and Boris Selina. Unfortunately, the first wife because of illness served in the brigade for long and in 1961 he transferred to the suburbs. But Boris Celine had a reputation, as it is read, a brilliant, very competent officer, becoming in 1969, has major and battalion commander. His authority in the middle of the officers and fighter was very high. This is the only officer who has served in conjunction with the beginning of the formation and dissolution of up to 1976, in spite of all its reports with the request to send to Vietnam, Cuba, to the academy.

Time will put everything in places

But back to the materials that are reflected in the articles, and spend some analysis. Add something of their own memoirs. Boris Samoilov, having been in the archives of the Ministry of Defense, made some extracts from the documents on the destruction of the spy plane. Reading extracts from these documents, I can say that now even more clear than it was then — first in May 1960 the first, why battalions and brigades of seized all documents concerning the role of teams in a combat shooting May 1, 1960.

In those days the members of the commission visited all departments. And everywhere after their departure remained the order: "Discussions on the topic of what happened is strictly prohibited." But we are obviously still discussing these actions. And of course, live-fire incident.

Very surprising route Powers looks at the paper, which shows the wiring according to the PTB. As I recall, at the command of the 37th air defense missile brigade on the tablet, Far East was a totally different route. Powers led the own U-2 by way of the "lighthouse", right on the Sverdlovsk and was just in the corridor between 5 and 6th zrdn our team.

One might add that (and this unprecedented case) outright two divisions Brigade — 2nd zrdn (settlement Syrgaydy) and 1st (in Castle) were at the time on the range. Division received the latest technology — SAM "Desna". The troops in the period in urgent rearm with more advanced systems.

And in the end turned out to cover the naked. This does not happen, Powers to "Lighthouse" is simply not reached would. Not to mention the Sverdlovsk. His plane was actually above his head in the 2nd zrdn and with a small parameter in Kasli division. 4th zrdn Kyshtym in the suburbs because at one point appeared fault CHP was not ready to fire, even though he had perfect conditions for it, and the third zrdn not because of a long-range shot.

It should be added that the U-2 was flying in the clear sky, completely without leaving a trace inversion, in other words, was not actually visible. And even sometimes lost his radar.

Powers, passing over the "Lighthouse" dovernul only slightly in the direction of Sverdlovsk. Only after the defeat of the U-2 on the far boundary of the lesion 5th zrdn Novikov due to disruption of support (which is one of the hallmarks of defeats the purpose) commander zrdn did not immediately realize what happened.

By the way, in those days to move around on the goals for acceptance SAMs on connecting databases did not fire, the main parachute on target. Because Novikov after the defeat of the real U-2 machine and reported to the CP team: "We have automatic tracking failure."

But after just a few seconds when the goal was perezahvachena, Colonel Novikov again reported: "By all objective affected, but keeps moving." He further reported that goal by removing the east, began to lose altitude. And in the end there was a failure again support.

Unfortunately, the chief of staff of the brigade colonel Chekanov (specifically on the day he was at the command post zrbr) did not immediately report the CP 4-th separate army on the results of live firing 5th zrdn. He began to find out in Novikov incident and the assumptions on the basis of which he came to this conclusion. In other words, just accept unnecessary at the time trial. Last eventually broke Colonel F. Savinov. It is by May 1960 he was appointed commander of the just formed the 19th Air Defense Corps, and was still living in Kishtim terrain military city.

During the battle, he was working at the command of the 37th Brigade, but in the activity of calculating CP zrbr not interfere, just reminding Colonel Chekanova the need to report the situation to the command of the army.

As it turns out later, the time spent on trial, played a crucial role not just in the story. Even faster specifically crucial.

I can not say, for whatever reason, payment Novikov did not shoot towards the goal, and vdogon. What's vosprepyadstvovalo them and what happened — the discussion on this topic have been different.

In addition, the purpose of all Novikov fired one missile. This happened because the second channel starting at the 5th zrdn failed. The reason — the unprepared in the technical division tribute way rocket. Let a third missile was already stupid — the purpose of that time out of the affected area.

I must say that Novikov and his combat crew (right to conscript soldier) had the experience of shooting at the test site in the preparation of SAM with a rating of "excellent." His zrdn only the fall of 1959 turned into an open field where no engineering structures and even did not exist. The personnel of the first lived in dugouts. The officers were shooting at the station house Poldnevaya. As I understand, target height at the time of shooting Novikov was in the range of 20,000 meters. Maybe Boris and Sergey Samoilov Celine right, calling 19 600 meters.

Target speed was very small. And the U-2, walking almost in the center between 5 and 6th zrdn not maneuvered. So what is in the archives of the Ministry of Defense called the "wiring diagram RTV", is a huge question.

On the fighters who took up the interception, was alert to the Army manual. Our aircraft are monitored both zrdn. Second fighter taken out to ram the south of the town of Kyshtym — somewhere in the region between Chelyabinsk and Miass. As later became clear, to put it just could not. Fighter, skipping a goal on the way to the "Lighthouse" with a decrease in loss of speed and went in the direction of Sverdlovsk for planting.

Almost all strikes

In the lat
e 90's, I read an article with the story of the fighter pilot that he specifically Tipo Powers was shot down its own gas jet aircraft. Let this statement remains on his conscience. Vorachivayas again to the same documents, it is clear that the Powers, not reaching the affected area of the 5th zrdn, suddenly takes on a fairly respectable distance to the east through the affected area of the 6th zrdn, who was scheduled to work. Yes, turned out to be a solemn day — closed. Alarm somehow managed to collect hardware, but because of the rush here and there something overlooked. And ultimately fuse is the blower magnetron. And after — and he magnetron CHP.

