Of the ten candidates have heard, and I know of only one

Woman: "I do not think so. Why? Because we live in Belarus, one can not forget that."

Woman: "I do not know, somehow not really thought about it. But I think that candidates have no level playing field."

Mr."Do not think about it. But it seems to us, ordinary people will not be better. I've seen a lot of rulers. But I could never say that something is for the best, never had to work became easier, just the opposite — done worse. Therefore, I believe that if the policy is now leading the country, then let it sit in office and beyond. The other will come — again mangled wood. "

Mrs."How do I know? Watching a company looking statements candidates. Some I liked, others — not so much. But as conditions … We have increased the retirement yes reduced the price of medicines in pharmacies."

"Do not think about it. But out of ten candidates I've heard, and I know of only one thing. Heard something about two or three alternative candidates. But the others do not even know how the names sound. And, sure, it's not just me, but the majority of people. "

Man: "Absolutely there is no level playing field, do not you see? Even appearances on television and radio — and they do not allow candidates to express themselves."

Woman: "You know, I, like most people, not really been following the progress of the campaign. Listened to some speeches of the candidates. But do not think over the playing field. Indeed, it seems to me that for the nine alternative candidates nomination — only a vain thing, no chance of a victory. "

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