Of transparent ballot boxes to transparent elections

In different regions of Belarus supporters of opposition presidential candidates in advance preparing to resist possible falsifications during the voting and counting of ballots.

Gomel Oblast

"If Yarmoshina refused, it is not all"

More than 200 election observers to be exposed to the democratic organization of the Gomel region. They will monitor the voting in 50 polling stations. With a potential observers already held five training sessions on the organization of supervision.

Regional representatives Left Party "Fair World" suggested in some areas to establish surveillance around the clock. Although the chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina rejected the proposal, representatives of "Fair World" is not discouraged.

The regional head of the party Vladimir Siekierki:

"Yarmoshina denied — that's not all. We will be on their own initiative to contact the precinct election commissions, so they allowed our observers to be present at polling stations. If they refuse, we will look for other ways to monitor the border area. How are we going to do — this is our business. "

Meanwhile, social activists supporting Vladimir Neklyaeva carried out in Gomel social campaign: "Transparent ballot boxes — transparent elections."

On the platform at the store, they put up a transparent ballot box, in order to clearly show people how to vote could be conducted with the use of such boxes at polling stations.

Says an activist campaign Natalia Samson:

"People come up and throw in the trash box-note, which expressed different wishes. Here, for example, what we see: "Good luck in the elections," "The choice should be", "Transparent ballot boxes — transparent elections."

Gomel entrepreneur Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh believes that if the government wanted to hold fair elections, it is not the problem would be to provide lots and transparent ballot boxes:

"If they wanted to conduct honest and fair elections, it is not a problem and drawers to make and allow the opposition to the commission. I honestly want to hold the elections, you put a hundred people and let them feel even a month. Just power, which is headed by Alexander G., playing with the people in thimbles. "


One entrepreneur secured area with transparent ballot boxes

All 74 polling stations in the Stolin district will be provided with transparent ballot boxes. The owners of woodlands offer a transparent boxes commissions in Pinsk, Baranavichy.

Entrepreneur of the village of Fedora that in Stolin, was the first manufacturer in the region of transparent ballot boxes. With effect such urns approached by the deputy chairman of the executive committee Stolinsky Gregory Protasovitsky. According to officials, the initiative is linked with the comments of OSCE observers and the appearance of old wooden boxes:

"One clear urn costs about 300 thousand rubles. But if we were in a good state of old wooden boxes, then no problems would arise. So if we have some time ago it was a question about the new boxes because they really need, we decided to make transparent. Among other things, we were visited by observers from the OSCE and noted that Ukraine is already transparent boxes on the plots. That is why we have taken such a step. "

If we have some time ago, it was a question about the new boxes because they really need, we decided to make transparent.

Businessman Valery Filinovich, who first began making transparent ballot boxes, said that the process does not take a lot of time and effort. If there was a demand on the box, it would be possible to provide the country with transparent ballot boxes:

"We were just doing for the district. Made a special table with a filament. Folded transparent glass, wooden frames made from above and below. Attached handles, coat of arms stuck, and a box ready. It's that simple. "

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Stolinsky Protasovitsky Gregory noted that observers from Russia, who were in the area at the time of elections to the House of Representatives, made the remark about the transparent ballot boxes, saying that if you do not turn newsletter, you can see for whom people voted. However, the human rights activist said Raman Kislyak, although issues may arise, but it is transparent boxes provide the most democratic electoral process:

"This is one of the steps to ensure that the elections were indeed genuine and falsyfikavalisya at the stage of voting. Unfortunately, in almost every case, you can find specific problems and inaccuracies. But we should always choose the path that will provide a great democracy. "


"Several of transparent ballot boxes — is a show for the BT"

Mogilev region also appeared transparent boxes. They are installed on sites in twenty Asipovichy area.

To ensure that these urns all forty sites, the district election commission did not have the funds allocated to it:

"The largest areas will be provided by them. This is the usual boxes. Transparent plastic. On the coat of arms of the state, and the other symbols. Standard sizes "- said the Chairman of the District Election Commission Alexander Shavlyuga.

The emergence of transparent ballot boxes coordinator for the organization in the area of independent monitoring Alexei Tyulkov does not consider a reliable means to prevent fraud:

"We are interested not only the transparent ballot boxes, but how transparent is the process of counting votes as ballots are stored at night — this is the most important thing. A box — is one of the elements. "

Or appear transparent ballot boxes in other areas of Mogilev, speech yet.

"It makes sense, if these boxes are universally used in all areas. These sites with transparent ballot boxes will be used as a showy item. They will be shown on TV, foreigners — that is, look, we also have transparent boxes. This should be the norm, not the exception, "says human rights activist Mogilev Alexei Kolchin.

