On the east coast of China is raging typhoon Nanmadol

Typhoon Nanmadol seriously violated the daily life of the population of Eastern China. As reported by the Chinese media, where flights were canceled, interrupted maritime traffic. Destroyed homes and flooded the streets of several districts. In the resort town of Haining suddenly came running wave covered otdyhayushih, strolled along, and nearly washed away local TV journalist, who prepared a report about the typhoon.

Day.Az reports with reference to The Daily Mail, the lives of thousands of tourists to move out to look at the phenomenon of the river Giantang in Haining, in jeopardy. Wave in the river rose so high that passed for a dam and rushed towards the people. Streams of water masses were so strong that they knocked down not only individuals, but also moved the car. The incident resulted in injuring at least 20 people.


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