And it would be weird not to build such a route if it drew generally around Sverdlovsk not only from the east, and from the north. One might decide that Powers Tipo just went around the city so terrible, which would SAMs. Americans already knew that the Soviet Union has such a system. But Powers, bypassing the Sverdlovsk at a ragged away, for some reason suddenly decides to go straight to the city from the east and surprisingly — just on the division where the interim commander was Mikhail Voronov.

More than weird route is displayed in the article by Yuri Knutova, which I believe he took from official documents. And I understand why such route appeared in official documents. KP on the tablet brigade Kishtim, by the way, it was completely different — a flat line between Poldnevskim and Schelkunskim divisions. The fact that there were discussions about the unusual "partiality" of the Commission in respect of the 57th zrbr, I will not hide.

At the moment, reading the article by Boris Samoilov excerpts and quotations from these documents, it is clear that the discussions had mold. Shooting zrdn Novikov presented in 3 (!) options. And it affects the height to which he had shot. In Kishtim 4th zrdn accurately determined the altitude U-2, and after 30 km Powers, if they believe the documents were already below 5 km. Maybe it was not the Powers, and returned after a bad ram fighter?

One of the founders — researchers events May 1, 1960 — V. Samsonov in his article says that some of the Division of Savinova shelled own fighter, who managed to get out of the kill zone. Of course, an allusion to the fact that Novikov shot on Su-9 was in the zone of its destruction (circled, writes Samsonov). This "duck" was taking place. But once in 5th zrdn outstanding team of K-3, no one anywhere would not have been out of the affected area.

In addition, how does the work of the defendant fighter? And the Novikov reported the capture of target SNR at a time when she was on the forty — at the moment it is a city of Ozersk. And it is somehow not at all clear that Savinov showed no documentation, and drew a map of some sort for him and for her Tipo substantiated that Novikov shot at the Su-9 fighter who managed to get out of the kill zone.

A Novikov, as I understand, reported entirely different height of the target and its speed. I admit that Colonel Savinov for some very different reasons agreed to army headquarters on such disposition — this one and have not heard anything and did not know. For the first time on such a fact I vyznat of Article V. Samsonov, though because of its own positions could not be unaware of this fact. Savinov in those days was walking quite nervous after visited the headquarters of the 4th OA defense. Apparently, he tried to justify the same that knocked Powers 5th (Poldnevskoy) division.

As correctly write and Samoilov, and Celine, a division of Novikov shot vdogon goal rush by foreign exchange option. But in the documents referenced in his article Samoilov, this does not say anything. But, as I realized I examined the materials not only in those articles, and in general, shooting vdogon attributed some reason Voronov. Such discussions were walking and we were very impressed that the Ravens knocked off target by shooting vdogon outgoing U-2. About downed Safronov too few knew in the 37th Brigade. And who knew, preferred to keep quiet about it.

And then, what conclusions the Commission will as to who fired the first who fell, and so on, it became clear almost another day. It's funny even remember how to find the DWP missiles secretly took out on the Seversky Tube Works (city Polevskoi) and immediately put him there under the press and in the open-hearth furnace.

Own investigation

I must admit that in my team we had a full analysis, questioned the calculation, all measured the distance and concluded that specifically Poldnevskoy 5th zrdn vdogon Powers was shot down. I must say that it was not only the first battle in the history of the launch of SMP defense by the offender, and the first shooting vdogon.

In August 1960, while reading the newspapers report on the trial of a case Powers, found the proof. When asked where he was shot down, Powers said that in the 25-30 miles to the south or south-east of Sverdlovsk. It is about 40-48 km from the town. And it is only in the affected area zrdn Novikov. Next goal two minutes continued to fly, changing course to the north-east (as reported to Lieutenant Colonel Novikov), and a moment later fell into a tailspin in the direction of the division Voronov.

Apparently emerged from overloads goal was to break down. The report Biryuzova noted, "We were shooting to create memories that goal put passive jamming." But in fact it was the individual parts of the collapsing plane. I think this "hot" with a jeweler's report truthfully and accurately states that came out.

In the 5th zrdn 37th zrbr beheld the cloud explosions over the forest. It was clear that the battalions of the 57th zrbr shot too. I do not want and do not aim to completely disassemble the creators of the above-mentioned article, although, of course, there are a number of questions to the Jury Knutova.

He does not hide that "on behalf" of those and such-writes without checking the documents in the archive. One only his description of how the Ravens managed by shooting forward, get vdogon, gives a complete picture of him as a spice in the anti-aircraft missile firing. But with all this, Yuri Knutov skeptical that Boris Samoilov RTVshnik and does not know much, and Sergei Selin — generally a civilian. In other words, is not quite correct method — at the very beginning of the article put under the competence of the creators of the swing, with all this, it is not showing himself.

Obviously, some parts reality simply install. Already many of the specific participants are dead. Documents relating to the case, to put it mildly, is questionable. But still, in my opinion, this story deserves to end up being muddy and unconvincing. I and probably anyone else alive is one of those who was a participant or indirect witness of the events in the 37th air defense missile brigade.

Well, those who are no longer among us, have always been convinced that the plane was shot down by the Powers division under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Ilya Ivanovich Novikov. Specifically, after the shooting appeared vdogon spetsnastavlenie (amendment to the rules of fire) for shooting at low-speed high-altitude targets. No one is excluded, that the U-2 can not continue to fly over the Soviet Union. Thank God — did not continue.

When you have to read one more anniversary of the actions that the spy was shot down by a missile first, I have no hesitation. Just all of a sudden you start to notice that no matter how virtually all described is true, but that's not the name of the commander of the place well, and not something that should be in effect.

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