As part of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" in Mogilev cook 60 observers. They will be monitored on thirty sites. Another 220 observers for the 55 plots prepares regional coalition of democratic forces in Mogilev. The region has more than 800 sites.

Allow observers to approach directly to the tables when the ballots will be counted? Member of the Regional Election Commission Vladimir Parfenov says no:

"Virtually nothing will change. All the same, no one will give a member of the election commission head and nobody would seat to everything in sight. To make it round the clock surveillance, of course, there would be fewer allegations and accusations, and talk different. "

Vitebsk Region

"Who is to win the election — go to observers!"

The Vitebsk region also took up the idea to put on the transparent areas of the ballot boxes. She expressed the chairman of the regional organizations of the Left "Fair World" Nicholas Selivashko.

Mr. Selivashko for the second time in a row is included in the regional election commission. He recalls that he offered to make more transparent boxes on past, local elections, and then on it was money. Now the regional commission ag
reed, but no money. Said they would look for sponsors, but this initiative stalled.

Selivashko"Everything is quiet. And from those who shouted," We are ready, "today there is no information. All was quiet. There are several such boxes in the Railway near the Palace of Culture, in school number 8, and all. Already there in the past Elections were several such boxes. And now again quietly, and is unlikely to have something that will. "

Nicholas Selivashko emphasizes that on the manufacture of transparent ballot boxes did not mention either the Regional Election Commission nor the entrepreneurs, who expressed their willingness to find agents.

Odnopartiets Mr. Selivashko, the head of the Orsha city organization of the party "Fair World" Nikolai Demidov believes that the use will have already spent way to control — via observers:

"52 people with us. "Close" 12 stations. "

The plans of the party "Fair World" in Orsha region: according to several people at one site to be monitored around the clock — right from the early voting.

Nikolai Demidov told me that he had heard on the radio, as is offering the security of ballot boxes, the CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina. But her west security he does not trust:

"She would say, if the observer to leave, then a member of the committee will have to leave for the night. And as suggested not only that drawer, but also safe, and seal the premises at night. And the police will sit under the doors. And the seal not only at night but also during lunch breaks. But — this is only for the Westerners, for a demonstration of Europe. Print remains the same from them, the chairman of the commission. What's the difference? "

Paul said that there are two moments when the authorities to possible fraud — is the night before the election and the counting of votes.

On the need to organize monitoring and Paul spoke Seviarynets, a representative of the candidate Vital Rymasheuski. December 1 he appears before the electors of Vitebsk — to deliver, Miory and the Deep, where he listened to a local Dmitry Lupach:

"Paul Seviarynets, the campaign manager of Vital Rymasheuski, delivered in Gluboksky Cultural Center. And the question is: how the party BCD refers to the observation? Paul said that there are two moments when the authorities to possible fraud — is the night before the election and the counting of votes. And so he called upon all those who are important victory in the election, go to the observers. It is enough to collect 10 signatures, go and register observers. "

Paul Seviarynets stands in the Deep.

Grodno region

"Early voting — an opportunity to steal votes"

In Grodno regional territorial election commissions involved Victor Kokorek— The representative of the United Civil Party. He said that the commission asked the question about the transparent ballot boxes, the explanation is:

"Nobody is going to do nothing. Rests in finance: there is money — please, no — then no. "

Mister Kokorek not consider transparent boxes panacea for fraud. The main thing, he said — then how to conduct the elections themselves, and it is not only the opinion of one of his:

"It's pokazushno: ballot stuffing and see how it flies. While no one wants to throw money away. "

In the election is more important than another — the counting of votes. Victor Kokorek says that the new designation came about that the Central Election Commission to allow observers to the actual vote count. However, no specific explanation is not. What's that supposed to mean, as a real observers will be able to see that the Commission believes?

Victor Kokorek"And every committee perceives it" real "in their own way. Some will put you within five meters, You see, the way we work? That's all. Someone can put next or vice versa. Permanent same shift on the one hand — who counts, and you know who is watching, get the other and just do not touch anything. "

Human rights activist Victor Sazonov organization engaged in the Grodno observation of the electoral process. He identifies the main problem:

"Will be a large number of observers and human rights organizations, and from the party. To candidates appeal to voters asking them not to go to vote early. All the staffs are busy with this problem — to make people aware that a preliminary vote means that they can steal their votes. But what is needed most active society in the first place. If there is such activity, I think that the commissions do not want people to falsify and conceal the truth, and the society itself will be able to control the process through their representatives — of registered observers. "


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