On children Slavic Say a Word

Our future - in our chadah

Each of us are familiar with the words that the people in the world to plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. I will not undertake to judge now how true or not these words: house Slav always been and will be one of the most important aspirations in life, and as for the tree — even then everyone decides for himself, especially since this is not an and complex case, although I do not argue that the right and important. And what about the grown son — is a separate conversation, and it was the subject I wanted to touch me more, especially now that the situation was such, that this should not even talk and scream.

What is living today's youth? Their interests are often so far from being a family and the more kids that sometimes get scared. Try only zaiknis young man in conversation with a girl that wants a child — consider for a madman, and sometimes the case and did end separation. Why do young people do not want to have children? According to polls, the main problem or obstacle in this way are material costs that collapsed instantly after birth.
As they say — "who saved on condoms — Splurge on diapers." Funny? And you think about the meaning of such jokes. In this case there is the imposition of views that contain a child is very expensive, it is better to insure etc. More than half of young families are not going to in the near future to have children. The excuse is often the same: Do not let money. Here, they say, to earn a little bit, a little good for gain — then we'll see. And this "look" turns sometimes abortion and as a consequence — infertility. Abortion — is one of the most terrible, terrible and inexcusable acts that a man can commit. We will not get out into the light all the "if" and "but you …" and call a spade a spade: abortion — the killing. Murder mother's own child.
Now for some reason it is assumed that the possibility of a baby depends on the financial status, ie formula in this sense like this: good income = the birth. But yet, it is in fact is the opposite! No wonder there is a good old saying, "be born rotok — will be born, and a piece!". Our ancestors that were stronger and wiser. Saying nothing would have been invented. And, indeed, the child is born — suddenly appear from nowhere for him to pay different benefits — that suddenly will give of everything different relatives, suddenly some strange way the family income is really starting to grow. And it's not just words, it is the facts of the lives of real people.
Now let's look closely at the mentioned formula and remember the rule is simple mathematics: equality, whatever it was, it is read in both directions equally. From this we conclude that it is not only good income = new baby, but also CHILDBIRTH = good income. Paradox? No, — law. One need only drive your fear, your fear of that, "yes, how is it", "but that's not nourish" — all this nonsense, and we imposed fears. With a child at a loss will never be, is the best completion, which can be. One of the main obstacles — fear. Yes unbecoming us grandchildren Dazhdbozhim on any pugalki conducted.
We — the grandchildren of God Giver. And He will always give you what you deserve. And you can so when you stop hoping for someone other than yourself. Incomplete without a family man, he is not a man at all, and only one half, suffer, suffer from the fact that it has no need for a second half and its sequel — the children.
Only having found a family, a person becomes a full-fledged, acquires the right vision, and most importantly — his understanding, his feeling, his perception. Only having found a family, children, and to understand how life is given and what it is worth, one begins to see the real values in life — no thing, career and success can not be compared to human life. So, when he got home from work, tear from their "art", pay attention to the children, play with them — these are you doing much more important than all others, and your patience will pay off handsomely to you.
However, raise a son, it will certainly need more and properly educated. Just grow — even half the battle. Here's how it bring up — so on the case and go. What good is wrong to raise a child, if he is "universal" hook gets caught, but will be, say, a rapper or any other dunce? Quite a different thing would be if from an early age it will be with their parents be in nature, in the woods, to work the land, to study our Slavic tradition, Kupala ride, and it is absorbed, it can be said with milk. And another very important knowledge should be at the child's formation and maturation.

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