On children and on the bodies

Juvenile Laws governing the removal of children (out!), Should be excluded from the practice immediately, because they are contrary to human nature and wildlife in general. Who would have imagined that the foal can be a seven-day drive away from the mare and not give him milk? The same sadism. The world would have stood up to the ears, hearing of this atrocity! Humane Society would be bristled — who dare!

Now tell me, who need to be to take a seven day grudnichka mother and forbid her to breastfeed? Mothers have three hours of breast milk break tide. What's the harm it can bring milk? Who dared to come between mother and infant, who ordered? Anyone who has never been a mother.

No force in the world equal to this. Motherhood is stronger than the instinct of self-preservation. Mother lay down his life, but will not give their own child.

Man makes a person the ability to empathize. Emotions. They are poorly controlled. They are from God. And thank him for what he has given mankind the gift. The highest expression of human nature was and is the love of man and woman. But there is a feeling stronger than love. Sublime. Love for her child is because of the instinct of procreation. Kind! Rod, it's the parents. It is the mother who gave birth, but not the one assigned to the position of the mother.

Now the main thing, in the world of high technology and medical standards of hundreds of thousands of children in need of organ transplants. Their lives hang in the balance. Years. For fathers and mothers of children doomed no matter where will organs. Seasonal. They are willing to pay for them, to give the latter.

There is a business that is not interested in other people's children, but the children are interested bodies. Healthy. All ages. Anonymous. This is a very good money. Authorities are not able to speak and can not tell whose they are. Children's bodies are not born in a test tube. They belong to the child. They are part of it.

Have a genetic affinity. It is crucial for the biological organism, which awaits transplantation. Europeans' interest in Russian children casual. It is not determined by the color of the eyes, light skin and hair the color of flax. When a Russian woman arrives in the country to live, her child is in full medical examination. Information about him as a unique object is stored in the database. In a computer. All of the mother and the child. This information is open. It is important when a disaster strikes.

But there is other information confidential. Paper questionnaire. Survey.

It has a graph: do you agree to the use of your child in the event of his death. Next: the date and signature of the mother. No normal mother will not give such consent. But the foster mother obliged by law to accept — on humanitarian grounds. For this family will pay, and will pay for years. And for what it is for the time will take care of the child, too, will be paid. System of care as a foster family will bring him up: to develop or not to develop what he wants, and that scares him. Once the questionnaire and the response will be signed "consent" to a child is not a child of the system. He donor.

No one is interested in his unscheduled death. But the horror is that the bodies are taken in specially equipped clinics, live and plan when to expect the surgery, the patient is ready to accept them. Otherwise organs unsuitable for transplant. So there were clinics (knacker's yard), where the living is cut to the quick. According to plan.

It's no secret that children who are being adopted to thousands of Russian children's homes and foster parents were exported abroad, were sick. Stories about their healing there, far away, in the families of Europe and America, are known. But these families one. About their good will and there was a certain aura of Russian gratitude. Few people know that in the same countries, the children began to disappear. Massively.

Why has no one wondered why foreign family sick child? Why do I need so many sick children? After the departure of the information on them is removed, and the children disappear.

Business is business. Greed knows no bounds. Why spend money on patients when the country bringing in so many healthy and smart children? And if they are simply removed from the family, to give the waiting room, and then … an accident, for example, or medicine was powerless as well? Soundness of the banking secrecy of adoption, juvenile justice knows it.

In the form in which it is formed, the juvenile justice system can do everything. Her appearance chronologically coincided with the beginning of perestroika, the impoverishment of the country, homelessness, mass abandonment of babies in maternity wards and export them abroad in foster families. That's when the business started to introduce yuvenalku to state child welfare authorities and motherhood. Then she seemed to escape. Now we realized that the coin has another side. Ominous.

What do we do?

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